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My Apology to the Community.
Hello, I am Wubbo and I'm here to apologize for my past actions.

 I have been around Goon for a long time and I have met a lot of people. Most of these experiences are always good as I try to be a fun and upbeat clown player. I have taken a break away from Goon and I have had a long time to think about my experience on the community and realized I was shitty to multiple people. I just want to apologize to the people I have caused issues with. I Apologize to Jan and Cal on the staff team. I made inappropriate comments in discord occasionally and It made Jan uncomfortable, Jan is probably one of the most caring person I know on Goon and im sorry for anything that I've said. Cal, I joined when you just a staffie causing mayhem. I had a lot of fun playing with you and you are a very pleasant person. I did some things during rounds in the past that I'm not happy I did and caused some Unnecessary drama. You are the best Head of Security player I know and are a Beacon of Inspiration for the entire Security Department. I would like to apologize to Has Teeth as well, Back when I first was playing I wasnt very kind to others and was a bit of a shit person. I rage quit and said some mean things to you and Im sorry for that. I also know you play AI quite often and I really enjoy when you do. You give such life and emotion to a Artificial Intelligence with your roleplay and style of play. I would also like to Apologize to Avery Alekseev, I said some hurtful things and was shitty to you and Im sorry. When I was in a bad spot mentally while playing the game you sat with me and kept me company, It was very kind of you and I really do appreciate it. It just shows what a Kind person you are to do that to someone who was an arse to you and it takes a strong person to do that. I would lastly like to apologize to the entire community. My goal in Goon was to be a role model for other clowns. I was a shitty person and Im sorry to everyone. The main reason I haven't been playing is because im afraid people are still upset with me about my past actions. I just want to put everything on the table and take responsibility. Thanks for reading this and I love this community a lot.

-Sincerely Wubbo

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