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Is zip gun + flash good enough to kill people as an antag, or are there better tools?
as a spy-thief, I noticed that items such as Vuvuzuela gun are unnessasary and the camera flash was a much better combat item. Is a flash and a zip gun all you really need to kill a non-sec member?
If youre striking them when they dont expect it+theyre unprepared+they're unrobust, sure! Also what kind of ammo and ammo combos you use is important
Yes sometimes all you really need is a good flash and gun if you catch someone unaware particularly if their stamina was shot from sprinting around moments earlier. That being said if said person is halfway competent they arent going to be sprinting everywhere with a halfway decent ability to defend themselves. There are better tools and honestly if you are halfway robust you don't even need weapons to win fights if you master cqc stuff.

All it takes to show that not getting a better gear setup is picking a fight with the wrong staff assistant. You know the guy who mugs Beepsky, in the first 45 seconds of the round goes off station, picks up a laser gun, and you happen to run into him just as you are looking to grief someone with your cheap tools. They then proceed to beat you down and toss your ass out an airlock.

TLDR: There is always a better gear loadout, but you can always make do.
just run at them with a fire extinguisher and beat them relentlessly
Oh forgot another use vuvuzuela gun works against people with flash protection, while your first thought is only sec has that welding masks also protect against it as well and are not difficult at all to obtain.
(04-23-2022, 07:18 PM)Nihisohel Wrote: just run at them with a fire extinguisher and beat them relentlessl
This is my language
just flash them and cut out their brain on a table

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