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Fabricating instruments and how to fix it.
Before I propose my idea, I have to address the issue. 

The problem

As it is now, fabricating complex instruments such as saxophones or whistles are somewhat an undocumented mess that shoos off any inspiring musician that comes into the game with a blazing passion for blowing whistles. What do I mean by that? Here's a step-by-step for how to craft a small and simple vuvuzela, that can be printed off a General Manufacturer for cheap:

  1. Get 5 ores/bar/blocks of any materials.
  2. Get 4 crystals or metal ores/bars.
  3. Put it all on a Nano-Fabricator for Refining.
  4. Make an instrument bell.
  5. Make an instrument neck.
  6. Make an instrument mouth.
  7. Put it all together then screwdrive it.

Congratulations, you made a vuvuzela wasting more materials and time than any sane person would! Did you think it was straight-forward? Well, if you relied on anywhere other than the code itself, then you would be as lost as if you relied on a goldfish to tell you the time. The wiki itself simply shows you how many pieces each instrument has instead of telling the damn recipe already. So not only it is a time-wasting process, but it might as well be secret content for all I know. Now, for the solution:

The solution

Make it so General Manufacturer can print the whole instruments without any other crafting system involved. Yeah, as simple as that. I would also make fabricating instruments less expensive than printing each part individually, but besides that, that's it. Fabricating the instruments without any unusual crafting system locking it away would be the most reasonable and easy way to fix the issue. It gets rid of the whole crafting system that involves you blindly putting things together and hoping you could get the instrument you like, and making it accessible for anyone that wants it. 

The drawbacks
As it is now, pretty much none. Sure, you could make the crafting system simpler or even add a few gimmicks such as changing the instrument pitch/echo depending on denseness or hardness, but I could simply make it accessible for everyone to play Among Us Trap in the bar with a saxophone without many complications, which is probably the most desired option here: making things simple. You could also argue that only musicians should be spamming the bag pipe, but a scottish Chaplain needs to spread their religion as well. In the end, I'm posting my idea here to see if it is too controversial to be added into the game. I can code this up and send this PR to GitHub from anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes anyway.

Update: I figured out that the most noisy instruments should be only obtainable through hacking, so the bagpipe, whistle and harmonica will only be available on hacked General Manufacturers. The guitar, trumpet and saxophone will not though, since those are less noisy and people usually try to play musics with those. By the way, the assembly system will be kept in to avoid breaking something else and because it would be weird to get rid of it, since it's already there for a long time.
The Good. Instruments are easier to get a hold of for gimmicks GREAT SUCEESS!
The Bad. Even less of a reason to touch Nano-Fabricator making a niche item even more niche.
The Ugly. Noise spam from a particularly organized tide could be migraine inducing.

Overall for it.
An organized tide with instruments is just called band practice
Genfabs can already print vuvuzelas when hacked.
(04-15-2022, 02:07 AM)Mouse Wrote: Genfabs can already print vuvuzelas when hacked.
Yeah, but the other instruments should be on the General Manufacturers as well. I just cited vuvuzelas because they were already available in the General Manufacturers and to show how time-wasting this whole assembly system is, when you could just simply fab theses instruments.
Well yeah, the point of the assembly system is to get a cool erebite-telecrystal vuvuzela to doot with!
What if there wasn't a set recipe in crafting an instrument and you could just add as many pieces as you could fit?

[Image: C57I0N0UsAA2CXP.jpg]
A frankenvuvuzela with an ungodly amount of horns, that when blown once produces the sound of 24 staffies with bagpipes.

Not a single way that can go wrong, but so many ways for it to go so right.
(04-14-2022, 06:13 PM)Caio029 Wrote: The wiki itself simply shows you how many pieces each instrument has instead of telling the damn recipe already. So not only it is a time-wasting process, but it might as well be secret content for all I know.

Bit of a funny story. The wiki currently has these hints and stuff for crafting instruments, because at the time, the methods for them were thought to be secret content. They aren't; it turned out to be a miscommunication. This probably doesn't make you any less frustrated, but I hope this clears up any confusion with regards to that.

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