HoS application: Jordan McKendrick
Usual character name: Jordan McKendrick
BYOND username: FlameArrow57
Discord username: FlameArrow57#8889
Recommended by: N/A
Goon servers you play: 1

Reason for application: I feel like I've played security enough that I'd like to take the next step of being HoS. I think it's always nice too, while not necessary, to have a member of security on the team that can take the command role (access wise) of security. It just makes it a little easier to deal with any issues regarding that when they come up, whether it be demoting someone quicker, calling the shuttle when its needed, or otherwise. Also, people often ask questions in security chat, and while someone else or I can answer them, I'd like to give those who ask confidence that the answer given is what they can take.

Security experience: I don't remember when I first started playing security, it was sometime early last year or the year before I believe, but it was when security assistants weren't added to the game yet. I hadn't played any major antagonist when I first started playing security, and I still remember a time when I was arresting someone with another security officer, wondering how to check a PDA for the traitor buy list. I don't remember a whole lot after then until more recently, but what I do remember is that I've always made attempts to find out more about being a security officer in general, making arrests, and how I could be a better security officer, whether it be in how I treat those being searched/arrested, antagonists in general, and otherwise.

As for my game knowledge, I feel I have a thorough knowledge of the game required for HoS. I've been nearly every antagonist in the game, and dealt with every one as security, meaning I have a good knowledge of the tools available for them, such as traitor items, and how to deal with them. I'll say the one I'm most inexperienced with is arcfiend, mostly because of them being more recently added in compared to some of the timings of my breaks from the game. As for playing other roles than security, I've played nearly every role, again giving me a fairly good sense of how to deal with situations when they arise regarding certain departments. Similarly, I've done a fair share of a-zones and debris field/trench exploring, so I know when to let someone keep something that doesn't need to be taken away.

More of my solid experience has come from late last year and the first few months of this year. Up until late last year, I had a good understanding of the game, but there were still some ways I could improve. The first was how I talked to those being brigged. I started making more of an attempt to not just brig someone without saying hardly anything, but also interacting with them a little if they want to, of course trying not to keep them held/brigged longer than necessary. I've made more of an attempt to ask someone to search them before taking them in too, which I think is a bit more fun for them if they decide to run anyways. The second was I started to keep a much better eye on comms. I feel like I've reached a point where I can consistently keep an eye on comms and respond to situations that need responding to fast most times, with the exception of when the chat gets filled with messages from something like blob attacks or similar. The third was leniency towards antagonists, which I started paying much more attention to, in the goal of keeping the round fun for the antagonist too. If there's a changeling that is caught at 10 minutes that hasn't killed anyone as far as the sec team is aware, I would prefer to space them instead of borging/killing them. Similarly, if there's a wizard caught early that seems a bit new, or isn't seemingly super robust, I would maybe just let them be part of the crew, without their wizard clothes, rather than borging, on good promise. This is, of course, not giving under-leniency towards those going on killing sprees or similar. These are the main things I've tried to do more recently, but I'm always trying to improve as security, including learning from mistakes I make.

Answer two or more of the following:
What advice would you give to other sec players?
My first piece of advice would be to not let what people you arrest say get to your head. Sometimes people will call your playstyle bad, or security other names, or say what they can to get out of arrests. I think it's good to use your best judgement and try to take what they say into account if you think it will improve your playstyle. My second piece would be to use your barrier when you can. It's extremely useful for defending against projectiles, especially lethals and sometimes pod attacks, and can save you from possible death if used right. My third piece of advice would be to try to keep a habit of checking comms often, if not being active on them. Many important things are talked about over the sec radio, crit and death alerts are sent, and giving transparency to the sec team about any arrests you make lets the whole team be aware of that person.

Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer.
There aren't many times when I'm a solo security player, as most of the times when I am it's early in the morning (around 1 am or shortly later). When I am solo though, if antagonists are super active, I will be less lenient with them, as I just don't have enough time with them as I need to attend to other antagonist activity. Being solo also allows me to interact with the ai more closely if they are active in security comms, which is nice.

Answer one or more of the following:
What's a security gimmick that you've ran or wanted to run?
I think it would be cool to set up a sword fight tournament with the nukie commander, where a head of the crew does a sword fight using the captain's sword with the nukie commander for the auth disk, or something along those lines.

Previous bans: One, for a week from server 2, around a year ago, when I was asking for AA multiple rounds in a row, being thought to test bombini on people, and trying to get my brain cloned/borged as a ghost critter when gibbed.
Played with Jordan McKendrick very frequently. You also forgot to put me on your "Recommended by" list, Jordan.

Jordan McKendrick is always a courteous, delightful Secoff to have on the team.
While not necessarily talkative or out-going, they relay their care by their actions.
Caring and kind towards crew and Antagonists alike, Jordan has never displayed any troublesome behavior.
Never seen them powergame, use drugs or some means of gaining and unfair advantage beyond their standard kit.

They have displayed excellent leadership, relaying orders and advice to the team, as well as in brig sentencing.
I have never witnessed them abuse Secoffs, or crew. Calm and collected, Jordan carries out their responsibilities without treading upon the feelings of others.

Jordan is one of the few Secoffs I have witnessed that will keep tabs on Antagonists, yet choose not to act until they have committed a crime, allowing the Antagonist to have a fun round, and crew to experience interactions with the Antagonists.

They are also surprisingly robust, resilient and tenacious.
Where most Secoffs would give up, Jordan displays excellent prowess in combat, pursuing and subduing some of the most notoriously skilled players on the server, all the while being mostly unknown themselves.

+1. A very balanced Officer, I feel Jordan McKendrick is impressive as a whole, capable of leading the Security team.
Never abuses their power and is fair to antags also being one of the most reliable secoffs ive met, hes always one of the first to arrive to an alert. That being said, HE HAS NO DRIP, I ALWAYS SEE HIM RUN DEFAULT SEC CLOTHES CMON MAN, TREAT YOURSELF

Jordan is a good noodle I don't see why he shouldn't be given a shot at it. Application looks decent. +1
Played a few rounds with Jordan this week.
was really willing to have me shadow and help as a sec assistant; good communicator on the team, levelheaded in the chaos of 110+ people, didnt draw things out longer than needed but took the time to make sure they understood what antags had done during the course of the round to make decisions on sentencing.
generally opened confrontations with antags with an indication they were going to be arrested before going for the taser.
I havent had tons of experience since it was a while since I played classic, but I think from what I saw, they'd be a reliable leader with strong presence and dependability in a round.
not sure why i havent said +1 yet, good bean. back when i played hos, they were always very helpful and communicative.
always a reliable secoff. glad to have them on the team both as hos and regular officer. has been responsive and helpful to newer sec that ive seen. +1
Awesome officer and a very reliable one. +1
I've worked with Jordan a good amount of times and every time I see em it brings a smile to my face

Been working with Jordan on sec / have been seeing them as sec for like, a year, they definitely have the skills to lead a team, +1
Has been playing sec for a while, knows how to handle threats,communicative +1
After review of community feedback and internal deliberation, we have accepted your application to become a HoS. Congrats! Please familiarize yourself with our HoS Guidelines and reach out anytime if you have any concerns or questions.

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