HoS app. Sian West!!
Usual character name: Sian West
BYOND username: Shawtylikeamelody
Discord username (if you are on our discord): sian#4191
Recommended by (if applicable): none
Goon servers you play: mostly Heisenbee, sometimes Bombini

Reason for application:
 As you all know being a team leader is really hard and stressful and not a lot of people can take this on themselves. Being HoS is basically the same. I was afraid to apply as i always though i wasn't good enough. Welp, that was not a correct thing to think of! Thinking about the start of my path and where i am now, i can pretty much say i can handle the job of the Head of Security and be a good leader and mentor, always willng to teach new security members, giving them some advice and support other officers and assistants. queen greater domestic space-bee

Security experience (300 word minimum): First time i ever joined as a security member was just a small mistake and i never actually wanted to play as security back in that days. A lot has changed ever since, i got a lot of friends in security and it has become one of my favorite job to play as on goonstation. I do noticed myself that i became better time to time, i had a lot of shifts where i might have messed up a lot, i had a lot of shifts that i did not like, but that does not mean i can not ever have a good time as a security member. It is hard to be an officer as a lot of people simply do not like security members, but i always try to kind and more friendly to people, showing them that i'm not a 'scary shitsec' they might think i am. I do my best to treat antagonists correctly and try to not ruin fun for the crew or the antagonists themselves and even try to play along with their gimmicks. When i was still rather new, i was really afraid to ask other officers for some advice and that was my mistake. Learning how to do job alobe was kinda hard for me, so glad i got some friends that could help me out in the situations! Another mistake i made in the time i played as a security member was trying to work alone, which was not really that smart thing to do. When i got in situations i could not possibly deal with, i still tried to do it all by myself. Security is not really a solo experience, it is really based on the team work and if they have a good leader. After all the things i came through and after all mistakes i might have done, i think i have enough experience to try myself out as a HoS. bee
Answer two or more of the following:
  • What advice would you give to other sec players?
    Please, pleaseee don't forget about team work. If you need an advice or you are in a difficult situations, you can always ask other officers to help you out! As i said before, one of mistakes i have done was never asking for advice and trying to do things myself, which you should not really try and it will only make things harder for you. And one of the things, if there are no officers to help you out in the situations DO NOT be afraid to ask the crew. Simple non-security members have saved me from danger a lot of times.
  • Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer.
    Being an officer is hard by itself and it's even harder when you are the only one. If on full security team i share a lot of information mostly only with security members and deal with problems in a group of officers, if i'm alone i try to tell crew about the dangers we might have on station, as i do not really have anyone i know i can trust. Crew DOES help me a lot when i'm alone, even if it's just a small info about bad guy's location.
Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):
[*]What's a security gimmick that you've ran or wanted to run?
    One of the gimmicks that are the most related to security was probably as a mindslaved officer given order to 'do anything' make a small hidden!! shop where i could sell contraband i had in my pocket whole time took from the contra locker and even sell some security equipment. Batons and shotguns for everyone!!  Boogiebot

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):

I think i did not have any Sleeping bee

Thanks for reviewing my application!! bee bee bee bee
Sian is the coolest officer around (as always)
+1, no reason not to
Ive seen Sian as a security officer a few times, i believe they are a good person for HoS, they show maturity and are willing to take part in a team, overall good choice-
+1, havent had a lot of interactions with you but the ones I do have are memorable

Tommy hits something on the head that I find is a noticeable trait of yours: you are so active and so much a part of the team. I dont think I ever see you without being near at least one other officer, whether you're training new ones or doing business-as-usual sweeps with another experienced player. you include people (and pretty much anyone at any stage in their play) but you also make yourself included and not distant or hard to approach. so, not only do I think you possess all the skills a good officer should have to fit in the sorta niche of hos (the leadership, fairness, calmness, etc.); you have this ability to work naturally and comfortably in groups of people that can be highly variable, and that I think is an above-and-beyond that would make you not just hos-ready, but prepared to be a really effective hos for other players to come into contact with.

good and goofy, AND great hair
One time on a spy round I went around pretending to be a newbie spy (holding PDA in hand constantly, taking photos of random people and walking away) with like, 50 points of contraband in my backpack (plus a couple nukie guns). I got arrested by you and you were pretty cool about it.

anyways yeah good sec player +1
Sian’s got experience and the skills to lead a team, +1
I'm actually surprised Sians not either purple or hos with how much shit he knows and how he he handles things so of course we say yes

Played with Sian West very extensively.

I remember them fumbling around on Sec, it seemed like they didn't enjoy it.
They were timid, anxious about confrontation and very much unrobust.
Observing them, I did not expect to see them to return to the department.

And yet over time, they kept coming back, continually trying again and again, in spite of their failures and inexperience.
In recent months in particular, Sian West has shone as a Secoff worthy of note, not only for their personality, but their abilities.

Sian is one of the few officers who will refrain from ruining an Antagonists round merely because they are capable of doing so,
instead allowing them breathing room to enjoy their rare antagonist round.
Sian's ability in combat has improved, they are able hold their own in a fight.
Sian has displayed ability as a leader, communicating often with their team, coordinating attacks and rallying the team.

I have yet to witness any troubling behavior from Sian.
Overall, they are a very pleasant officer to have on the team, gracefully engaging in diplomacy with antagonists and crew alike.
I never watch Sian closely, follow their progress, or question their judgement; They are trustworthy and make good calls.

+1. I can recommend Sian West for Head of Security.
Surprised you don't already have a HoS whitelist honestly! I've regularly been sec in the same rounds as Sian recently or been an antagonist recently. Robust and more important very fair, works well in the sec team and is a pleasure to engage with regardless of which side of the law you're on.
I kept confusing them for ntso, now i wont we be wrong. Good officer, can hold their own, robust, active on sec comms , I would trust them with the hat
As already said a few times, I too am surprised that Siam does not hold the hat already.
Good officer, knows what to do, very fair and has humor. Would be a great HoS in my opinion.
Also rocks the blue suit so a clear +1
Interacted a bit with Sian recently. I think they would do well as a HoS. They have a good mindset and are knowledgeable enough to guide other security officers. +1.
Sian = Good sec off = g u d
But most importantly I see blue pixels on Sian hair thus Sian should be a good NTSO !!!!!!!

yes, i interacted a lot with Sian and i think they are a very good officer, would make a good HoS too. always calm and ready to deal with any situation, playing with them is very fun. they also guided in my first hos round during mentor friday! i usually don't play sec and i was a bit stressed, Sian helped me a lot, they were very patient with me hahah. i think they absolutely are in the position to guide and teach new secoffs

+ 1 from me! also, awesome hair, put the beret on that
+1 stop slipping on the floor smh

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