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Prescription Glasses should increase crit chances
Like, the rare punching crit, and or anything else that works off chance
ON them?
Yeah I like it so long as you mean prescription glasses increase the chance of a crit on yourself.
critical punch targeting the face should knock their glasses off
then you can take the nerd's lunch money while hes frantically on the floor finding him glasses
Make it so you can be critically struck twice, one for each lens so that the glasses break. Then you lose the benefit of the prescription glasses and need to use a sheet of glass on them (Or a lens from the MatSci fab actually having a USE!?) to fix them.

Poor RP server though, someone is gonna get hurt bad.
Agree with the glasses being knocked off. Someone had a real cool idea of targeting the head having a chance of knocking off glasss and I think that, along with prescription glasses increasing crit chance would open up a very interesting new meta
Different weapons/gloves could be better or worse at knocking items like glasses off. It'd give more weapons niche uses and make fights with sec more interesting.
I like the idea of headwear-specific crits. Also knocking gear off in a fight

Punch someone with glasses on, temporarily blind them in whichever eye, or both

Hit an engi in the head and knock their hardhat off

use a welder/lighter special on someone with a paper hat, immolate them and burn the hat to ash after a few seconds

similar to using a flash on someone with thermal or nightvision goggles on
Nah then why would I bother getting those items
make it a low chance like yeeting thrown items
I would mention that prescription glasses are usually used for shortsightedness, so they already have a negative cost associated with them, which is that you can't see far and use better glasses (eg mesons) simultaneously.
Short sightedness is also a huge debuff, because it is handled differently than every other vision overlay code wise. I’ve tried messing around with it but couldn’t get it to work. Until it is ported over to the vision overlay manager, it’ll continue overlaying text and making people rely entirely on the chatbox to read when they lose their glasses
pretty sure froggit meant that the glasses should increase the chances of inflicting critical hits on people, rather than the user suffer for being a nerd

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