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[MERGED PR] Reworks Human Torch Trait
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[input wanted][rework]

About the PR

Human Torch Trait If This PR Is Merged:

- Now prevents your burning counter from decreasing passively. You can still put yourself out with an extinguisher, dropping and rolling, anything that would lower that number normally. It just doesn't count down on its own.
- It's now worth +2 instead of +1 to compensate for it making you weaker.

Here's a video of it doing its thing:

Why's this needed?

Human torch currently doesn't 'feel' like it does anything, since it's such an extremely minor effect that it's basically not noticeable. Traits shouldn't be like that, especially negative traits! You should feel like you're adding to your character's weaknesses, and this aims to make your character more sufficiently vulnerable to fire. It's very deadly specifically when you're knocked out or stunned and on fire, since you could burn... forever. Things that light you on fire for a second or two (welder attack, small amounts of phlog) now light you on fire *until you fix it yourself*. Old trait didn't change the way you had to play, this does! Adds some variety to gameplay, gives people an extra trait point to play around with as incentive to try this out and to make it feel fairer as a pick.

Stopping, dropping and rolling is slightly slower because it's not stacking with the passive drain, too. Any method of putting you out that's not instant is like this actually.

Also, if your corpse is on fire it still burns until someone puts it out. This is hilarious and amazing and I love it and I hope people build museums out of burning human torch corpses. Should also be humorous with the fire resistance gene.

I mentioned this idea in discord and Aloe casually wrote out the bit of code that makes this work. tyvm aloe for helping my dreams come true


(*)The human torch trait is now worth two points, but totally prevents the burning status counter from decrementing on its own.

seems nice, i use the human torch perk and tbh i dont see a change at all, this could make the perk actually work as a weakness and i like that
points to PR You see this PR, More of this.
I use human torch because I use plant arms.( Because plants are weak against fire and shit)
I dunno if I'd like this but I mean I don't really feel strongly against it.
But if you combined this with immunity to fire you'd be forever burning, correct?
(04-01-2022, 06:59 PM)Frank_Stein Wrote: But if you combined this with immunity to fire you'd be forever burning, correct?

time for fire elemental RP
I see that as an absolute win.
(04-01-2022, 07:38 PM)aloe Wrote:
(04-01-2022, 06:59 PM)Frank_Stein Wrote: But if you combined this with immunity to fire you'd be forever burning, correct?

time for fire elemental RP

I actually do this from time to time but because fire does what it does you need to infuse a material with something like phlog and with this PR it'd be a lot less annoying to pull off.
You should also make it so that fire resistance is not very helpful with this trails for example:
You are on fire with fire resistance, if fire resistance is normal you still take damage but slightly less amount of damage and longer time for each fire damage tick, still not decrease passively, but if it empowered then fire will decrease passively but you not immune to fire
I'd much prefer just letting people with fire resistance and the trait be on fire forever with no ill effects. No need to always make everything nerfed, I doubt there'd be a lot of people going human torch and then getting fire resistance every round just for two trait points. That's not really worth the effort.
[Image: 792b9e80fce66575bac049850bd91763.jpg]
i have not seen dr mcninja in so many years

also make it so fire spreads to people grabbing you now admins code it NOW
on that note, why does fire resist stop incendiary mitochondria from working?
Honestly the damage you take with Human Torch should be the baseline fire damage anyways. I run Human Torch and I think the damage is pretty fair in comparison to how it is normally.

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