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Adememes need to be nerfed im scared for my life I'm cooping seething and malding
I haven't left the basement if 4 weeks. I'm too scared to step outside now in fear of what happens if I see that horrifying ghost. I've been living off of space paste of the walls and condensation since I ran out of food. I haven't seen my family ever since and I can't talk to them anymore and don't know what happened to them. I've seen my fellow man explode right before my very eyes their limbs and innards splattered across the room in an instant. These ghosts bring forth terrible clown abominations that are unstoppable, Feel no pain, And never stop. I've had my own body transformed and ruined by these horrible apparitions turning into a man cat beast and forced to use a tongue, not of my own! My Fellow victims of these nightmarish hauntings I implore you to aid me against these specters! Or I may never see my family again and I will be forced to live here alone and cold in this decrepit basement living off paste and backwash every few days PLEASE HELP ME
It's too late the only way to stop the admemes is give in to the admemes and their whims. Purrrhaps they may show you favor if you play along.
i will not be closing this thread, as this thread scares me down to my bone fluids
Thanks.. after months of therapy I got over my fear of admeme's... but now.. it's back full swing.. YOU REOPENED THE TRAUMA!
there is only one way to stop the admemes, we need to get the ghost buster back
As if a proton pack can stand up to their eldritch might. I've seen things, you people wouldn't believe, hmm Adminbuses on fire in the halls of Oshan
I've watched C-sabers glitter in the dark near the Clownhole
All those moments, will be lost in time like tears in rain
time to fart
admemes are too powerful and corrupt
when I said they were smelly, one of them broke into my house(irl) then pinned and farted on me
please remove them immediately
EMBRACE THE ADMEMES, for they are a challenge from the gods, if you pass than you have gained honor for your name.
thank you for bumping this post from may

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