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Antags/Alternative Forms Ideas!
Wraith Alternative Forms
Toyed with some alternative forms in dead chat earlier on main that the Wraith could transition into with enough points. Not like a power up, but another form with a slightly different style of play similar to how Eevee evolutions are in Pokemon. Can be purchased when enough bodies are absorbed or points are collected. After a channel, they transition some of their abilities and effects into void variants that alter how they interact with the station and it's crew.

These alternatives may have most of their Wraith abilities still but have them slightly altered or even replaced with entirely new abilities.

  • Void Master: As opposed to creating more invisible, malicious entities to the station from the shadows, the Void Master corrupts the station by opening tears in realities that trap clueless crew in the void,¬†allow monsters to enter our plane, or taint the environment near the rifts to choke the air, poison the body, and twist the metal into malicious rust!
  • Ossifier: A wraith form that specializes in making more powerful skeletons in hopes of renewing the classic Skeleton War idea. Instead of polters, player ghosts assume hostile, playable skeletons. These lesser antags clack as they walk, make skeleton puns in place of being able to speak, wield rusty weapons that can be looted upon death, and make xylophone noises instead of farting. Their goal is to kill and remove organs and flesh to get close as they can to freeing their comrades from their fleshy prison (skeletonizing the corpses similar to absorb, not actually reviving them.)
  • Alienist: Named after the niche D&D prestige class and not actual aliens, this Wraith forms a more intimate connection to the aberant energies from the edges of space and time. They use altered powers to cause diseases, rend insanity, and instill other bizarre effects on the crew. Their goal is to affect living creatures more than before at the cost of having lesser control over causing havoc on the station itself.

New Antag: Ice Demon
A different representation of the demonic forces we love in literature and pop culture, the Ice Demon's mission is to trap the station within cursed ice and snow! They are capable of shooting icicles, spreading slowing snow, slippery ice, freezing open/shut doors on command (like a stronger weld that must be broken physically), or placing frozen walls to impede the crew. Some of their stronger abilities let them freeze crew members into ice statues after a channel or construct angry snowman mobs that throw sharpened carrots and impale people with their deadly spear arms.

One last thing!
Please remember that these are rough ideas and very much in need of criticisms, balancing, and ideas within the comments to help shape them. Even if not implemented, hopefully they inspire something as good or better than the ideas presented. I would very much appreciate anything you could add in the comments section. Thank you!

Big shoutout to Toygu - Karl Charles and Sick Ness Monster - Pointer Ulery for adding to the process with ideas, warm reception, and creativity! Very much a large part of what inspired the imaginary doodles into becoming it's own post!
Thanks for the shoutout!
I think it'd be best if wraiths started out a little "weaker" and then get the option to perform a one time ritual which lets them transform into one of the classes. This weak wraith would not have most of the rampagey abilities but not have any added weaknesses, the reason for this is simple. The current wraith game loop is fun for the wraith but the worst thing ever to fight so you get a choice between being pretty much immortal or gaining new powers and new weaknesses. I really like the idea of the ossifier and it'd be neat if you could choose a "class" for the skeleton you revive. Void Master could be sort of a mix between blob and wraith spreading the corruption RTS style being powerful but very obvious.

Oh and Ice demons should turn into a puddle of water if they touch a fire elemental.

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