Complaint grifflez, Heisenbee / forums, 4/20 1:00 am CST
Admin involved: grifflez

Occurred around 1:00 am CST on Server 1 Heisenbee, continued onto the forum.

Synopsis of events and subsequent thoughts:

   I was a mid-round janitor spawning into a station obviously overrun by multiple gangs. I was eventually recruited and began wandering as I have never played a gang round and was still a bit confused. I came upon another gang's locker (not entirely understanding this) and one of the gang members there, very nicely, told me to fuck off. I obliged, not wanting to get beaten, but parted with a "fuck u pussy" to said gang member.
   Within a few minutes of this interaction, I get an admin PM from grifflez, telling me that this is my second language warning in as many days and that I need to watch what I say. I was surprised by this as... I had no clue about another language warning. I expressed my surprise that the word "pussy" warranted a warning, especially in the context I had used it. I also asked grifflez what my other language warning was but they ignored my question and again told me to watch what I say. 
   I will admit that what I did next was not at all conducive to a fast and easy interaction with a moderator, but I was a little annoyed. I replied to grifflez with "typical moderator." as they had acted like a typical moderator. grifflez replied with a "wot?" froze me in place, then proceeded to ban me with the message:
  Being told not to break rule 4 was too much for you I guess. Don't appeal this until you can apologize for your attitude and agree to follow our rules.
  Banned By: grifflez
  This ban applies to all servers.
  Please make an appeal on the forums to have it lifted..

   So I immediately took to the rules to double check what I had already known was included as part of rule 4:
  "Yes, you can call people dicks and insult them with terms that are used normally, but don't use bigoted language or slurs."

   I made my ban appeal post highlighting most of what I have here, and grifflez responded saying that I need to "stop playing innocent and drop the attitude." That I was picking apart the rule to benefit myself. I again responded with the bolded part of the rule below, telling them I hadn't really broken a rule, so why should I not debate this? I also stated that I would not give this up until an admin OTHER than the one that banned me was able to review my appeal. grifflez only said "So be it. You'll be waiting a while." I've noticed that in most of the other admin feedback threads as well. The admin in question is often the only to respond, usually belittling the thread poster. That does not make for an efficient moderating team or give me any hope here.
   I also understand that the interpretation of these rules is entirely up to the moderator at the time of the offence, but was I actually banned over something the rule explicitly states is fine? Just for posterity, I'll include the next couple of lines of this rule:
  "Common examples of bigoted language include calling people 'retards', 'cunts' or 'traps', or using 'gay' in a derogatory manner. If an admin tells you to knock something off because it breaks the no bigotry or sexual content rule, that is not an invitation for debate. Knock it off or go elsewhere."

   There's a weird line drawn in this rule. "dick" is explicitly stated as being an allowed insult, but the word "pussy" is not mentioned, and "cunt" is specifically mentioned as a NOT allowed word. Exploring other threads in Admin Feedback I also understand that the rules are being revised to be more clear about things like this, especially in regards to rule 4, but I don't see how a game like this with the community that it has can stand by calling someone "pussy" or "dick" being a bannable offence, especially when cussing in general is also completely allowed. 

   I will not apologize insofar as the offence in question, but I will apologize to the admin team for making a fuss about it in the first place. I am sorry. Hopefully incidents like this can help shape the rules in the future to be better for every player.
   Thank you.
 I will not apologize insofar as the offence in question,

Then it appears we are at an impasse.
(04-20-2022, 09:50 AM)Grifflez Wrote:  I will not apologize insofar as the offence in question,

Then it appears we are at an impasse.

Thank you for such a succinct and well thought out response, grifflez. 
I'll still be waiting for another moderator to weigh in on this, as you can't seem to make any kind of rational decision or discuss any of my points with me.
Dick: a gender neutral term for an unlikable or dim person (see also ass, boob, turd, etc)

Pussy: a gendered slur towards non masculine men that frames womanhood and femininity as explicitly lesser and undesirable,  in a society where womanhood and femininity have faced (and still face)  oppression by patriarchal societal structures

It does not take much introspection to realize why one would be tolerated in non sexual contexts and the other would not be, and the plain fact of the matter is that if an admin tells you something breaks rule 4, arguing about it won't get you anywhere but banned.  We have a very,  very low tolerance for it, and the rules explicitly state that this is the case. 

As a side note,  your previous warning was for labeling people "gay" with the hand labeler.

So,  you've asked for your second opinion and now you've got it. I hope it was everything you dreamed of. 

As I do not see any value in anyone continuing this argument with you,  I will be locking this thread.

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