Shiiba [Lupus Cruller] - Head of Security App
Shiba is one of the singular most fair and consistent security members and a good boy. He's a worthy adversary and a relief to see knowing all of sec will be a little better with crime dog there.

Give the good boy lethals.
Cruller's a great, responsible secoff, 100% deserves the mantle and the mug.
it's taken me a few days to figure out how to put this piece of feedback, please don't take this as a positive or negative rec but rather something to keep in mind going forward

I've noticed you have a tendency to try to force scenes to go the way you want sometimes, which is why I'm hesitant to give you a proper +1. you're a great secoff, for sure, but on your non-sec characters and even occasionally by lupus, I've been physically dragged away from scenes I've been invested in on several occasions. showing my hand here, people assuming they know what I want without even asking me is one of my biggest pet peeves, so all of these instances were extremely frustrating for me. but, I feel it's important to note because the HoS has far more tools to control the flow of the round than any other role, and it's important that this power isn't being used to railroad other people's experiences, especially on the RP servers
I have been conflicted on how to reply to this application, on the one hand Lupus is a wonderful officer that in their time has proven themselves to be capable of handling all the things an officer will have thrown their way while being respectful to crew and antagonists, on the other they have occasionally shown some concerning qualities that I would be afraid to see in a position such as the head of security.

To start with the good, I have always considered Lupus to be one of the best officers out there. They are kind to their team and work to always improve the relationship between them and the crew. They are a frequent voice over the radio that is always ready to respond to the needs of their team and organize others when the need arises. With antagonists I almost always see them handle them well, allowing them to impact the round and feel included in the rp of the round. When newer officers need training, they are always one to offer to teach them the ropes and do so in a way the new members can understand. If officers are abusing their position, they are one of the first to speak up and put a stop to it. When it comes to sentencing criminals, they have always done so fairly even when someone is purposefully trying to incense them. Almost all of the people that have interacted with them while they are on the security team have come away feeling better about their round and that is no small accomplishment. If it is not obvious by the amount of replies this got in such short time they are a beloved part of the community and many would love to see them in the beret myself included.

The concerns I have mostly revolve around their tendency to try and force situations to go the way they wish due to meta reasons and how occasionally they can lose patience with the those that are selfantaging or being just generally rude. My example of the first would be the round where the admins replaced the armory with random jellybeans as a joke and they tried refusing to let anyone touch them until they sorted through them all to possibly find werewolf serum for their character. This denied others a chance to be included in the rp of the "bean'ed" armory and denying others chances to rp for personal reasons I would not say is good to see in someone applying for a position that plays a large part in the flow of a round.
My example of the second would be a round where they were an MD and an officer saw them threatening a clown who had been causing medbay issues throughout the shift with the tranquilizer rifle, so the officer confiscated it after stunning them without trying to speak with them about why they were doing such first. In this situation I was called in as the HoS to resolve this issue and after talking through it, having the officer return their rifle, then asking the officer to apologize they responded to their apology by yelling insults and refusing it entirely rather than taking a step back and trying to deescalate. While I believe the initiator in this was most certainly the officer and they were most certainly rude to them, responding to someone attempting to talk to you by yelling insults and arguing with them as they are trying to explain their actions and apologize, even if you believe they are insincere, provides a bad example to the security team on how to handle miscommunication.

While those to concerns I feel are valid I did want to make sure to say I've only seen such very rarely and I genuinely believe that they are someone that has been improving and will continue to develop as a member of security.
After watching them tryout the role when offered the chance and seeing how well they handled it I feel like they, while they do have their faults, are ready for the beret.
I give them a +1 since they have consistently more than not done well and I know they are one to always improve.
+1 From me. I've had many great experiences with Woofy Officer Lupus. I cannot remember many bad ones and the only ones were the type that could and were solved IC.

Personally I have not noticed any of forcing scenes, but I have also not played Security that much lately.
I must say I share nef's, swing's and wander's thoughts, but for me those kinds of situations were quite a long while ago and I have not been playing much lately, mainly two last months. For the few times I did see Lupus I just have a feeling you might overstep it here and there. I must say my thoughts are rather mixed, although I have to say that Lupus is still a great officer and takes time to train newbies.
Just thought I'd pop in from my hiatus for the foreseeable future to drop a comment here.

My recommendation still stands. I think Shiiba has the potential to be a genuinely great HoS. They've shown all the qualities that I look for in HoSs. They're patient, communicative, actively make an effort to make the round fun for others, and are a delight to RP with. I can't say I have ever personally had a bad experience with Shiiba.
However, given the last time I played was around a month ago, and I likely won't be coming back any time soon, take my stance with a pinch of salt.

Ive played a couple rounds with lupus and has really only seen them as an officer who knows what they are doing. They are kind and communicative, and ive never seen them do something actually kind of bad.
+ 1 from me
I have had quite alot of positive moments with Shiiba, I cannot think of any negative moments.
Glad I logged onto the forums! 100% yes from me. Excellent attitude in game, level head, promotes fun and engagement with the crew, and helps coach others.

I've seen him step in to help correct others' behavior and have been completely impressed by how he conducts himself in Security.
Im a bit late heheh, But Yesss! all my experiences with Shii have been Positive! as security Shii is a fantastic officer, Shii communicates really well on radio and works really good as a team member often supporting other members and teaching newer ones. Shii is great at handling lots of different situations, when dealing with crimelords Shii is also respectful and try's to use words first before force, when dealing with antags Shii gives very fair punishments often trying to give them some rp and a fair brig that allows them to still have a fun round and does not kick them out 20 minutes in to the round, Shii takes in too account someones crimes and context which often means people get very fair processing, i feel Shii has really improved at keeping Calm and does not lose their cool when playing security so handles rule breakers and chaotic rounds really well.

Overall i feel Shii would make a good Hos! it has been great seeing Lups go from security assistant all the way to where Lups is now, im sure Shii will only continue to improve more and more from here and this thread is also a great help with learning anything which could use improvement! But Shii Def deserves the Beret and would make the round fair and fun for lots of people, weather its Antag or Crew! Lupus Hos!!!!
I am going to give a humble clown main perspective. I have not been unjustly persecuted by Lupus ever so that is a positive. Then again I am a well known clown so my reputation proceeds me so that may have something to do with it.

To my knowledge I have never had a round as antag that Shiiba has been a part of save for an admin gimmick rp nukie round, which is kind of an unfair round to base any interaction on.

Tentative +1 just based on non-antag clown interaction.
After review of community feedback and internal deliberation, we have accepted your application to become a HoS. Congrats! Please familiarize yourself with our HoS Guidelines and reach out anytime if you have any concerns or questions.

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