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Improve endgame arcfiend.
Currently endgame arcfiend is pretty lacking. The jolt ability is a very good example of this, it has a high cost, long charge time, long cooldown and all it does is stop someone's heart and deal burn damage. You can get the second part of that and more by using your free sap ability. Okay then maybe the stopped heart does wonders in a fight? No. All of your abilities are electric shocks and Jolt cures cardiac arrest now, curing someone's cardiac arrest doesn't wound them any more than it normally would afaik so you can't even use that strategically.

I propose one of two changes. The first is more drastic and would change the playstyle of an endgame arcfiend. It'd be an ability that for the low low cost of 500 (would only remove a portion of that, will make more sense later) electricity points would permanently improve your abilities and make you look like a lightning elemental. This form would have a couple drawbacks and unique buffs.

Let's start with the bad. You're made out of electricity so you need it to survive, being at 0 electricity starts doing large amounts of tox damage to you. Being a living lamp means you lose power over time and you glow a pretty strong blue/yellow light. Due to... power.. things lights will pop from time to time when you're near and the chance increases the more your power grows. You're also much louder in this form.

Onto the good! All of your abilities are more effective/do more damage/have a slightly lower cost (ride the lightning). You get an innate 20% burn damage resistance and move a bit faster in wires.

Second option: Buff Jolt's damage and stun.
Jolt only cures cardiac arrest in people with SMES human, ie other arcfiends or people you can't damage anyway.
Letting it do that was a direct buff to arcfiend since you can now restart your own heart instead of being essentially just doomed if you ever entered cardiac arrest.
I'm not sure how a stopped heart doesn't do wonders in a fight given that it's a dang permastun.
(05-09-2022, 03:36 AM)Mouse Wrote: I'm not sure how a stopped heart doesn't do wonders in a fight given that it's a dang permastun.

You're missing the point, jolt requires you to stand still for over 15 seconds and the person you're attacking can't move even a tile or it's cancelled. As a base human with no disorient resistance or drugs you can easily cancel the ability in the first 2.5 seconds or less wasting the arcfiend's points and setting Jolt to a 2 minute cooldown. If you can sucessfully use jolt to stop someone's heart you either have another way of keeping them down (stun chems, baton, taser) or you could very easily combo discharge, arc flash and sap to do the same thing but a tiny bit slower and for what will likely be a net gain of energy, if you don't use sap it'll do a better job putting them in crit and permastunning than Jolt and only cost 75 points.

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