Shiiba [Lupus Cruller] - Head of Security App
Usual character name: Lupus Cruller, Apollyon Baphomet
BYOND username: Shiiba
Discord username (if you are on our discord): bork#5797
Recommended by (if applicable): Merlin1230, Munien, Wrench-1, Telareti, Mr. Moriarty
Goon servers you play: RP 3 & 4

Reason for application: The Head of Security is more than just someone with a funny gun. They're someone who can help and lead a disorganized security department. Someone for security officers, assistants and detectives to approach during a tough situation. A Head of Security can bring a lot to the table in terms of roleplay for officers, antags and crew alike. Above all they're someone who is there to set an example for the rest of the security department; I wish to be that example, to help teach new security members and give them information they can use to grow! 

Security experience (300 word minimum):

I’ve spent a good amount of time in security since the addition of pugs. I used to strictly be a botanist, but security quickly grabbed ahold of my heart much like those funky little plants did. I started off my security journey with being an assistant. I learned a ton of things from many different people. They all provided me with useful information, along with tips and tricks. I learned some neat things, like the fact that a RecordTrak can be used to create a record for a stowaway. I experienced several rounds where I was the only one on security as an assistant, including one on classic that I will never forget. Those rounds were rough but I certainly learned a lot when it came to escalation and inviting the help of others to aid me with situations that I couldn’t handle on my own. I debated for a while moving up to officer  from assistant, but with encouragement from others, I took that leap and joined my first round as an officer. Being in security has really taught me how to roll with the punches, how to escalate situations and handle people. The one thing I really learned is the ability to work with antags to give them and everyone else a good round. I know it can be super unfun to have your round ruined by security taking all of your gear or getting rid of you early on, so knowing how to balance keeping the crew safe but also RP fun is something I’ve picked up on. Brig times, ticketing, fines and interrogation took time to get used to but I’ve gotten to a point where the punishment is based on the actual issue at hand and trusting my gut. Most importantly, I believe my time in security has really allowed me to learn how to better manage stress IC. Rounds can go from 0 to 100 very quick and can quickly become overwhelming. Not only has security taught me stress management, but it’s also helped me learn how to be much more patient with people (like when teaching new assistants) and to adapt to situations as they arise.

Answer two or more of the following:

What advice would you give to other sec players?
It's okay to make mistakes. We're all human here. No one is perfect, don't be ashamed if you make a mistake. Just learn from it and move on! Mistakes are a part of life, I still make them, you will as well and that is perfectly okay.

Ask for help or advice, not everyone knows everything and that’s okay as well. 

Also, don't stress over it. Security can really take a lot out of you. Please take a break, do a different job, or go play a different game if you need to. At the end of the day, it's just a video game you’re playing to have fun, it won't explode into flames if you're not there to be on Security.

What was one of your favorite security moments? (Either playing as a sec officer or interacting with one)

A round that has always stuck with me was very early on when I was still new to security as an assistant. It was an extended round on 3. Viridis was the HoS. The round was very quiet but he kept things entertaining by coming up with a silly plotline that a bunch of banana peels were criminals, we ticketed them, fought the banana peels, brigged them, then as the shuttle arrived we learned the dark truth, Viridis was the ringleader of the banana peel crime lords! That round was so very fun, it's stuck with me since.

What game improvements or changes do you think would benefit security players?
It would be great if the Security Records app worked much like the Medtrak Records app did on the medical PDAs! Security should be able to have it selected as a scan to pop someone with it to pull up their records for stowaways, jailbirds and so on! Sometimes it might be hard to find a name or take a minute or two before you find the record (if you’re not standing in front of a PC of course!).

Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer.

I often find that when security has a full team I will hang back. There's a full team, no need to respond to every call if there's already officers there or someone is responding. Generally I will often leave a call if there are already two officers there handling it. If we have a full team and things are quiet, I visit departments and see if they need help with anything, not just things related to security. I usually update records for those who have been arrested, brigged, etc. so they can be referred back to later in the round.

When I am the only officer, I personally keep a little notebook with me and write down things that need to be handled. I write them down in the order that they happen, but things do get moved around depending on the importance of whatever the issue may be. I'm definitely more active on comms when solo, and often ask if help is needed anywhere. 

Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):

What's a security gimmick that you've ran or wanted to run?

I would absolutely LOVE to do a gimmick where security decides to run a blood drive for vampires! Obviously this would require the cooperation of a lot of different people, but we could get medical involved, the bar for drinks, and the kitchen for cookies and snacks! I think it would be really cute and a fun way to do a vampire round.

Draw a picture!

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):
I WAS (accidentally) banned by Walp. I have had a few warnings in the past though.

Posted without my drawing, 10/10 move from me.

:3 Donut and tea!

[Image: pubby.png]
There is not many other people I would recommend as highly as Shiiba for the role of HoS. They are an absolutely incredible presence on the team every time I see them.
I've personally watched them grow into security over the time they've played lupus, and have seen them become one of the most reliable, friendly, supportive and efficient officers I've ever seen. They've helped me deal with situations as HoS more times than I can count to help relieve pressure, and are fantastic at prioritising when is best to follow a case or let someone else handle it.
They are also very good with antags and others alike, treating everyone with respect, giving room for antags to build gimmicks and stories, while also being able to make the hard decisions when dealing with aggressive people.
I can't think of a time I've seen them exhibit behaviour unbecoming of a HoS, no matter how stressful it's gotten they've always maintained a level head and a great attitude.
I also think that Lupus would be a great HoS. Always Friendly with the rest of the team, ultra helpfull, they always try to give everyone a good game experience, either you are a antag, bystander or just a normal player. + the art is awsome. I recall them helping alot of Sec assistant too.
Although I have only recently started playing security on RP, I have seen the Shiiba act as an officer who intends to dish out justice in respect to both the law and the flow of the round. They’re more than capable of being HoS, + 1
Yes please. Its always a delight to have Lupus on the team. They are very reliable and friendly. When its time to play antags, they are fair and they will give you a chance. They can read the flow of the round really well. Also bonus point, Lupus is cute (that drawing is awesome) and a HoS pug would be the greatest thing ever.

i dont find anything wrong with the core of how you play security in a mechanical sense; i think your brig times aren't unfair and you approach situations very much with a "talk first" mentality. and when we're good on a team, we're good together on a team.

when you don't know it's me, though? very strong difference in how i get treated and how i see others treated. getting chewed out as HS for scanning a puritan (but not cloning) even after i asked you IC to please stop, then taking it to the mdir and complaining. making things on request for medbay and dropping them off to the lobby by hand then having you drag my stuff back into hydro and tray-clearing 40-60 minutes of work because of allergy risk of heal clouds, despite me trying to say that the mdir specifically approved and requested the plant. there was a round you arrested someone with a csaber on them got confiscated, but it got confiscated and was placed into your toolbelt or backpack because a nonantag friend in the round REALLY wanted the Cool Laser Sword and you explained it to the hos and both obliged to let someone you have an over-arching friendship with have this antag's gear. using LOOC to really put the hot coals on me as a sec assistant telling me to release you after attempting to murder someone in the hall with a derringer right in front of me; then kind of "ugh, that sec assistant"ing post-round.

i CAN have fun in rounds with you, and i do, but it's very dependent on which character i'm playing. my concerns here are treatment of newer players who can take inordinate amounts of patience to train but CAN be polished into real gems if someone puts in the work with them; frequent overstepping of bounds into other departments and making decisions on behalf of others; and using the role to embolden people you're already good friends with.
Shiib's a model officer I have no shortage of good experiences with. Reliable and cooperative to a T, they are all too often the backbone of a solid Sec team. When the chips are down, I know I can always count on them to do everything in their power to help make things right, be it bringing in a dangerous perp or carrying on a compelling plotline in roleplay. They've put in an inordinate amount of time and effort learning the ins and outs of the department and I believe have more than earned a chance to wear the stompiest boots on the station.

+1 from me, no question.
I've played with Lupus (Shiiba) for a good long while now. I've had the joy of watching them start as a sec assistant and grow into a wonderful officer. They are a delight to see on station. They are unfailingly polite, helpful, and generally kind to all they encounter. They also show a willingness to engage in gimmicks, (their own or someone's else's), but also know when it's time to walk away to return to security duties.

When I'm HoS, seeing Lupus on the team always makes me feel a bit more relaxed. I can without a doubt say Lupus is an officer I can 100% rely on to do the right thing. They regularly check in with the team, promptly respond to alerts, and offer gentle but good advice to officers and assistants that have questions. They unfailingly offer to help train the newer officers, and have done such a stellar job at it, that I will sometimes ask them to do so for me when I am unable to, as I know the trainee will be getting good advice and training. Everyone knows HoS can easily become overwhelming, and not once have I ever seen them lose their cool. There have been times I myself have been overwhelmed enough to miss details or forget things, and Lupus is right there with a gentle reminder for me of what I overlooked or forgot about. Lupus also has a strong command of all security tools, from flashes and batons to managing secmate.

Lupus' greatest strength, in my opinion, is their ability to de-escalate. How they approach tense situations, from antagonists to crew disputes, I have personally witnessed them calm down situations just by remaining calm, talking to everyone, and generally finding solutions that please everyone. I can say I also have learned some tricks for de-escalation from Lupus and how they approach things.

All said, Lupus is a model officer and wonderful example to new and veteran officers. I believe them being HoS will lead to great interactions with all players and some great stories being told. Strongest +1 possible from me.
Shiiba is a very good officer, always nice, calm and listening to the comms. I can confidentely say they will be a good HOS.
Mr. Cruller is routinely one of the most organised, responsive, level-headed, and welcoming Officers on the Security team, treating everyone and every situation with the respect and assiduity that they deserve. Lupus is notably responsive over the radio, often providing updates on current and past happenings should it be requested, and ensuring everyone on the team is aware of and up to date on active situations; several times have I late-joined as HoS to be given a verbal report of all notable crimes and disputes on the station by them, which was invaluable to my performance as HoS those rounds.

Lupus regularly engages with the crew, whether it be responding over the General radio, or checking in on departments in-person and making light conversation with them. All the while, they remain vigilant for calls for help, PDA reports, or Security alerts, first relaying them to the team, then responding if someone is not already on-scene. Lupus displays a willingness to lead the team, in a way that still respects fellow Officers, and takes into consideration wishes and views of the team, while remaining fair to criminals and antags alike.

I can say with the fullest confidence that they are worthy of the beret,
I've recently gotten back into security after a long break, and I can say with a lot of confidence Shiiba would make a great HOS.

Outside of security, I've always felt them to be fair. Even when I'm playing on my regular characters, they've told me off when I'm being stupid, and their punishments have always been just. They also do a great at facilitating antag gimmicks; I never feel like I'm "getting away with it" but at the same time I never feel "shut down" prematurely.

While playing security, they have always been a reliable teammate. They are always on top of things, active on the radio, and create a good atmosphere for the rest of the team.

Easy +1.
I'm in the same boat as eagle and nef. I have had rounds where Shiiba acts too busy to devote time to my attempt at rp. I don't know if theyre trying to devote too much mental energy to secoff, or if they had their own rp going, but I usually get a verbal acknowledgement before they go back to radio chatter and walking away. In any case, this isn't neccessarily healthy for them, nor is it a good precedent for HoSs to set.
For one, burnout exists and it sucks. A burnt out HoS is more likely to cryo and leave the station without good and proper command of security. For another, it strains interactions between security and antags even more.

As a bit of an aside, I have frequent experiences with Shiiba in other departments simply cutting communication and leaving if i say or do something counter to what they had set up. That's not to say I'm without fault, as I can be pretty abrasive at times. For the sake of the game, however, if your boss asks you to do something and it gets heated because it put a damper in your plans, I really dont want to see the person just curtly walk away and cease communication. Thats not good conflict resolution and it's not entirely mature.

I love Shiiba to bits, please don't get me wrong. I think there just needs to be a little more time before they slip the cape on.
Always a great officer you can rely on when in sec, and I've often witnessed them helping various departments when they make a request for assistance. Very quick response time too, I would say. Shiiba is also willing to spend time to teach new assistants and officers the details of the job as well as some tips and tricks to make it easier and helped teach me some things when I first tried secoff. I think they'd make a great HoS who has a handle on the situations on the station while being able to guide the team.

I've played quite some rounds with Shiiba, I've learned some things with them when on security, they are active on radio and know how to handle situations quite well, I'd say. I think they'd make a better HoS than the average security player, and'd really like to have them as HoS when things start to get rough.
Shiiba is an excellent officer, not just mechanically but in attitude/playstyle as well. Very level-headed and fair, and he would make an excellent HoS. Easy +1.

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