Mentor App - Cathy Chav
Usual character name: Cathy Chav
BYOND username: Cath E
Discord username (if you are on our discord): cat.#0488

Recommended by (if applicable): nope
Goon servers you play: (1) heisen Sleeping bee  , sometimes (2) 💣ini

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum):

it all started about a year ago when i remembered that i used to play ss13 on a different server, and then i got the idea to start playing it again but on a different server this time for a better experience! my first impressions were that the game is different and the community is very nice, people are usually helpful around. my goal is to help out more new players playing the game, when you join for the first time, you literally don't know what's going on and a lot of the times i see new players confused about, well.. everything! if i'm helping someone and something might get too complicated for them i suggest they use the wiki because i used to have the wiki 24/7 open when playing. i started from the civilian jobs and moved my way through basically all the other departments. to talk about my experience in jobs i have experience in most of them, the following are: all civilian, engineering, medical & research jobs, sometimes detective, ce, md, and hop! i will talk more about the specific jobs down below:

civillian - ive recently started playing botanist again and i enjoy it quite a bit.. especially when it comes to being a traitor and growing an army of man eaters, feeding them a lot and then finally releasing the chaos i've caused. im not a huge botany nerd though i know the basics like what specific bottle or machine does. as a rancher i tend to grow raptors and free them all at centcom, but sometimes i want to grow different chickens for my own amusement. there isn't a lot to say about being a staffie, just drinking at the bar most of the times. i have played the other jobs but i haven't played them in a while and there isn't a lot to comment.

engineering - i play this department the most because it has the most interacting. so far as an engineer out of all the engines im the best at making singulos because they're simple to set up and don't require much thinking. the teg i do know the basics for it and i've teached other new players before how to set it up, the only thing is i dont know how to keep the power constantly high. i also like the geothermal engine i find it pretty cool but it has less interaction, so you set it up in 10 minutes and don't have to worry afterwards, just need to be careful of not falling into the trench. the solars doesn't have a lot to set up it's just a few clicks on the console and you're done. the most i play in engineering has to be mechanic, i just love to do good gimmicks as a traitor, from sending people flying under the vending machines to teleport traps into the crusher, there's so much to learn as a mechanic and yeah a lot of stuff doesn't make sense. i've teached a few times how to use components and such. i also do a bit of packeting, one of which is setting all the guarbuddys to heckle the hos, but others can get very complicated for my brain. i play quartermaster to make the budget cost more than the station, there isn't much to say about this other than the fact i again know the basics. i usually don't play as a miner because every time i have i either mine erebite wrong and lose all limbs or i get radiation and spend half the round at medbay all which happens in 5 minutes at the round start, but overall i know what to do as a miner.

medical: every once in a while i play medical doctor because there's times when there's barely any playing the job meanwhile there's a bunch of people dying or already dead. i know what most of the healing chemicals do and which supplies to use on someone. the most important role is cloning, which to be fair anyone can do. if medbay isn't so busy i will probably be at the pharmacy making more healing chemicals or setting up the healing tubes. roboticist can be fun, it just depends on what you're making and how robust they will be. the borgs and ais are pretty easy to learn how to make them. being a geneticist is just me staring at my console for an hour touching a bunch of buttons on someone. generally i know what a lot of the genes do and it can be fun to obtain some of them, one of the important things i tell someone new is to always blindfold a monkey but then it's too late and they get suplexed.

research: there's so much to learn about being a scientist, usually people start with the chemistry section and go from there. im not that good at chem combos but i do enjoy mixing painful chems and then releasing it on a monkey. for telesci i usually use a calculator because i just cant do complicated maths.. eitherway i do like exploring certain azones, and if i need to sacrifice a monkey then i will do that. artsci is by far the most fun, because you have no idea what it will end up doing, i've had occasions where i thought the artifact was a noisemaker but instead it blew the whole department up and sometimes you end up getting such good artifacts that you refuse to sell them. toxins, the beloved place for making bombs! now while i dont know how to make a half the station sized ttv i do know how to make a decent one to wipe out most of the shuttle, and im not exactly experienced in making any sort of canbombs.

security: i personally don't really enjoy playing security although i do enjoy shooting so i go for detective instead. the most i do is take 1 sip of bojack daniels and stay drunk for the rest of the round. if it's not that then i do help security solve crimes.

heads: i like to play md probably because of the tranq gun, just an easy way to stop some nerd doing bad stuff in medbay. the job itself isnt that much different from a normal medical doctor, setting up cryo, treating people, etc. ce is something i only play on donut 3 or any singulo maps because i know how to properly set it up, i just have a feeling i wouldn't do good on a teg engine map. hop i mostly play on oshan because i like customs a lot on that map, the only issue i have are staffies climbing over the desks which causes me to build railings and in the end they don't help out much.

that's all for my application, thanks for reading and feel free to comment any sort of feedback! B-33

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):
honesty is the best policy so..

may '21 - vended all the monkeys in genetics as a non-antag

july '21 - opened a plasma tank in the hallways as a non-antag
Cathy Chav is a really nice person. They are often getting into funny, whimsical situations and are one of my favorite crewmembers to see on-station.
I often see them amidst wandering droves of players making fun from simple things, playing leapfrog or tutoring new players on game mechanics.

I haven't spoken to them, maybe ever, and I rarely interact with them, but I do watch them because they're so funny and nice.

+1 I'm not sure if I'm able to do so, but I'd like to Recommend Cathy Chav for Mentor.
They have been playing for a while now and i have only seen them be a positive influence +1 from me

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