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Town Hall Information and Questions Thread
1: This one is mostly directed at Mordent but chip in if you want etc. I've had the impression for a long time that some rework of cyborgs was planned (ever since I made the PR for the lamp manufacturer sometime mid 2020) that involved doing away with the modules part of things. Since nothing has come of it to my knowledge, is that still something to be mindful of or is the space open for other ideas? (not that I have anything in mind myself)

2: What are the team opinions on current sec behaviour? A bit over a year ago I've seen the opinion expressed that sec (or at least NTSO) shouldn't just be killing antags, but from what I've experienced lately on main the standard procedure for sec is to mob and then just execute any antags they find on the spot. I don't think that's excusable with "oh it's LRP" because devs did care about that dynamic in the past.
Q1: What are the dev team's major issues with Pathology? Specifically, what were the main reasons it was removed?

Q2: This is directly related to the first question. What does the dev team think Pathology needs if it is to be ever added back?/ How would they like to see it added back? (In what areas could it use improvement) (also how does the community impact this?)

Edit: For attending I will say maybe, On the Discord I am ImJustAStrangeMan
Question: I've seen that law racks have been added and it made me start thinking about all the stuff added for the past few months, I want to know what was your favourite feature added since the last town hall?
Extra comment: Thank you guys for being so nice and cool about development stuff. It makes the contributions I do fun.
Edit: I will not be able to attend after 3:30 CST
Thank you for the Town Hall!

1. Are the developers happy with the level of complexity in the game currently? I know some servers have far more complex mechanics and interactions in place - TG code slime raising brings many new interactions to the table for example.

2. Are there any plans to make the Conspiracy antagonist mode more focused in its role?

My discord is the same as my username.

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