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Aeon Von Ludwig Story
Aeon Von Ludwig

(Trying to be, but Absolutly not lore accurate)

The story I am going to tell is about the tale of a young boy drafted in a conflict tearing is nation… Well, is Nation even a good name for it ?

From a Station to a Nation.

When Plasma was discovered, many company tried to get there hand of it. Going in space, trying to make research facility. Nanostraten was one of them. They were big boys. But they were others. « Unterwald » A European group, mainly French and German, invested big in logistic and in a shit ton of money to go colonize Enceladus. Yeah this moon of Saturn was a giant blue ice planet with an ocean underneath ready to get visited and exploited by humans. It was quite particular : They send also a shit ton of people there ! All social class was going on those old « Ariane 8 » rockets to begin a new life, on a brand new station. Family of rich investor were send there to be officers. The smart one, they got the science and medical jobs. Other, poorer , were made … Well, the rest.
But all you need to know is that : YES, this was a big ass crew. You think that 60 – 80- 100 is a High populated station ? Imagine 1,500 people on a station. And this station, it was « The Unterwald “Hoffnung” Colonial Research Station» … Yeah they called it « Hoffnung ».

Hoffnung was a big station. Quite particular in design : It was part under water, but also part surface/space station. The two part were Linked by 6 underwater elevator, trans-piercing the thigh layer of ice, and capable to transporting 250 people every 5 minute. Imagine a cooler London Subway. The Riches lived on the top level, well the rest on bottom, but the service on both part was quite balance. The medbays are not some petty medical place, they were full hospitals. And most importantly : people were born there. The population of hoffnung got from 1,500 people too 1,972 people. There was some individual quarters, dorms, family quarters, schools, library, churches, museum, restaurant, shopping center, food stand, a small water park with false beach, multiple sport court, botany, kitchen, security checkpoint, and more on both side, maybe in case one of the 2 part didn't function well.

Functioning, lets talk about that ! Yes, « Hoffnung » was big station, with some good result result in plasma production, but the expense made from earth were low, since the station was self sustainable. No need for shift change, and the salary were small because for one the cost of life was smaller because they weren’t employees, they were colonist. They made Unterwald  proud. So much Proud that Unterwald began to make some shit decision : « Lets focus all of our resource on THIS station, don't make some others ! » « Yeah, great idea, we are the biggest company with the biggest station, what could go wrong ? »
Well, 2 things actually :
First : Concurrence. Yeah, having only one Major Station on Enceladus was profitable, Only not so profitable as many cheaply made station than can be easily manageable and bring you more moneys.
Second : A fucking War. The Incorporated war was… Quite a blow for Unterwald. Many project got scrapped, panic made the higher up lose there shits and made some even more shit decision, and finally the quarters of Unterwald got blown away by some good old bombs.

In fear of a massive attack, without help of Unterwald, and a with Nanostraten blowing up there concurrent and other company like plastic Balloons, Station Hoffnung found a solution… Well, to not be part of a company anymore. To be an independent Nation.
This was now a nation.
The Nation of Hoffnung.

Okay, they were not recognized by ¾ of earth government… But who cares at this point ?
Hoffnung cease all company activity. No more transfer of money, no more making of a profit. Just… Independent. Unterwald quickly died alone.
NT though that was a bit weird. Sure they could have taken the station and claimed it there own ; adding it to large variety of station… But what to do with the people on it ?
NT couldn't speak with Corporate Language, like « Merging » or « Mutation », but more like « Invasion » and « Making a shit ton of refugees ». They tried to send a little army, but the security of Hoffnung, now renamed to « Hoffnung Waffen » was also a full fledged army, able to give a fight. So NT left them alone.

Life on the Nation of Hoffnung was… Honestly, not very different than before. It has become a monarchy. The Bridge and the Commanders still in charge. The Captain Herman von Augustus… Now King Augustus, stayed fair and wise. It was maybe the greatest leader of all team, a Leader who could make NT jealous.

Security, now was a Military Police force, gun ready with a taser for peaceful situation. Food came from botany, but also from some off station outpost, and was actually enough to feed the growing population of the station. Yes, people were born in Hoffnung. The Technology came from the 2020. The « Hoffnung Waffen » was still using some old gun like the UMP45, FAMAS, HK416, USP… With the Plasma they harvest they powered the generators, the Subs and the Shuttles. Expedition were made to explore the planet and its trenches. There was some minerals for construction, very good for repairs.

But the nation was isolated. No marketing contact with the outside world. No economical trade either. Even if the station was self-sufficient, the technology in it became old. People were getting divided on what to do : staying isolated and safe, or go for a more capitalistic approach, and connect to the rest of the world. This division was once just some conversation you had with your family at diner.

But it got worst, when the Captain died at old age. Some of the commanders tried to take is place. They even tried to get rid of the Captain’s Family. So a new King came in : Riegeln. He was the Head of Research, and a Coward. Trying to keep order from riot and protestation. Protestation because of some bad decision he made. Yeah, he was ruling for him, the army, his family, the commander and research team. The others could… Rot. Be he was liked. Because he kept the station safe and fair. It was just an illusion, but many didn’t see it trough. But the shit came one day one Riegeln inspired by NT, green lit Artifact research. He wanted to find some cool artifact we could use.

Unfortunately, Hoffnung was no NT. One artifact was a bomb. There was a massive Breach, water was going in. 142 people died. Riegeln put the fault on the house of Ludwig and security. He said that this was a terrorist attack. So he minimize the action of the “Hoffnung Waffen” to make is own army : “The Sturms”. And yeah, he gave them weapons, the lethal one.

The situation was even worst when the money ran out. No more salary, everything in the station was now free and / or rationed for all crew members. This made the poorer people happy ! But not the richer. Where was all the money gone? Many tried to call the king for an audience, he listen to no one. They wanted to return to make money, sell the plasma and technology, to not be shut in.

And so, a confrontation began wenn the Chief of the “Hoffnung Waffen” called all of there partisan to make known that they did not agree with those decision.
This how the War begun.

The House of Ludwigs
Unterwald was supported by a family of Elites dispersed in Houses. There were the House of Augustus, the House of Riddle, the house of Riegeln, the house of Joanes and The house of Ludwig. It were the name of one of the most important contributor for the Unterwald company. Back on earth, they was a family of noble knights. They were legendary knights, then pilots, defending their country from all kinds of dangers. The Augustus was a small but powerful family. Arlett von Augustus was the CEO of Unterwald, and Herman von Ludwig was the first Captain, then King. They were essentially the pillar, the backbone of this Elites Family. Second was the Riegeln. They were in the science department, but wasn't very liked. Yet, they still have the biggest family and was the second most powerful. The house of Joanes is a pretty chill house. Business and engineering is there thing. They Riddles was a small yet cunning house. They were soldiers, maybe the best, if the Ludwig’s House wasn't around.

But the Ludwig house, once the most formidable warriors and pilot of this elite were quickly falling from graces. The three last members, Daniel, Krebbet and Gerard had a very bad reputation. They have lost many things on earth. They only got in space because were promised a good deal in Hoffnung : Krebbet became a member of the army, Gerard was a Researcher, and Daniel became a Medical Chief.

But when Riegeln tried to take power, they were… well, caught in some weird accident. They were also blamed for the plasma accident. Yeah, there Honor and pride of the Ludwig House after that was tarnish. They were seen as traitor. Dead Traitors and some past history. But Riegeln didn’t know about a Last Ludwig : Aeon.

Aeon Von Ludwig : The last Ludwig

Aeon is the son of Daniel von Ludwig. His weird name come from “Alphonse, Errich, Otto, Norger “, the name of his ancestors. Born on the first day of march, he was the fruit of a secret relation between Daniel and Maria Schnee. The two of them became close when they created the first search and rescue team. Maria doesn’t consider herself has a Ludwig, the relation she had with Daniel was… Complicated. But she respected Daniel has damn father too Aeon, the son she loved so much. She trained Aeon to be a Pilot too : He knew young how to shoot and fly around on the icy moon.

He was 12 when his father died in the explosion. At first, Maria didn’t want Aeon to bear the name Ludwig. Too dangerous. But to no avail. He wanted to keep it. He has grown up with the history of this family, the glorious days on earth, but also the new hope that Hoffnung gave them. So the next best thing to do was to lay low. Maria didn’t not send Ideo to an on-station School. Instead, she used an old exploration outpost on the surface to create a school “The Anfag Lighthouse School”, and use the service of Ideo Hartman, a private eye who became the English, French, and history teacher and was Aeon’s a mentor overall, Archer Bandog, a member of the army, and a radio operator who became the math teacher and Lina Dietrich, an actual instructor, who became is Science and German teacher. He was not alone, and he made some friends, a little group of misfit.

Aeon is a friendly fellow. He is curious, a bit naive and careless. He can be a bit clumsy. He has good spirit and he is quite good spirited, but can lose is temper. Aeon is a Pilot, and always will be. He does not like to harm other, except for defense of if they insult the house of Ludwig or his friends.

He is 1m80, and weight around 77kilo. (Wont Convert that, im so evil). He got blond hairs, and the green Eyes of the Von Ludwig House. He looks like is Father, but also his Uncles and Cousin from the Riddle House. He has Inherit the red cheeks from is mother.
His favorite dish are the Wiener Schnitzel that is mom made sometimes. He also reality likes the noodles served at little food stand back on Hoffnung.

He is 21 years old but was 17 as the Civil War began. The war was fought for 13 months, from December 2049 too January 2050.

The Hoffnung Civil War

When the war broke out, Aeon joined the Rebellion. For him, the only way to restore the name of his family in Hoffnung was to get rid of Riegeln.
The rebellion used some exploration outpost installed on and beneath the ice and some shuttle to fight this war and make some base. They had some hidden base in the station, for spy.
But they had also a little advantage : an Alliance with NT.
NT had everything to win by giving supply to the rebellion. If the rebellion won, they could have a share of the profits made by the station.
So every soldier got a PDA, phaser gun, headsets…

Aeon had no difficulty piloting the NT pods. He got to be a Search and Rescue pilot, getting wounded soldier out of a battle field or getting spy to safety. He was also issued with a Phaser gun.
Long story short : During the war, Aeon witnessed the horror, had to pod fight his way to safety, got to duel against is Cousin Aneo Riddle (he has the same origin name) and Krieg Riddle, and even going briefly undercover! He was the one too discover that some of the Riegeln House and Johanes House was unaware of the fight ! This war did some damage to the nation and scared Aeon. Many died on both side. But with the NT support, the rebellion had the advantage.
Until the Syndicate started supplying the « Hoffnung Sturms ». Yeah, they didn't want for a some NT controlled rebellion to win this station, so they began given Riegeln some Guns, drones, pods, explosives. And it was in far more quantities than NT supply.

A flock of Syndidrone, modified to obey the orders of the Sturms malfunctioned and killed 300 people, man, women and child a like, until they were destroyed by Aeon’s old group of Friends.
Even if the group got a bot of glory and respect from the Johannes house and some more people, The Rebellion was blamed for the malfunction, losing public opinion. The Tide quickly shifted, has the rebellion fall. Base after base was destroyed, and the commanders got arrested, judge, and killed. The rebel survivor had to lay low, or got imprisoned. The other, who got to run, fled to NT. Aeon was one of them. He joined NT, only keeping is gun, Broken.
In NT, Aeon quickly saw that yeah, it was very Imperfect. Clown? Mimes ? Cloning facility ? Possible crime and ethical problems ? He even got to a point that he was kinda happy that the Rebellion lost… But in honesty, Aeon like NT. Not the company, but the people. Some Weird, Some Kind, Some Jerks… There is so much to discover too. He discovered Robotist and the world of the Silicon and liked it.
Maybe is best experience was in the Bellerophon fleet. He did a bit of exploring too, going to the Debris Field where he meet Wally, a lone guard buddy in a weird time wreck.

But Aeon didn’t forget Hoffnung. His friend are still there, his mother too. He still need to kick the syndicate, Aneo and Riegeln Ass… He was so close last, even having support from the Daughter of Riegeln ! But it will do it without NT : Its a Hoffnung problem, and he will bring back the Ludwig House as a new Hope for the Nation.
Jobs/Antag timeline :
Main time line(Where the story do not change.)

Medical Doctor : Assigned has a medical doctor, Aeon will stay in medbay and jump in a pod to recover wounded people. He can also ask the Med director if he can be a full fledged search and rescue pod pilot. He is quite keen on paperwork. He will wear his signature White and Blue Race jumpsuit, and blue goggles. He will be also accompanied by Wally the guard buddy.

Robotist : Assigned has a Robotist, Aeon will be quite a Newbie. He was trained by Miss Bouddle and Miss Helper. He wears a fairly normal Robotist jumpsuit, no goggles. Aeon will be doing mostly Borg, and rename Frames into “Aeon Custom” Units.

Staff Assistant: Assigned has a Staff Assistant, Aeon will try to be a full fledged search and rescue pilot by going to seek HoP or the Captain. He will wear is trusty White and Blue race Jumpsuit, with some google. Its pretty much the same outfit as the Med doc one.

Captain: Assigned has the Captain… Aeon will state that's its a mistake. He doesn’t trust his leadership and try's to hide it to the rest of the crew. He will avoid going full security captain, but still support them. He will focus on moral of all department. He has green Goggles, And a white shirt. He will use the sword and is Phaser together. In the Background, he will try to use NT assets to rescue Hoffnung.

Arcfiend: Before the Beginning of shift, Aeon traveled to the actual station with the Bellerophon fleet, when suddenly a weird electrical storm hit the fleet wile in a pod. He discovered that some people, and him got some powers… But NT saw them has menace. So, they tracked them down… Aeon Escaped. (He will be most likely peaceful)

Vamp : Something bite Aeon while he was coming to the station… Now, he wants blood… And fast, because if not… he will die. Unfortunately, Aeon need also blood to maintain is brain operational. And since he has no blood, he will act… Funny, Goofy, Trying to get blood without killing and taking it from someone. He will try to… “Heist” it and will have people at gun point… Until they realized that it was a welder. (He will be most likely be…. Peaceful ? Yeah; The hostage and heist situation he creates are comparable to petty crime, like stealing a donuts from Sec team. Mostly for comedy.)

Changeling: Aeon was serving on a weird NT station when suddenly something broke out from some secret containment chamber and used Aeon’s Body has a vessel. The Changeling is in command of Aeon Body and mind, the Changeling will KILL. Aeon can be saved : getting is mind out from is body.
Alternate timelines or the “What If” timelines (where the core story is modified)
The Day 1 rebellion in bad shape timeline.
Sec Assistant/Officer: The Rebellion was lower on soldier on this timeline, so also low on pilot and spy, So Aeon had fill in. he served has Pod Fighter, and also has a spy, using the origin of his family to approach the Riegeln and Johannes. The rest of this story is normal: Rebellion lose, he joined NT. Assigned has Sec ass/officer, Aeon will have a Red and Black Jumpsuit and some red googles. Keen on paperwork, he will try to provide support to is team, by doing paperwork or going on patrol. Aeon is not a very robust guy, and will try to solve problem peacefully. He will also ask to go undercover, as a simple Staff Assistant.

Aneo Riddle Timelines
Lets go back a bit back in time. Aeon Von Ludwig is the Cousin of Krieg and Aneo Riddle. Aneo and Aeon are pretty similar in quite some way: Same origin of names (Alphonse, Norger, Errich, Otto) Blond hair, young at the same age, and both are pretty good pods pilots. But they hate each other. They Family are rivals. During the civil war, Aeon will fight for the rebellion, but the Riddles are the right hand man of the king. After the rebellion got destroyed, Aneo, in full syndicate supply attacked a fleeing Aeon, and they both fought like Knights, in a dog fight, like joust that there ancestor did... In the normal timeline, Aeon won the fight, and let Aneo retreat to Hoffnung.

But in those timeline, Aeon Didn't. Aneo destroyed is pod, and brought back Aeon has a prisoner. Since Aeon was invited to join NT, it was good opportunity for King Riegeln and the syndicate to send… A False Aeon. With a new haircut, some contact lenses matching the eye of Aeon, the boy was ready to take the place has is cousin. A good way to spot the difference is : Aneo don’t speak french fluently, Aeon does. Aneo has no grudge or fear about the Syndicate. Aneo is a bit more violent. Sleeper Agent : The Syndicate saw the difference between Aeon and Aneo and tough that it might be a bit obvious… So with a bit of mind slaving machine and some information, They Transformed Aneo into a Real Aeon ! Even capable of speaking french… Until… the Numbers Counts down. Traitor : Aneo can act freely. Make some Chaos, Stay Peaceful (And insult NT)… The simple presence of Aneo in the station is a failure for NT. Spy/Thief : Well, Aneo got the orders to find some object, and he will do it.

The rebellions wins timeline

When NT saw that the Syndicate Supplied the Monarchy, they were Pissed… Very Pissed. A squad of legendary NTSO and the Bellerophon fleet got suddenly send to hoffnung to deal with the sturms and Drone. Yes, NT declared a real war against Riegeln and the Syndicate. Even with Syndicate Supplies, he could not defeat the company bringer of chaos. He surrendered.
The rebellion won but… NT was now in charge. I will not explain the pro and cons, but the National Spirit faded slowly…
Aeon Joined NT a bit later in this timeline. Its just for gimmicks jobs :

Lawyer : After the war, he became a lawyer. His goal is to liberate Hoffnung from NT, so it can be a nation Again.

Radio host : He joined Bandog who created little show called Pod gear.

Union  : Aeon became aware of the shitty technique of NT, and desired to protest !

CEO : The NT board member got rid of Riegeln ! But who to let in charge ? The House of Riddle are some Syndicate Fans, The House of Johannes doesn’t want to work for NT. One candidate was Riegeln Daughter and Rightful honor of the Hoffnung throne but, like the Johannes House, she don’t want to be the slave of NT. Welp, no new Lea- wait, isn't Aeon Von Ludwig also from a House AND a NT member ? So Aeon was made the CEO of the Hoffnung Station to NT. This actually a great deal for everyone. NT trust Aeon, The house of Johannes knows that Aeon loves is nation, and the daughter Riegel really like him.
On station, Aeon will try to
Hoffnung services and way of life.

[Image: Aeon.png]

Sorry if there is too much typos, its was actually my first time writing the Lore of a Charactere fully in english.
Still not Canon to the Lore.
Audio Log #76356, Interrogation room N°1, xx/xx/2053.

??? "-Okay. Öffnen Sie das "Port-a-Brig.""

Schlank ! Paf. 

Aeon : "Laissez moi partir ! Putain de Syndicat ! NT va remarquer mon Absence !"

???: "-Lassen Sie mich bei ihm, ich werde ihn befragen."

Soldier : "-Ja Prinzessin."

tap tap tap tap, Clunk.

Aeon : Je vous jure je vais vous tab-"

??? : "C'est Bon Aeon. Calme toi. Cut the act, they are gone."

Aeon : "Ah, enfin... Ravie de vous voir Pri-"

??? : "Hey, switch to English. I checked the record of those two, they can't understand a word of it. So if they listen, they will think you just spilled the beans."

Aeon: " Sorry your Majesty Eole." 

[Image: Aeonterogation_2.png]

Eole : "Don't worry. Last time we saw each other, it was ... 3 weeks before the end of the War ? Right ? Your mother, Maria Shnee if I recall correctly, gave me a letter. She is allright. Tryed to sneak into NT to say hello to you !... Yeah. She got caught at centcom and send back. Good think that my father or his goon never learned that, or your mother would be... Dead."

Aeon : "... Yeah... So. What do you want ? Why am I here ?"

Eole : "First : I want a update on your situation. You are so much easyer to kidnap than Mister Hartman, Mister Bandog, Or even Mister Curtiss."

Aeon : "Ahah."

Eole : "Second : the Hoffnung Division of the Syndicate will send Aneo Riddle, your dear Cousin to infiltrate NT as you. Normal Identity theft... But you know him :"

Aeon and Eole : "He will try, he will fail, he will surrender, He will somehow break free from centcom, and then he will come back home crying before attempting it again."

Aeon : "Dieser Kerl ist der schlechteste Agent der Gewerkschaft."

Eole : "Finaly... I need to know more of your past. During this war."

Aeon : " Hein ?"

Eole : "Aeon. I need the name of All of your collegues from the war, the ones who got killed or detained... All of those person was deleted from all files in Hoffnung. Only a few in power knows. And dont count on them to tell the famillys."

Aeon : "... I see."

Eole : "... Well ? Begin talking. Tell me how is your situation now, in NT". 

Aeon : "I... Well... Its allright... Maybe even fun ? NT has not the same atmosphere as Hoffnung. Its... Smaller. Well, except for the Ozymandias station, very big station, I felt like home a bit, but... Yeah, we rarely go there.  I am no longer a Medical doctor or even a search and rescue pilot. I am a Roboticist."

Eole : "ahwhatnow ?"

Aeon : "A medical doctor specialized in Cyborg and Robots." 

Eole : "... Ah. That will be usefull later." 

Aeon : "Huh... Welp, I also made some friend... And a Very good friend. I truly love that NT can use this cyborg tecnology... Its a advancement, a second chance... But they dont view those borgs has human, or even Ex-human. They became just machine. Diantre, we still use Azimov Laws ! But its a injustice, and I hope it will change someday.  I still can perform has a Doctor. I can also use my pilot skills has miner too." 

Eole : "Cool... Now. About the past. Who was in your squad ?" 

Aeon : "... Allright... When the war began, Many outpost outside of Hoffnung, on and under the surface of Enceladus became the rebellion's bases of operation. You may know some : The miner Outpost, the power outpost... Many were abondonned. One wasnt. On the Surface, my mom made a "school" for those who werent liked on the station... Son and daughter of political rivals. It was on one of the exploration outpost. The "Anfag Lighthouse", or just the Lighthouse. The teachers, you know 2 of them. Ideo Hartman, And Archer Bandog. But there was also Leutenant Lina Dietrich. They were teaching to us, the basic : Math, languages, science...

Yeah, I remember my group well. Alexander Delkaly , Son of one of the last Unterwald Board member still alive, a nerd. There was Sasha Donovan, the daughter of a Soviet, quite the brutal red head. The was also Elena, the daugther of one of Your father ex-house maids, who encovered something bad. She was a big fan of Leutenant Lina... The woman was kinda badass too. There was also Jora. My best friend. A synical but kind guy, quite a brute too, and the son of one of the scientist killed by the Artifact bomb."

Eole: "They seems nice... How did you guys get caught in this war ?"

Aeon: "Well... Our lives were ruined by your father. Riegeln created the Artsci departement, then put my fucking family to the ground. He tryed to kill is own housemaid, and put a soviet and a Unterwald Board member because he was... just... Scared of them ! When the war began and a bit of the Army joinned the Rebellion. And Lina was one of them. She used the outpost as a base. So this was  the crew... Ideo and my mother stayed neutral, and Alphonse joined us later on..."

Eole : "... How did it end ?..."

Aeon : "... I-... Do... Do I need to tell ?..."

Eole : "I need the information Aeon. The Story must be known."

Aeon : "Verdammt... Sasha and Jora died attacking some Sturm.... I couldnt help them in time... Alexander just... Left. And to be sure he would survived, he gave some important information. Because of him, the lighthouse was attacked. No idea where are Lina and Elena went... I just saw the after math. Blood everywhere."

Eole : "... I see..."  

Aeon: "..."

Eole : "Oh. Sorry about that."

Aeon: "... Yup..."

Eole : "Welp. Time to get you out. But it will hurt a bit. Oh and there is a pod outside, south east of the battlecruiser."

Aeon: "...What ?... How am I supposed to..."

tap tap tap, 

Eole : "Jungs ! Er hat eine Waffe ! Werfen Sie es in den Weltraum !"


[Image: spaced.png]

End of the log.

PS : Somewhere, on a old piece of paper, is a drawing that Aeon made of his old comrades. In order, left to right : Alexander, Sasha, Jora, Maria, Aeon, Ideo, Bandog, Alphonse, Lina, Elena. 
[Image: The_Lighthouse_Outpost_Crew2_2.jpg]
Still not Canon to the Lore
[Archer (Jet) Bandog recording. Tape 1]

"Its been 3 years since the End of the War, and 3 years that 15 people of Station Hoffnung joined NT, exiled. Among them, Ideo Hartman, Alphonse Douglas Curtiss, Aeon Von Ludwig, And I. Even if NT is not what we expected, with Clowns and Monkeys running around, its still enjoyable. We had also some contact to tell us how where things back home. Mostly, It was Aeon's mother, Maria, who told us how was things. She send mail, and even visited (illegally) some NT station."

"But ... Something Failed terribly."

"About one or Two week ago, I made a mistake that changed the independent Station of Hoffnung for ever..."
"... Short version of the story : My friend Alphonse had some Evil AI stuck in is head. While searching for it, the Evil AI, called CASSANDRA infected me as well, Took control at my body, took Doctor Boudle Hostage: She Died, shot some 3 Officer with a space : They survived. Later I was arrested, and has a last resort we used a other AI to stop CASSANDRA. This was a success. I later Gave CASSANDRA to the brother of Doctor Boudle..."
"... Now my mistake was... that there was still some remain of CASSANDRA in Alphonse. And she took over. She didn't use Alphonse to destroy NT or something like that, nooo. She went back home, at Station Hoffnung, on Enceladus... and... She killed everyone from the Syndicate division of Hoffnung. Only one guys survived. We had no idea why she did that."
"But the result was that Riegeln "King of Hoffnung" was pretty pissed because, well, is alliance with the syndicate was crumbling. So to save is ass, he decided to ... Give the station to the Syndis. He appointed the survivor has a Syndicate Hero, reinforced is security, and began finding any opposition to... Dispose of them."

"Now thats was a big no for Us, NT, and also the Daughter of Riegeln, Prinzessin Eole. Plus... Maria was taken as prisoner by Riegeln's"
"The princess so gave us a task : Under one day, Aeon, Ideo and I would have to return to Hoffnung, Find Alphonse and CASSANDRA, rescue Maria, and Stop Riegeln at once."

[Image: Flicker_of_hope.png?width=764&height=676]
Jet Bandog, Aeon Von Ludwig and Ideo hartman, approaching Enceladus. 

[Archer (Jet) Bandog recording. Tape 2 : The Hunt for CASSANDRA]

We arrived after a long travel to Enceladus. Our gear ?... We didn't think about that, to be honnest. Aeon had is RP-4 Phaser, like always, with a bit of medical stuff. Ideo had a barrier, a smoke grenade and ... 3 RP-2 Flash. He didn't want to take a Taser gun or a Detective Special. "Only for NT shift", he said. We had also some diving suits, and Radio headsets.
The Shuttle was a NT one, so we had to land on the farthest outpost outside of the station, to avoid being seen. This was a underwater exploration Outpost, far from the reach of Syndicate drones. Shuttle slipped into a big opening in the Ice, and left us here. The rest of the journey was made in Aeon's old Pod, the original A-6 Hoffnung Intruder that he hid before he left. 

-"J'arrive pas a croire qu'après 3 ans il soit encore fonctionnel !"
-"C'est sur que c'est pas NT, les pods ne disparaissent pas apres 20 minute." 

We left the Outpost to get on station, while avoiding to take down the drones. We arrived to Hoffnung a while after. It was like seeing a old friend, a rusty paradise. 

[Image: Hoffnung_Sea.png]
Underwater Section of Hoffnung. Elevators link it to the upper section, above the Ice.

Because Hoffnung don't use NT pods, Ideo And I had to walk to station, while Aeon stayed far away, ready to help us if needed. Inside the station, things changed. The atmosphere mostly. It was heavier.
"- Hey look at the ground. Its smell like smoke. There was a riot." 
"- Seems like the news of the Syndicate taking over is not a shared Idea."
"- Yeah... Also, keep it down, You are no human, your voice can show that you are borg."
Its harsh but true. I had to wear this diving suit till the end. Hoffnung has no Robotist, or even Public cloning. If people start seeing a borg, our cover will be compromised. + soldier were all around, paroling the hallways, FAMAS rifle in both hands.

To resume a bit of Ideo's Investigation : We had news about the life on board during those last days. Some people was make prisoner, Maria  for example. They were put on a special Brig, on the surface. Eole, was "Grounded". Her Father locked her in her chamber, a bit after she made the call to us 3. But Alphonse was still on station. After is little take down of the Syndicate, CASSANDRA auto rejoined the Sturm V2 super-soldier program, because Alphonse was the only subject still alive (The reason why is a story for a other time). 
We wanted to go in the secret Cloning Lab on station. I knew where it was, I wanted raid there during the War. It was behind a access locked door.

"-Bandog, can open it ?"
"-Sure Can do !"
Beep bop.
"-Its still closed Bandog"
Beep bop.
"-...Bandog ?"
"-Ahh Merde... ill Call Aeon."
Beep bop.
<<... Eh Bandog ? .. you can't... open it... Its Not a NT door... And you are a NT... Borg...>>
"-... Oh."

After we had to manually Hack it, We found nothing in the lab. We overheard some Scientist stating in French that the V2 Sturm was put in charge of a Squad, at the Surface.
We took the nearest Elevator and got on our way.
The Atmosphere was somehow more stressful above the ice, since the bridge was here. With the regular military police, there was also the Black Armored Sturm soldier patrolling around the Bridge. We didn't approach.
We still searched for Alphonse.
But... CASSANDRA found us first.

[---- IDEO HARTM----//////// ARCHER BAN////// NT ----PERSONEL DET----//// TECTED]
This broken voice was heard by some Sturm Soldier and some Member of the Military Police. He was here. Alphonse. Standing in behind us, Shotgun in one hand, marching toward me and Ideo. He was still in is Security Officer uniform, with the Old NASSA helmet, contrasting with the rest of the others Sturm Soldier Helmets. He was walking, All of the others soldier aimed at both of us. 
Alphonse was like a shell, empty, moving like a robot, twitching too.

-"Come on CASSANDRA. Release him. I was a much better Host" I said.
[YOUUUU--------//// ARE///// WEEAK- ARcheR BandoG]
-"Still, I am partially the cause of your Downfall"
[YOU will be /////:::---------- TUER. GETOTEN. KILLED] 

[Image: Alphonse.png]Alphonse Douglas Curtiss

-"Was he always that scary ?"
Ideo had a Grin on is face. he had a idea, a stupid one. I looked at him curious.
-"Look behind us, and be ready to pull me away at high speed. Hoffnung has a major Security flaw..."
-"Witch is ?..."
-"No sunglasses."
He Used 2 of is Flashes at once, perturbing all soldiers who didn't have the time to react. Only Alphonse was unfazed, still equipped with some Sec hud and followed us. There was the 6th podbay nearby, where I called Aeon. 
It took No time to Alphonse too catch up, and started shooting the space at us. Only protection we had was Ideo's Barrier, but... It was limited. The other Sturm soldier came in... We had no chance. 

Then Suddenly Aeon.

[Image: POd_ntry.png]

The Pod flew inside the bay, shooting MK2 phasers at the Alphonse, The Sturms, and all other Hoffnung's pods. It was Chaos, a total surprise. The A-6 Pod was shot at. It was nearly on fire. Smoke can be seen. Yeah, Alphonse's shotgun dealt a lot of damage. 
So Aeon rammed into him and the other soldiers, disarming them. Alphonse, still standing, tanked the phaser shoots again, walking towards his shotgun... So Aeon rammed him again. 

-"Hey we don't want to kill him !"
-"Sorry !"

I used my speed to put the comatose Alphonse in the pod, and we flew away, hiding in some ice mountain. Hoffnung was on red alert. The Hoffnung pods launched to find us : Marsouin type and Orca type... Maybe the secret last type to... But Hey, we were okay for now. Alphonse was unconsious, only Cassandra was screaming.
-"... Ta gueule CASSANDRA. NT knows already your Fake Countdown Trick." Responded Ideo, preparing to go outside to repair the Damage.
-"Thanks for the Rescue Aeon, you are on Fire"
-"Ahh, No Problem !" 
-"No, Aeon, you are on fire. On your Jumpsuit.
-"... VERDAMMT."

Now we had Alphonse back. With Aeon spare brute automender, props to be a roboticist, Alphonse ... Wounds was cured. The Burn and the Brain Damage ? Ahah, nope. But one of our objective was a succes... 
Now there is a problem : with a station on High Alert : How do we save Maria and take down Riegeln ?

[Archer (Jet) Bandog recording. Tape 3 : The True last Von Ludwig]

[Image: Hoffnung_Surface.png]
Surface level of Hoffnung. It has also a "Space" Elevator to help shuttle or Warp 0 pods to Take off. 

When Ideo came back inside, the 3 of us talked about our plan. We know that Maria is on the surface level, in the political opposition brig. But now, we had no way to enter : Too much pod guarding the place and the station on High Alert... 
"-can You take down the pods Aeon ?" Asked Ideo
"-huh... No. This pod is a ambulance, not a fighter pod. Beside, it has a little navigation issue, it drift a little bit to the right..."
"I have a idea. We can take Alphonse Helmet, disguise our self, then get Eole and approach Riegeln."

But we didnt have the time to agree on the plan that we were found by a "Marsouin" type pod. Its Hoffnung's version of the mini-putt. But they are armed too. Aeon Flew out of the way, commencing a short dogfight. Even with the mini-putt down, the pod sensor alarmed us for some more pods and drone approaching. Suddenly, Aeon had a idea. His pod had still acces to some Area here. One of it was the Emergency Hospital Space Elevator shaft. But he had also a other plan. 
-"Ideo, You still have your Smoke Grenade ?"
-"Yeah !"
-"Use it ! Everyone, keep your internals !"
Suddenly the Pod was filled with smoke from the inside, we saw nothing. We heard a CRASH. Did Aeon make us collide on the top platform of the elevator ? Yes. He opened the pod, letting the smoke out. He tried to simulate a crash. Then he activated the Elevator... And boom, they were back on the surface level, in the hospital. The Medical staff was surprised, no one used this shaft since long... Some doctors were going to say something, but... It just took a little minute for to recognize Aeon in this smoke. They just silently nodded, and returned working. They know him. Maria worked here. And maybe in a alternate universe, Aeon was going to Work here too. 

We were discretely heading for the Brig when we heard a familiar voice on the Intercom.
"Hey Aeon : ICH HABE DEIN MUTTER ! Come to the Bridge so we can talk."

Its was Aneo Riddle. So he was the New Syndicate Hero. Aeon rushed to the Bridge, recklessly. He didn't listen to us, telling him to stop and that it was trap. I told Ideo to find Eole, while I pursuit the boy...The path to the bridge was full of Sturms, But they let us pass... This was a trap. 

We entered the room. Aeon Pulled out is phaser. In Front of us : Aneo Riddle. The Blond guy is [i]the enemy and the Cousin of Aeon, took is place multiple time to make some traitorous acts in NT. He
 was wearing the Syndi Turtleneck. He was kicking Maria brutally in the head, and the poor women was crying trying to look up, to see her son. She was too wounded too talk. Aneo too had a gun in hand, a Hydra Pistol, pointed toward her. And behind him, A man with a old rifle, under a black coat and fedora. Its the Head of security on Hoffnung, and the brother of Aneo: Krieg Riddle. And finally next to him the King, Riegeln. Grinning.

"-Well well, The rest of the House of Ludwigs is here ! Its a big event we have here. Let us... Oh... Oh... nein..."
"-Was ?!"
"-Yeah, Was ?"
Questioned Aeon and Aneo.
"... Im not in a mood to do a speech. Kill her."
"Aneo, I swear ill Kill you, If you touch the trigger of your gun. Ill Empty all of my gun in your head. Ill Then rip you open and take your  Brain out so your dead body can eat it."
"-Erst : Beurk, thats is how you do surgery in NT ? Zweite : You shoot me, you die, say hello to two .308 rounds ! Its hurt very much too... So the only thing you can do is Listen..."
"-Where is your Honor and Pride Aneo ? We are the sons of Knights ! We have fighting honor ! You are all about this Knighthood and Tradition, But no Riddle, and No Von Ludwig  took Hostages in past! You are a Coward, just some Dog, for your King master ! 

Aneo stayed silent. He looked back at Riegeln, who just Sighs. Rigeln without a word, raised is hand up in the air. He had given a order. Aneo looks at the crying mom on the ground then the gun. He put is other hand down, like to be shielded, looks up at the ceiling.


[Image: The_lost_of_hoffnung.png?width=764&height=676]

Aeon moved foward and Shot all of is rounds on Riegeln, But Krieg jumped in the way. The RP-4 phaser's bolts make no damage to is coat, but Riegeln was hit with one bolt. Aneo, still shaken by the shots, manage to miss (no, not joking) his furious Cousin, Who rush on him and beat him multiple times on the face. I tryed to put the Old rifle away, but I end up loosing a Arms to Krieg's Revolver. The other Sturm Soldier enter the Room. Its over, we are surrounded. Aeon, let the coward go away, bleeding; While he sits near is dead mother. They Can't clone here, or even borg.

Riegeln, a bit hurt after the blast, looks at Aeon, Disgusted.
"-The Last Ludwig... For 5 minute, Krieg, kill it too." 
I was trying to put me in front, but... I must protect myself, because of law 3. The doors open suddenly, and a wounded Alphonse enters the room. He still have the shotgun, and he advance towards us. 
"-Wait" Says Riegeln, looking at the soldier : "Let him do it. This is the proud product of my Super Soldier Project ! He will make us Proud !"
Alphonse raise is Shotgun toward us. Finger on the trigger. But... his Other Hand raises too, showing us a thumbs up : Even if it was CASSANDRA talking, Alphonse retook control ! He Shot at Kriegs arm, who goes flying, then does the same on the sturm soldiers, surprised. They shoot back, but some of them are killed or Taken down from behind.  Ideo has found Eole, and she made a little army of convict, enough to get in the room. She walks towards Riegeln : 

"Salut père ! Ceci est un Coup D'état !" 
"Comment ose -"

Eole doesn't listen more. She shoots at the kneecaps of the king, who fell on the grounds. He try to pull himself up, but Eole already put a gun at his head

"Ne fais pas ça!  Tu as gagné je te lègue le pouvoir ! J'abdique !"
"Parfait. Si tu n'es plus roi, la seule personne je j'éxécute aujourd'hui est un traitre."

[Image: Eole_Eodip.png?width=876&height=676]

[Archer (Jet) Bandog recording. Tape 4 : The Aftermath]

"King Riegeln is no more. He became a other body, the last of a reign of favoritism, coward and scummy leadership, to become the first of the Princess Riegeln reign. First thing : This station will never fall under the hands of the Syndicate, or Even NT. It will stay neutral, Hidden and Independent. But to keep the station safe, she will not send to exile Krieg and the sturm soldier: They are some nice solitary prison for them. Aneo fleed after the beating he took. He will maybe join the main Syndicate Force, or create a Underground division in Hoffnung. The Station seems to like the change of leadership. The Military Police was reformed. Eole announced creating a new robotist department. We were allowed to stay a week. To reconnect, to catch up after 3 year of exile... Ideo had many friends here, he could tell them about his cases in NT. I took some of our files and photo we had... Turns out, some of the old crew survived. I should tell Aeon but... Maria had a funeral at her honor. I dont think that Aeon will accept her death. He seems destroyed. He lost more than is mother. 

Seems that this time, he is truly the Last Ludwig. 

[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: unknown.png]

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