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Emagging UV Lights
I was sitting on a Wraith earlier as a polter and decaying random things for fun. It occurred to me that being able to emag the UV lights in Botany to slowly give people sunburns would be hilarious. Maybe as a weird side effect it makes the plants grow even faster? Thoughts?
Sunburns would be funny, causing minor burn.
Growing faster shouldn't be a thing cause now traitors have a benefical effect on UV lights.

I would say it will cause sunburns and people to go on fire if not turned off.
I think most emags give both a positive and negative effect. Like AI turrets get disabled for a while, but can come back on later as lethal, which is both positive and negative for a traitor. This gives a reason for people to just, not turn off the UV light and gives medbay more work which assists the traitor
Causing things that can potentially benefit the crew is totally within range of what emags do!
They do things like disable limiters on fabricators and pressurizers and stuff, and they can make hyposprays that can inject anything, it doesn't all have to be purely terrible stuff.

I think improving the growing effect and slowly roasting people sounds pretty reasonable, it could slowly darken peoples skin like a tanning booth while doing burn damage, and potentially cause eye damage if looked directly at while standing next to it?

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