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Sprite Request
Someone sprite this stuff please, if your stuff gets used you get a round of tempmin Oh my!  What a saucy lad!

Cannon - Unsecured/Secured, 4 directions
The plan is to have to wrench it to the station so maybe like some bolts being up in one image and down in the other? It'll be based off disposal pipe segments, so if you could make it look like one of those with a base and some wires added that'd be neat.

Pretty simple one. Ideally not uniform so that when it's spinning through the air you can tell. Should look like it fits the cannon barrel.

Gunpowder wrap
Some gunpowder wrapped in paper, roughly cylindrical.
[Image: 2prz1mx.jpg]
I made a cannon ball :wow:
I made a cannon. It's made of a disposal pipe with one end sealed up and welded to a rack. An igniter is attached to the cannon with some wires leading down into the base, and there's a welded metal plate with a bolt on the rack.

[Image: OMPmikO.png]
[Image: jYuiXNH.png]
[Image: wFl4xxW.png]
[Image: jYuiXNH.png]

I'll upload the north and south directions later today.
Oops, accidentally put up the right-facing twice. Here's the left-facing cannon with bolts up.

[Image: Ns1hQb3.png]
I did a bit more work on the cannons and did the north-south facings.

Left bolts down
[Image: Aqc6ATh.png]
Left bolts up
[Image: VoZF146.png]

Right bolts down
[Image: XLoyGKN.png]
Right bolts up
[Image: HngJRIo.png]

North bolts down
[Image: GQLPBtz.png]
North bolts up
[Image: lSj4SSH.png]

South bolts down
[Image: umDVj00.png]
South bolts up
[Image: klaNW0F.png]
The left and right sprites are awesome and the rack is a great idea, but I don't really like the north and south sprites. They are a completely different perspective to the others, and to most things in the game, and it's also pretty hard to see whether the bolts are up or down. Would you (or someone else) be able to do this kind of perspective for north and south, please:

[Image: jvPJfUz.jpg]
[Image: 287j8g1.png]

heres that cone thing

[Image: 316py5t.png]

this thing is empty
Nothing in the game has foreshortening like that. I'd suggest just doing front and back facings that looks like .O.
That's the same kind of perspective as vending machines, disposal units, dispensers, etc. where you see part of the top and most of the front. I don't know, it just looks weird having top down for north and south and side view from east and west
Those are more pseudo-isometric than foreshortened. And yeah, top-down is definitely wrong for that - I think a front and back view would work better, just without the lines of perspective converging that way.

This comment is more in regards to an unposted version I was discussing with Sailor Dave though.
Curious if Sailor dave is finished/finishing the canon or will I? I don't want to hijack it.
I really hate bumping old topics, but is this request still open? smile
Hello folks, I am requesting sprites for Anomalies.
Weird wobbly woe wedgies, horrible holes to hell, freaky fire-flinging fractures, vicious vortexes, i'd like to have some sprites to use for weird localized space events that can make or break your day, mostly in random events.

Some spriting guidelines:
* 32x32 only please.
* Animation encouraged but not mandatory.
* If your anomaly spins, just do one frame of it and we can have the game engine do the animating. Saves effort on your end.
* If your anomaly is entirely one color, try and make it as white as you can get away with so we can have the game colorize it for you. Do still shade it properly however.
This is my anomaly sprite. It's intended to spin, of course, but since you said the engine can do that, go ahead. :P
[Image: o5zHdYL.png]
#15 ... s.dmi?dl=0

There you go, 3 rather ugly anomaly sprites i have :/

Yes, i am too lazy to make gifs of them, or just a simple png :I

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