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Handling Erebite
How do I handle Erebite without it exploding on me or giving me mutation and death?
(05-21-2022, 10:34 PM)TheDumbHans Wrote: How do I handle Erebite without it exploding on me or giving me mutation and death?

Well a good place to start is upgrading out of your basic space suit to the industrial space armor found in the mining fabricator. This baby is going to protect you from pretty much all radiation you are going to encounter. Note you are going to need some specific things to make that in the first place namely bohrum clarentine and some uqil. Once you get that, your next step should be to think about what you haven't tried with erebite. Power pick is an obvious no go the drill much the same. You can of course strategically place mining charges to extract them but that is wrought with danger. There are ways to do so that is relatively safe of course. Maybe ask a mentor in game to teach you their ways. They don't bite usually.
Thanks for helping!
You can make custom pick from bohrum or something better at mining fabricator to get high mining power so you can dig quickly. That increase your chances while dealing with erebite. Maybe a bohrum pick or hammer. Pick has higher power but hammer has higher area of effect. I personally go for higher power but that might not be necessary. Most people make bohrum hammers instead.
Get roach mutation from the start to be immune to their radiation....
As for stopping it from exploding.. it's really hard. Just know to not smack it.
Take it slow.
The mechanical space suit also gives you strong explosion resist to help you with oopsies
If you want stats and not erebite specific crafts you can alloy it 3 times with certain statless materials to remove the volatility
Once I was playing Quartermaster I ordered 5 Erebite and another crate I forgot what I ordered but realizing what I just did I ran out of cargo and saw the Erebite crate exploded at the conveyor belt so the lesson I learn from that is Erebite loves smashing with other crates that they explode!

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