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Hi,  I'm going to make a long post in a veiled attempt to hopefully improve something, but I doubt it.

I'm a relatively new player (Started about a month ago), I fell in love with the game on goonstation, as it was my first. I got in trouble for using words like 'r*t*rded' which is just in my vocabulary from decades of gaming, and difficult to change. However I did change specifically for the server, because I enjoyed it. I spent almost all of my time in chemistry, doing fun chemistry stuff, discovering new ways to do things. 

I even contributed a couple of sound effects I made, and had plans to contribute more. Gave my ideas on the forums, really wanted to see the game expand and get better.

I got banned once for making my first TTV and detonating it on an empty station (Only a borg there who was rogued and wanted me to detonate it) about 15 seconds before round end, for 7 days. I thought that was extremely strict, but you know, I see why you'd need to draw a line in the sand there, people might push it.

Then, I see people getting warned, or even banned for very minor things, with an almost vicious and personal nature behind the admins doing the banning.

The inconsistencies of administration started to bother me as I see people sometimes warned for basic things like 'b*tch', or even just making a off hand reference to a penis in just regular conversation. But only sometimes.

Then yesterday one of my mentors in chemistry was permabanned from **everything**, not just the discord, but the game as well. They were a long time player of the game, and had only recently joined the discord. This shocked me, and I was very confused, I looked into it further and only then discovered that they were removed for what I'd describe as a monumentally bad take on a conversation about genocide. I didn't know or care about their political views, I still don't, but the ban seemed almost personal, highly aggressive. Not only were they banned from everything, but then the banning admin attempted to get them reported on discord as well.

I've been in many communities that leaned left, or right, I've never really had an issue with people having differing views from me, no matter how bad. I've debated actual Nazis, Communists, Anarchists, etc. people from all walks of life, so perhaps I'm more forgiving of 'bad takes' than the average person.

Seeing them banned was one thing, but realizing they were also banned from the game itself was worrisome. It started to eat at me, and I lost trust in the admins. I then heard about 'shadow bans' from someone complaining in one of the discord channels, and I went down the rabbithole of looking up Goonstation's history. I can't DM any of the admins until adding them as a friend, so I couldn't talk to them one on one to alleviate my fears, ultimately I kind of was not feeling good about goonstation anymore, so I asked in the discord if anyone had experience with TG, because I was curious about their mechanics. A few people tried to get me to open up about why I wasn't feeling good about goon, that I should voice my opinion, so I did. I talked about how I was concerned about the admins, and everything seemed fine. I got it off my chest, and went back to playing the game.

I then wake up today to discover I was permabanned from everything, no warning, no discussion, just gone. So I suppose my concerns were valid.

The admins seem to just be able to do whatever they want, act however they want, and are a unified wall that no one can approach or talk to. Some appear genuinely drunk on power, considering I was banned for merely voicing my concerns (When I was asked to). I've been on the internet for a long time, and as I've said, numerous communities. I've seen entrenched and biased mod teams before that take everything that offends them on a personal level, it's almost impossible to change, so it is what it is.

I won't be evading the ban, I'm not that kind of person, and seeing as TG/Goonstation are two opposing extremes I might just be done with SS13 for a while anyway, it's leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

((By the way, I'm not a troll. I know a lot of people that when they dislike me they go 'hurr his name has troll in it therefore troll', this was actually a name I went by when I played Soul Calibur IV/V tournament, I mained 'Algol', and thus 'Altroll' was something people called me, it kind of stuck.))

Go do your shitty concern trolling about someone getting banned for genocide apologism somewhere else, you shitty fucking bigot.

I wAs CoNcErNeD

[Image: unknown.png]

wAs He ReAlLy ArGuInG tHaT????

spoiler: yes he was fucking was, you shitheap

i'm amazed that you thought this incredibly transparent and shallow attempt to excuse someone saying shit like this and throw shade at the administration was going to fly, but it's not. get the fuck gone

[Image: unknown.png]
You have some great friends:
[Image: Screenshot_20220504-154152_Discord.jpg]
Just as an aside, because people LOVE to bray about this transparency stuff even if they aren't doing it for entirely malicious reasons like this jackass, Emily's about to add another screenshot of the stuff this guy was defending to the thread (or maybe did by the time I post this). All of it was still up and visible in Discord when he was so eloquently defending peoples' rights to try to massage the definition of "genocide" down, because I left it there on purpose so the Trust & Safety team could find it. He had a full of view of this entire conversation from AzureAmaranthine and saw no problem with them saying that "some cultures need to go".

Just let that sink in.
If you weren't there for the events in question or you don't have any sort of relevant info to the complaint, please refrain from commenting or responding to posts in this forum.
You know you probably could have used that account to appeal your other account's ban or something, nut. Showing up to show solidarity with these guys because you're mad you got banned from one server out of four is kind of a waste.

I'm locking this now as the person that posted it is infinity dumpstered with good reason.

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