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replace ntso with something like emrgency response teams which have to be called in
So we all know that ntsos are basically on the shuttle not even 2 minutes in, for someone who has to only come when shit has went down it isnt working. Secondly ntso gear is hot garbage, it looks cool but the taser is barely functional, lethal mode is shit and pistol is only good for stam-critting. So only baton and spacesuit is decent... so a sec-off with a shitty taser with a shitty lethal option, a pistol which is only useful for stam critting/executions, a bit better than normal baton and an armored spacesuit.

My suggestion is replace this role with an ert. The ert will have better decent lethal+non lethal gear, armored spacesuits, decent access(ntso, but with genecists+robotics, toxins and engineering) and very good meds, like juggernaut, menders. I have no idea how an ert would be summoned(probably when half the server is dead for high pop, 80-90% for low-pop) or get onto the station(most obvious option is they just spawn at arrivals), but it should probably being back dead ghosts, because a role slot opening up wouldnt make sense for a team...

Unlike with other codebases i dont think special roles or threat levels would be needed, just a predetermined and bapanced inventory with ofcourse a leader assinged.

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