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NT Dossier: Rady "Radine" Drummond
Abbreviated Employee Dossier for ID#0150-9268: Rady "Radine" Sallen-Solworth Drummond

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Biological Records
57 y.o. - b. 1996-07-13 in Fallon, Nevada, United States of America
Given Name: Rady Addison Sallen-Solworth
Listed Parents:
  • Eliza Sallen, Elementary School Teacher b. 1968-02-04, d. 2023-08-10
  • Charles Solworth, Chief Petty Officer b. 1973-03-14, d. 2022-10-05

Listed Children:
  • Addison Drummond, b. 2025-08-11 in Miramar, California, United States of America, x. XXXX-XX-XX
  • Franklin Drummond, b. 2030-04-10 in MO-472-DELTA, Nanotrasen Facility, x. XXXX-XX-XX

Medical Notes:
Genetic structure incompatible with current cloning technologies. Requires corpse retrieval and extensive recovery efforts to maintain viability.

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Physical Characteristics
174cm / 5'9"
96kg / 211lb
Eye colour: Hazel
Hair colour: Brown / Grey
Nicknames: "Radine" (registered as primary name)

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Pre-employment Evaluation notes

Middling grades in K-12 education, with minor exceptions for physics and calculus. Opted for trade school after several failed college applications, becoming a machinist - the skills, while apt, have been supplanted by fabricators. A weak education record makes them unsuitable for further educational training, but they are a skilled laborer. Recommendation for physical, hands-on tasks.

During the course of their employment at XXXXXXX XXXX, they began dating and married co-worker Parker Drummond. Joined a labor union soon after, despite no previous interest. After conceiving one child out of wedlock, they held an official marriage on January 17, 2026. Rady opted change their name to Rady Sallen-Solworth Drummond.

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Sub-Contracted Employment Service

On November 8, 2027, Rady was issued an employment contract by SilvaCorp via the Nanotrasen Deployment to Employment programme, assigned to mining duty. Their partner opted to forgo their electrician's qualifications and take whatever other position was available on the same post to ensure they could stay with Rady. The couple's first child, Addison, was smuggled aboard at some point after December 15, 2027 and before January 15, 2028. When crew-mates inquired, they claimed it was a necessity - was no other care was available. An off-the-record agreement was made between the station's manager and the crew to avoid reporting the situation, lest the children's removal impede general crew morale.

During their contracted stay at MO-472-DELTA, the couple conceived a second child, Franklin. Inspection reports during this period are thin, but with the information on hand clearly show both parents and the crew as a whole were caring for the children's various needs, including basic education.

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Nanotrasen Transportation Safety Board Incident Report
Facility: MO-472-DELTA
Date: August 7, 2033
Subject: Unplanned Demolition

Abstract: Unsafe storage procedures by station operators SilvaCorp resulted in the unplanned demolition of MO-472-DELTA.

Summary: On August 7, 2033, an explosion occurred on a Nanotrasen-owned, SilvaCorp-operated facility. Our qualified forensics team immediately began an investigation, including analysis from credentialed material scientists, disaster recovery experts, and AI-powered simulation. As noted in diagram 1-A, below, the damage was extensive enough to render the facility unusable. In addition, a lack of emergency safety training and procedures resulted in the loss of all onboard crew. Furthermore --

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ADDENDUM J: Recovered MO-472-DELTA Facility Log

Marked by approximated Shift Time. Some information has been removed for irrelevance or redacted to protect privacy.

Recovered MO-472-DELTA Facility Log Wrote:00:07:13 - Asteroid with Eberite deposits marked for future magnet use.
00:13:23 - Mining team prepared for radioactive elements
00:25:10 - [Radine Drummond] "Eyyy, I'm gettin' bored. We got some better rocks to bop?"
00:25:34 - Mining Magnet A activated by XXXXXX XXXX in the mining control room targeting  in the Eberite asteroid.
00:25:55 - [XXXXXX XXXX]: “Alright, alright. Bringing that in now.  Let’s get to it - and stay safe out there.”
00:26:07 - [Radine Drummond]: “Sure thing, boss!”
00:26:10 - Asteroid secured in magnet, restriction field lowered.
00:26:20 - Onsite miners Radine Drummond and XXX XXXXXX begin excavating
00:26:57 - Explosion detected at Mining Magnet A
00:27:00 - Crew fatalities logged: XXXXXX XXXX, XXX XXXXXX
00:27:14 - Power Alarm at Mining Magnet A
00:27:17 - [XXXXX XXXXXXXX] “Mining?”
00:27:19 - Explosion detected at Mining Control Room
00:27:21 - Explosion detected at Mining Magnet A
00:27:24 - Mining Magnet A - Tether damaged - immediate repair required
00:27:25 - Explosion detected at Mining Magnet A
00:27:26 - Power Alarm at Mining Control Room
00:27:28 - Explosion detected at Mining Magnet A
00:27:29 - Explosion detected at Mining Control Room
00:27:30 - Mining Magnet A - Tether failure detected
00:27:34 - Explosion detected at Mining Magnet A
00:27:38 - Explosion detected at Mining Magnet A
00:27:40 - [XXXX XXXXXX] “Mining?!”
00:27:42 - [XXXXXXXXX] “What the fuck-assss, mining.”
00:27:52 - [XXXXXXX XXXXX] “Oh, shit.”
00:27:55 - Explosion detected in Crew Quarters East
00:27:56 - Power Alarm in Crew Quarters East
00:27:56 - Station impact detected
00:27:58 - [XXXXXXX XXXXX] “EVAC NOW. WE—”
00:27:58 - Explosion detected in Crew Quarters Bathroom
00:27:58 - Power Alarm in Crew Quarters East Bathroom
00:27:59 - Power AF^*.. in Eastern Hallway
00:27:59 - Explosion detected in A^7&k Quarters East
00:28:01 - Exp$>>ion detected in Eastern Ha$^@ay
00:28:08 - Explosion det@$^(ed in Crew Q%^(ters East
00:28:30 - Crew fatalities logged: -.%^(%*!@
00:28:31 - Full onsite power failure

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Station Recovery Summary A-3701
This document is: CLASSIFIED
Prepared for Facility Overseer Meeting Board 20341128

MO-472-DELTA has been fully decommissioned, with all remaining equipment, technologies, and personnel extracted or destroyed. Initial reports concluded that all crew had died, but our on-site triage teams investigated any leads towards survivors. One such lead was tracked from Mining Magnet A into nearby asteroid fields, and upon investigation a ruptured jetpack was spotted drifting through space. Further scans lead investigators further into the field, eventually recovering Rady Drummond's body. In the interest of extracting the underpinnings of the incident, they were given to Nanotrasen Medical as a priority recovery case.

After reconstruction, they were unable or unwilling to recall a timeline of events with any accuracy. It is our recommendation that Rady Drummond be remanded to full Nanotrasen employment. They appear to be sincere in their efforts to recall, but due to the immense damage involved all communications should be monitored.

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Nanotrasen Medical: Post-Surgery Notes
Procedure(s): Resuscitation, Full-body Reconstruction
Began: 2033-08-10 at 08:24 Local Time
Completed 2033-08-10 at 21:47 Local time.
Patient: Rady Dummond

Full-body Reconstruction Notes:
Skin-grafts required over 90% of body, due to urgency, not all grafts were fully integrated into the patient
Internal organ damage was recoverable with significant
Significant blood loss, req.multiple transfusions (Head Surgeon's Note: The suit was FILLED with blood! FILLED!!)

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Mental Fitness-for-work Evaluation

Radine suffers from direct PTSD from an inciting mining accident, which has been difficult to address due to a lack of information from both from the patient and records provided by security. Pressing them for specific details of what occurred triggers heightened anxiety and paranoia, developing to panic attacks upon continued pressure. In high-stress situations, their personality shifts into short, curt remarks and commands. Further therapy is recommended, though extreme caution is advised when asking about or hinting at their partner or children. Outside of these topics, they are generally amenable and willing to complete assigned tasks.

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Ongoing Employment

Their service has been overall exemplary, save for scattered incidents of crew collusion. They have on multiple occasions taken initiative on resolving dangerous station situations (SEE ALSO: Singularity Containment Failure Report #4710, #6501). They generally show an extreme reluctance to kill other crew-members, even in self-defense. As of 2053-XX-XX, Radine opted to be transferred to a cybernetic shell (PN: NTX700-PBDL-194).

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