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[MERGED PR] Makes EMPs eat some of a cloner's records
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[feat][input wanted]
About the PR
Makes EMPs delete up to 5 records from an affected cloning console.

This is on top of the 20% chance for most consoles to just die from EMP, but that's already existing behaviour.

Why's this needed?
I saw a discussion on cloner sabotage and thought this was a pretty neat idea. Allows for some more traitor fuckery that isn't blowing the entire damn thing up. Plus EMP grenades could use some more things to interact with.


(+)EMPs now delete some of a cloner's records.

Oh joy now genetics can grief cloning even harder.
As if genetics ever bothers looking at the cloner in the first place
They like sticking primal genetics in there.
Maybe it'd be better if there was some way to tell whose records got deleted? Something like instead of the normal text, it has their name and something like, "NULL - CORRUPTED". Static would look nice too instead of the regular icons. Then, when the person gets scanned again it fixes the issue and they can be properly cloned after that.
not a fan of this TBH, the cloner is already a target for antags, this just seems like a more silent way to mess with the cloner in a way that would be more annoying for the dead folks who might not be able to tell if the cloner had been damaged in such a way, at least if it was blown up you would easily be able to tell from spectating.
dont see the need for it tbh, the emps are good if used rigth so buff em seems kinda of nowhere
cool PR, i'll probably never use it, and probably use something simple like exploding cigarettes to take it out instead of EMP grenades, or a simple pipebomb
Yeah the ways to mess with a cloned are already kind of numerous. another thing to keep track of just sounds miserable tbh.
I know several ways to delete all records easily...
It's called walking up to the cloning console and hitting delete everywhere.

Yea no this is litterly the worst... I heavily disagree with this.
deleting records requires MD access IIRC, unless it doesn't anymore in which case lol

Sure you can blow up the cloner but have you seen the response that gets? The niche this has (aside from "EMP" fucks with shit it reasonably should) is that you can screw peeps over without people yelling for the shuttle 35 mins in.
I think its still a griefy gross pr. Say I'm a miner I go get my clone scan round start as you do because thats smart. Minding my own business one of my coworkers detonates the erebite I get gibbed. Think its no big deal. Oh great the scanner has been sabotaged and no one in medical is aware of it. So now not only am I perma dead most likely so is anyone the rest of the round as the saboteur does this at least one more time because they wanna ruin peoples rounds.

Hard no at least if the thing blows up you know why you arent getting cloned.
If they wanna add this, the game should say: "SYSTEM ERROR" when a system gets an EMP then.

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