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[MERGED PR] Destroyable lockers
Cargo is now going to be buying security crates every round, because of how easy it is to bust open, people are gonna hack the armory more often, HoS locker will vanish roundstart, and people are going to steal mechanic lockers, security equipment lockers, and bring them into maint to beat on them for free insuls, sechuds, armor.

This will just result in more non-antags stealing shit
Crates aren't lockers. They are a different type and would not be changed by this feature.

Not all lockers have to be destroyable. It's possible armory and HoS lockers could be "reinforced" and immune so as to still require explosives.

HoS locker does stick out to me as the biggest target for that egun when no HoS is around. There is always a captain who will have taken their egun. Most lockers are a bit whatever.
Sec lockers could send an alert if broken.
(04-02-2022, 01:08 PM)Mouse Wrote:
(04-02-2022, 12:42 PM)Yellow Wrote: its noisy tho and has unique sounds. Lockers aren't all that tough, also 30 seconds is a major underestimate. If noone notices the loud bashing of 1-1.5 minutes of tool on locker, the locker breaker deserves it at that point

If they have 300 health then that's 30 swings of a fire extinguisher, which is 30 seconds.
The fun part is this is assuming a single person is breaking into a locker 3 in a line is 10 seconds which in say a rev round is not a difficult thing to see happening. Surround one with 8 and it’s busted in 3. 
My real question is what is the pr actually trying to accomplish? There exists ways to destroy lockers already, if the problem is with firearms not penetrating them maybe look into instead having them just fly through them.
And if we need to get into distinguishing locker types to justify the pr maybe just maybe the pr isn’t really a good idea.
correct me if im wrong, but arent the secure crates a locker subtype? thats why you can walk into them when theyre open without pushing them.
(04-02-2022, 05:06 PM)zjdtmkhzt Wrote: Yeah, tbh, the fact that lockers are so sturdy is pretty weird. You can cut in leg holes with a welder but you can't cut it open? Makes little sense.

Yeah, same aspect with the weird explosion immunity you get while inside them. Truthfully, the bar to getting lockers open doesn't change that much with this change. Plasma bulbing isn't hard, and causes way more damage while opening the lockers quicker. Don't see why we can't open them by force with tools and damage.

Lockers shouldn't be these bastions of defense, imo. To the point they're used for everything. Surviving disaster rounds, blocking people in, surviving full out hyper nukes or even blocking in mobs to cheese encounters. I'd like it if they were made less obnoxious.
As far as boxing people in I have advocated before to make them able to be drag clickable like crates in the past. That would solve one of the griefier aspects of lockers.
(04-03-2022, 07:20 AM)Froggit_Dogget Wrote: correct me if im wrong, but arent the secure crates a locker subtype? thats why you can walk into them when theyre open without pushing them.

It's a little weird but there is


The damage handling is on closet and secure/closet so no crates or carts are changed, unless I missed something.
So I just had a funny thought, if this comes to pass you could make a mech comp throwing device to launch lockers into walls to bust them open.
We can always put a self destruct mechanic on some lockers... Cause we got self destructing crates.

It would be funny.. but yea.. breaking lockers ain't the best idea
Added two changes
1) HoS and armory locker are reinforced and cannot be broken open.
2) All secure lockers start bolted and need to be wrenched to move.

Likely next change is to have sec lockers send radio signal when broken into.

(04-03-2022, 10:56 AM)DioChasek Wrote: So I just had a funny thought, if this comes to pass you could make a mech comp throwing device to launch lockers into walls to bust them open.

Graviton into walls/having items gravitoned into them doesn't cause damage.
Shame that at least would be an entertaining way of breaking in instead of clicking with a toolbox for 30 seconds .
I mean the best thing to do is just make head, armor and sec lockers take a long time to break open. Like as long as breaking a door would.
would probably do 3 tiers- no access/locked/high-sec
Lockers without a lock should be able to break pretty easily, lockers with access restrictions less so, and armory/head lockers can have very solid protection.
If you're doing this you should probably make explosions work on the same system (health)- it's a bit silly that 100 potassium and water explosions might fail to break open a locker when 1 piece of erebite will.
I would also rather projectiles worked to damage them, so traitors who buy guns aren't prevented from busting lockers (this makes the saber into a bit of a locker busting tool, even with the damage maximum). I'll add that in a few days.
I haven't actually gone through the code yet, so I'll probably come back with some Actual Code Feedback later.

edit: would also be cool to have Brokenness Tiers like with doors (kinda) and consoles. Where hitting it when it's < 20% health or something has a chance to bust the lock; could make high damage projectiles do the same thing.

P.S. FUCK large storage pathing. I wanted to go refactor this a while ago and it's just. god
I'm all for guns of all varieties to absolutely dominate lockers and either destroy or force them open and be stuck open forever. One less thing for Nuclear operatives to worry about when trying to fight the crew. Any object that can be dragged and used as mobile cover, destroyed.

Artifact nerd dragging a sound artifact? Destroyed.
Displaced Girder? Destroyed.
Locker? Destroyed.
You get the idea. Destroyed.

You can already break a locker with a high enough explosion, so being able to bash them isn't much of a change, my opinion on the locker matter is as follow.

First, it needs to make a hell of a noise so that you know its happening, and I don't think any tool should do it. Lockers should have armor, or just go DnD and it has a hardness rating. Most tools cap out at 10 damage, with the baseball bat and some spears standing tall above that, so anything below 8 damage honestly shouldn't do a damn thing.

Armory lockers with the Req tokens should be either indestructible or super durable.

I'd also suggest making lockers heavy, meaning dragging it is akin to moving a body around slowly without any muscle enhancing genes.
Armory lockers could just be bolted down or something so you need to smash them inside the armory. If sec doesn't notice the loud banging noises from the armory it's kind of on them.^^

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