Complaint CaptainBravo - Goon1 - 2022-05-17 11:35PM EST
Admin: CaptainBravo
Server: Goon1, main
Date + time: 2022-05-17 11:35PM EST

I called a shuttle vote and 30, and due to more y than n, I called shuttle, then I'm suddenly dead. I was confused and sent an ahelp, and I find out that they killed me for "early shuttle call". They claimed early shuttles were petty and annoying, and dismissed anything I explained or argued with "didn't ask", utterly shutting down my attempt at a conversation over what felt like one sided punishment by an admin for something that I've never seen rules or admins claim was a problem before.

I can't find any rules related to this on the list, and was very confused the entire discussion because I've never seen it be an issue or seen someone be warned regardless of how early the call was. I literally don't know what constitutes early, because SS13 has uniquely long gameplay. It's easy to say '30 is early', but I don't know if 40 is, or what's late when a round could last a full 90, and being precise is important when I can be punished for it. I was cloned by somebody after a few minutes, as I had been scanned earlier, but I just kept talking to an admin than hid myself as all my gear was deleted, so I was done with the round. 

This ultimately makes my complaint two issues, both that I felt it unfair for an admin to punish me by killing me with no warning, receiving no explanation before I even ahelped for something that lacked precedent or written rules. They weren't precise on what they were instructing me, just telling me "don't early call", which doesn't explain enough when the risk of doing so means I could be deleted out of the round or banned from the game. Second was that the admin was felt extremely disrespectful, disregarding my attempts at understanding this and repeatedly saying "didn't ask" every time I tried to figure out why this situation was different. I felt like I tried to discuss this in good faith, and got a slap in the face with the replies and a threaten of a ban. 

The vote, and I've attached a photo of the full conversation over maybe 10ish minutes, missing one comment from when I copy pasted it. I saved it worrying that I might be banned for trying to discuss it, because as mentioned, they threatened to ban me when I said it felt unfair. Also, not sure how to spoiler, I can't find a button or instructions.
There is no requirement for a warning before you're punished in any way for anything. We ban or explode people who call the shuttle early without a good reason all the time, whether you're there to witness it or not. You have over 400 rounds joined on Classic, so you know that the average shuttle call happens at 50 minutes, which means you know that 30 minutes is very, very early. Added to that, the cable you mentioned cutting before I imploded you was the cable to the communications console, presumably to stop people from trying to recall the shuttle.

There were 84 other people connected to that round. Five of them said yes, and four said no. Even the total number of votes only represented a small fraction of the people actually playing. "I asked and five people said yes" is not a good reason to call the shuttle that early. Do not call the shuttle prior to the 50 minute mark without a very good reason, like irreparable damage to the station and its facilities or a large number of dead personnel.
Admin Edit: if you have a complaint about a different admin (in this case it would be Virvatuli), make a separate complaint thread. If you wish to appeal a ban, make an appeal in the appropriate forum. This does not pertain to anything CaptainBravo has done.
Some of those votes are repeats, "Cyborg Nu-65" voted twice, so from what I can see it was 4 - 4.
(05-18-2022, 08:47 PM)Conchuckter Wrote: Some of those votes are repeats, "Cyborg Nu-65" voted twice, so from what I can see it was 4 - 4.


Regardless, like I was saying in my now edited comment, doesn't matter anymore. Can lock the thread, complaint over.
ADMIN EDIT: Do not necro literally every thread you can find about an admin you're mad at.

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