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NT Profile: Selena James 1-8
Name: Selena Roach James
Age: 2, but physically 25.
Species: Roach Mutation
Bloodtype: ???
Speciality: See indiviual numbered profiles.

Profile History:
Apperently NT once hired a mutant roach and not a human mutated into a roach due to radiation named Selena James. Why they took that name remains unknown, but subject has very good knowledge and a sense of justice. After a shift this Roach Mutant was squished by a large shuttle landing on them, but this somehow triggered their internal eggsacks to crack open and spawn several Selena James who follow their "Prime's example" to a T.

We have dubbed these Selena's 1 to 4... but due to unforseen outcomes they have multiplued to 8 as far as records can show. Still futher investigation is needed to find out all reasoning. It turns out the Selena's did grow to mature age quickly as most roaches do.

All of them do believe they are the incarnate of the Roach Goddess that birthed them.

WARNING!! Any attempt to changing their species will result into them being very aggresive person that will turn to violence.

Indivual Profiles:

Selena - 1:
The 1st to grow into working condition. Simply work effecient and enjoys maintance shafts most. Most works as a Janitor or Cook. But can be put into a HoP or Captain position as she will try to keep the paper work going dispite crew protests.

Selena -2:
The Selena who has a strong sense of justice and been mostly effective in fighting crime. Her leading skills are questionable though. She has solved several cases on the job and assisted in several arrest. Dislikes paperwork ALOT!

Selena -3:
The religious one, however she's very uuh... unique in her approach. She tries to cover "underrated" religions that may or may not be cults. Super natural things tend to attract to her due to some connection. She mostly hides her face under a robe for most shifts and religious reasons.

Selena -4:
The scientists one. Works mostly Artifact Labs, Genetics and tries to lead researches into "bioweaponry" She may have stolen several NT supplies to make another Selena of the sorts, however there is "supicious data" showing that she made this one during a Shift on a station that was destroyed in a Syndicate raid. Being the only survivors. Works best as a Genecists, Scientist, Research Director or strangely enough Captain.

Selena -5:
The Selena who was made by the 4th. This one has several mutations changing their appearance and is more simple minded. She does show bioweapon capabilities and will most disguise as other Selena's to get into work to assist her sisters... though this might result into messes... also loves to test security with her abillities.

Selena -6:
An attempt into using the data of Selena -5 to learn more about the research that was lost... However the Syndicate invaded the sample and has stolen her.... No data has been concluded on her.

Selena -7:
One of the two new Selena's who tries to fill in Engineering and Mining. She's effecient but abit reckless and anti social.

Selena -8:

Selena has proven an usefull asset to NT if not perfect. The different types can be deployed to do various jobs and times. NT has interrest in the eggsack mutation for employee sustainability for generations. That is all. Report concluded.

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