Head of Security Guidelines
Head of Security, and by extension NT Security Operative, guidelines as follows:

Maintain the level of excellence that got you the beret in the first place. This one is special, because it doesn't only apply to HoS/etc rounds, but to your presence in the community as a whole. As a Head of Security, you'll be held to a higher standard overall notably with respect to grief, greytide, and toxicity. You got the beret for being cool - stay cool!

Stay healthy. Playing the HoS role can be stressful and feel unrewarding, but always remember that HoS is a role within a game, not a job, and you should never feel obligated to play HoS. Your personal well being should always be prioritized, so if you are unhappy or feeling burnt out, it's okay to step away from the role for as long as you need.

Keep the round flowing! Show leniency to antags that haven't had an opportunity to push the round. This does not mean to always preserve antags, always use your best judgement. Make sure your actions make sense within the context of a round and out of round actions do not affect your judgement.

Be a good teacher to and set a good example for new Security. Offer to take new Security Officers or Assistants with you, or partner them up with another experienced Officer. Communicate well and and show off your cool teamwork skills.

Let admins know when something's up. For instance, if someone keeps messing with security despite being given warnings, or if you need to execute a greytider or rulebreaker, please ahelp with some context so that the admin team is aware. This helps them keep track of patterns of behavior and enforce the rules and ideally also gives you more freedom to act (using your best judgement), since you've already given a heads up.

Intentionally letting yourself get killed. Your presence and gear/kit, while not necessary to a round, can make a significant difference. Your loyalty should be to the station and your team unless you have been mindslaved, even in an RP scenario.

Improper contraband handling. Contraband goes in the box (or maybe the crusher), not your pockets! If you're going to be using stuff looted off an antagonist, you should have a good reason for doing so, and not just because you want to play with the traitor toys.

Do Not:
Show favoritism. Having friends is okay, but you shouldn't be making decisions based on who people are rather than what they've done in the round. This could be explained as letting someone go for something they should be brigged for, leaving antagonists with their equipment after using it, and so on.

Hand your gear/ID/access over to another non-whitelisted player to make them a "junior" or "trial" HoS/NTSC. If you have a Security team member who you think would be a good fit for the HoS role, encourage them to apply[1]

These guidelines were ratified by the administration team on 2022-04-12
[1]Updated as of 2023-04-02

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