mentor app tavish finnegan
Usual character name: Tavish finnegan mostly but i can use cad bane from time to time
BYOND username: Lucky Cobra
Discord username (if you are on our discord): N/A
Recommended by (if applicable): N/A
Goon servers you play: goon 1 classic (heisenbee)

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum): yes it is i! tavish handsome finnegan the one and only, i decided to try get the mentor status after some thinking, i wasnt really thinking on becoming am mentor on the past but since this last weeks i noticed i do enjoy teaching stuff to new people and i find it great when they manage to do after learning the basics and tips. so i decided to try become a purple nerd to teach more to new players to make em have fun and understand how to do things alone and their own gimmicks and ideas.

CIV: i am good at civ jobs on terms of knowledge since they are simple and fun to do if you want jobs that are more relaxed, i am a decent botanist (even tho i made crimes against nature most of the time), as a chef i am kinda of meh since i mostly do normal dishes instead of the crazy fun variations but that is mostly due to me being a lazy ass, as a bartender i am good and some times i can even work with the cheft to make the bar work even better as a restaurant, i can steal the clown and sec shoes as staffie as god intended   a greater domestic space-bee that's gunna cause some trouble , on rancher i do lack experience since i never wanted to try the madness that it is the chicken tree because it can take a long time and rounds on classic mostly last only 60 mins, and janitor welp job is easy for everyone actually so is not uncommon for new players to pick it

ENG: as a mech i have good knowledge and i love to do fun gimmicks or my own little inventions from time to time, personally i think is  a good starter job for people that wants to try to do their own thing, ok so i will be honest i have no fucking idea of engie mostly cause it never called my attention, i know you have to make the pipeburns or hellburns or use coal but even today i cant understand a thing about engie so on that job i am DEF not a good mentor, ah and mining... man i love mining since is relaxing you get cool stuff and you can make all kinds of crazy gear with minerals mixing and plating, i even wanted to become mentor since some days ago i teached some new guys on mining how all worked and how to upgrade gear and the special gear you can make and man i feel so proud to see em do really good after my help, qm i am average at it and i understand the money making, simple job but it can be hell for some people if they dont know about money management

as a medic i am good and most of my pals usually go and ask me when they need healing or upgrades and i happily do so, i have found myself teaching people how medicine works and treatments for the diseases on space and i do crazy experiments from time to time, gen nerd is literally te job of stare at a console all round and even then is fun, genes is really relaxing and interesting and i found myself playing it on days that i want a relaxing shift, sometimes i get new gene bros and teaching em helps em a lot and makes medbay not a war zone filled with angry monkeys, science is also fun to do but i find it better to do with pals since science is to do crazy experiments or go on adventures and teaching the clown to make lube of course! (dont do that if you dont want the hallways being a hazard), tele sci is a thing that is used rarely or used on specific things but is still interesting nonetheless and i great to do your own thing on a shift

SEC: sec my beloved Sleeping bee i been always a sec main because is one of the jobs that makes you A) connect with the crew and B) major teamwork and fast thinking, this job really made me fall in love with SS13 tbh and i found it one of the best once you get the hang og it, i do try my damm hardest to never use lethal force unless i find it to be the only option and i have tried to get that way of thinking to my pals if i can but i will not stand people being bullies against other crew or making things bad for everyone, as a HOS i always find myself with new sec players and i try to teach em the best way to use their weapons, loadouts, tools and above all the fair treatment of everyone and specially antags and how to help the crew on times is needed.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): 1 on RP i think 3? for making a torpedo (rip manta) as non antag near the escape zone and 3 non related that were an error

and thats all and i want to personally thanks the mentors that helped me on my starting days on ss13, you made me become who i am guys and i thank you for the great times i had with ye
Tavish knows alot, generally a cool person. +1 from me.
He's always been a helpful, chill guy. I think he'll make a great mentor. +1
Has been around for a while now and I am certain they have the knowledge to help anyone that needs it
Application looks good, I've had quite a few interactions with Tavish and he's always been pleasant to play with and helpful to any players who come up to him with any questions. +1
Good guy, very knowledgeable. Patient and quick learner when being taught new things. +1
+1! Tavish is always fun and enjoyable to be around, and he's very willing to teach new players as I've seen him help new sec players as HoS. I think that he would be a good mentor.
Cool guy, knowledgeable and haven't seen em flip their shit at someone for not knowing how to do something. Those are mentory qualities in my book.

actual nerd stop being pure red so i don't confuse you for EVERY SECURITY MAIN
Always a joy to see him around!

Long overdue +1
ok quick update i did fix my discord now so since i cant edit the main post i will just add the name here: Lucky Cobra#1305
I've had a few interactions with Tavish for a bit of time and aside from calling me bread >:c, They've been a gud player, who also know enough things to help other people !

Thus I giv +1 c:.
After review of community feedback and internal deliberation, we have accepted your application to become a mentor. Congrats! Please familiarize yourself with our Mentor Guidelines and reach out anytime if you have any concerns or questions.

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