AnyAcers [Viktor Grigoras] HoS Application
Usual Character Name: Viktor Grigoras, Aleksei Grigoras, Mason Freling
BYOND Username: AnyAcers
Discord Username: Aces#5033
Recommended by (if applicable): Purple 
Goon servers you play: RP 3 and 4

Reason for application: I'm applying for Head of Security for a few different reasons. In RP, it's my main characters next step in his career. Outside of RP, I want to be HoS as it's a great opportunity for RP, and is a role that puts you into leadership duties, whilst setting an example for not just the officers under you, but for others outside of security. You become the example of how people should act, how people should handle things, etc. It's a role where I want to inspire others but also to help people inside and outside of security. 

Security Experience: 

I've played a fair bit of security since I really started playing on the servers back in late September. My first experience with security was odd, as I didn't know what to do, what I could do, or even where I got anything. I had some fantastic people show me the ropes, and here I am now. I learned all sorts of different things down the road, some of which are just the rules whilst playing as a security officer, to some tips and tricks that not only make my experience easier or better, but can also make others experiences easier or better. As time has gone on I've been able to see how important the radio is to sec, to how to escalate properly with RP scenarios and antags, to even realizing that my actions may ruin another's experience if I handle something in a certain way. To say it's been a walk in the park? No. Learning how to properly play out interrogations, what punishments are necessary, what punishments are considered too lenient for the crime committed, etc. have all been things that took a while to learn. Over these past few months, I've even learned things outside of security that I now apply to my thought process whilst playing as an officer. Things like understanding how it feels when someone runs in and ruins the RP you've been trying to build as an antag. I've learned that while you have to stop antags, you can't always be in the spotlight, and sometimes the person that's an antag has set up a wonderfully crafted scenario that provides fun and enjoyment for all, even if they get arrested, if nobody tries to go extremely hard on them and arrest them with little RP. I think the last bit of experience I've learned with security has been how to deal with the shifts that are overwhelming, shifts where it's constantly from one incident to the next. I've learned that sometimes you can't respond to everything in an efficient manner, or get to every call for sec. I've learned that it's okay, and that as long as you're doing your best that's what matters. You don't have to be some sort of super-savior that will immediately save everyone that calls for security, and that you and others are humans, and have to accept that there's only so much you can do in a short amount of time. That said, I've also seen where others can be stressed during these type of rounds, and if they make a mistake, they're only human. At the end of the day, what matters is that you're trying your best to help, create fun RP environments, and most of all, knowing when you're at your limit and you need to take a minute or two to breathe, relax, and get back out there.

Answer two or more of the following:

Q1 - What advice would you give to other sec players?: 
I think there's two pieces of advice to give to other sec players. One, it's ok to ask questions. Time and time again I've seen people afraid to ask questions about how to do certain things because others may see it as a dumb question. This is something that I cannot stress enough to people, but you should ask questions as there are no dumb questions. I feel that I can speak for others when I say that there are plenty of people willing and ready to help others out if they have a legitimate question about something. Two, I think officers should know that antags can put a lot of work into the RP they set up, and it's very easy for it to unravel and ruin their experience by going too hard as an officer. I've seen officers respond to hostage situations, where the antag wants officers to actively talk to them and negotiate, ruined by an officer that charges in and immediately goes to baton or shoot their taser at the antag. It's not even just the antags RP that can be ruined, but also others actively participating in the RP, such as a bystander or even other officers. 

Q2 - Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer.
My main differences between my playstyles of alone or part of a full security team are all based upon communication. When part of a security team, a full one, I encourage the use of the radio often, whether it to be status updates on how each person is doing, or what they've ticketed, arrested, or marked for arrest a person for. When alone, I give status updates to the AI and or captain, and making sure they're aware of any issues or if I believe I may be in danger of some sorts. One other thing I do when part of a security team is letting people know that if they need any assistance, they don't need to worry and should ask for assistance. 

Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):

What's a security gimmick that you've ran or wanted to run?:

Honestly, the most fun security gimmick I've seen ran is a security awareness day on the station. During my earlier runs of security, the captain and HoS had teamed up to show the crew the different utilities, resources, and methods that security use to make the station safer. I remember so fondly that it was on Kondaru, where a section of the gym was repurposed into a showcase event. I was assigned with showing off what the wave-gun did and it's different functions. It provided a great turn-out for people to come and watch and become aware of the efforts of security, whilst also providing a fun little show and wonderful RP for all those involved and participating!

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):
No bans, a spotless record!
+1 from me; good rper, tries really very hard. can get a little single-tracked on conversations but obviously gives people a lot of his time and effort. always incredibly mannerly and never has a bad word to say.

have seen him train a large number of sec players last fall that then stuck around as longer-term players.

bad aim though, but:
Who Needs Aim When You've Got "Detain"™️
During my so far limited time as an HoS on RP, I have I have observed that Vik is capable of acting both independently and as a member of the team. On a very busy ozymandius round, I had to babysit work with 17 other officers, assistants, and an NTSO. Vik, among others, was one of them who was fully capable and willing to carry out the process of the law, without the need for me to ask him to do so. +1
Vik has a great deal of important roleplay with me. So I will admit I may have personal bias.

That said beyond my bias? he is a fair, responsible, responsive, introspective and engaging player. In some of my interactions with me as an antagonist he's engaged in hostage negotiations,, prisoner release, personal threat and abstract threat. Vik tries to speak first and pull the taser out second. And I don't know if I've ever seen him engage in unfair or unbecoming behavior.

I feel the station is safer with him present, and better.

I've seen Vik in security for a LONG time now, worked with them a bunch as a fellow officer or HoS, or seeing them around when I'm any other role. They are always incredibly kind, fun, efficient and a fantastic officer. When I am on a team with them I know I can rely on them to get a task done with no fuss. Ace is always great with antags, RP's well and isn't overly harsh or unfair with them, but instead gives them space to build a gimmick or story that they can be a part of.
I've also seen them in many cases where there is not a HoS, where they have stepped up to the task of organising and helping the team work together, same as when they play captain.

In all, I think they are very deserving of the role
Viktor in all the many times I have seen them has done an exemplary job in the roles of security officer and captain.
I have seen them handle interactions with crew and antagonists always in a respectful manner that more times than not is enjoyable for both sides and lets them feel included in the rp/action of a round.
When it is security causing issues, I have seen them handle it with grace and patience. During this they have worked to soothe the issues caused by misunderstandings so that the one who caused the issue walks away understanding fully what the issue was and that it is something they can realistically improve from and move beyond rather than just others holding them to unfair standards.
In the times of chaos, they have consistently shown that they can rein themselves to maintain discretion and not lose those good qualities they display when the pace is slower.
When they were given the chance to try the role on a round that was destined to be difficult to handle from the position, they handled themselves undoubtedly well, holding the team together and providing a good example of what a security team member should be in all aspects.

I as such give them a solid +1

If you did want some advice on how to improve further beyond this, my only suggestion is to take in how others handle the things you are not as good and learn any tips you can from them. Sometimes their different point of view will let them come up with ways that you would not have thought of alone and asking them about it gives them a chance to be the one to in the spotlight.
nice big +1 from me. ace is communicative, level-headed, very fair even towards the harshest annoyances, and neither afraid to make his own decisions nor scared to delegate when he has more on his plate than he can handle. just looks so cozy in the blanket too, no complaints here
Ace gets a nice +1 from me, always nice to be around in game or on discord and just a fun person to play with
+1 cool guy, solid officer
Ace has been an active officer in the last months, I've had many rounds with them, they're really charismatic IC, and it's very nice to have them on the team. They act very well with antagonists and crew, always trying to talk out some difficult situations. I'd love to have them as HoS, +1.

Seen nothing but good things on both Viktor and Mason over multiple shifts.  Good RP, good escalation, and have had only positive experiences in my interactions with them and also those I've witnessed between them and other crew members.  

They're thorough and engage the crew in a meaningful way.  Haven't seen any cause for concern in the way they handle crimers.  All-around should be a solid addition to the beret.
A fair and honest officer who regularly comes up with good rp and gives enough leeway for antags to have their fun before escalating.
A recommendation from me.
Easy yes for me. Great at escalating appropriately, will take time to RP situations when appropriate and goes pretty hard in an emergency.
yes, Ace is a good roleplayer and a very good sec off. i think he would also be a good HoS. unfortunately we don't often get a chance to interact in game, but from what ive been able to observe, Ace tries very hard. he's fair with antags, knows how to deal with all kinds of situations/emergencies, always kind.

+1 from me!!
Ace has always been reliable and fair as a secoff, I always see him give antags room to breathe and have fun while escalating as necessary. I always enjoy stopping to have a chat, and think they would make a great HoS! +1 in my opinion!

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