Head of Security application: Garion Aziz. The Arbiter from the head
Props to you if you understand the reference to my name!
Usual character name: Garion Aziz
BYOND username: Santa Shy (Mind you I made a slight error when making this profile it's not there sorry for that!)
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Santa Shy#1979
Recommended by (if applicable): Hauntmachine/Angel Cooper
Goon servers you play: Exclusively Hiensbee/Goon 1

Reason for application: 

During my time as a security officer, I often at times feel more at ease when there is an HoS around knowing that with just a single person it can greatly change how the shift will play out. Knowing that the team given to me can work better and more effectively together when we have someone at the top to set things in stone rather than just mixed and sometimes conflicting views. I view HoS as a very necessary team asset for helping out each other to hopefully make the security team and the crew's shifts better and sometimes maybe even the antags experience better. With those in mind, my greatest desire is to help out my team get through the shift and I am confident that the knowledge I've learned is adequate enough for me to apply for HoS as I want nothing more but to help make the shift a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Security experience (300 word minimum):

While I'm a rather early bird as in I started playing and falling in love with SS13 in late December of last year my journey as a security officer was a rather tough one so to say. My first round as a Sec was really really rough and I was heavily discouraged from trying to learn more of the job so to speak. So I decided to start learning more about the other departments' medical and some of the engineering roles and after a while of getting more comfortable with the way Goon station works. I decided it was time to try and pick up the red uniform again to give it another shot and boy am I happy I did. It was still rough as the job itself is a challenging role but that never stopped me from my ever-growing desire to help the crew out against the nasty folk who want to harm them.

At first, I remember going into the role with a not-so-good view set of "wow! I got all this nice gear nothing can stop me!" I very quickly learned to correct such a mistake and for a while, I was a walking free tazer and baton loot box essentially. After a while of things not working out I took some time to reflect on and start learning from what was happening and sought to correct a lot of mistakes I was making and finally go ask more experienced people from time to time. Slowly but surely gain more and more experience and more confidence in the decisions that I can make and how to help out. Over time my thinking started to change as I went on going on more of a team focus rather than a juggernaut type of person which thankfully is long gone as now I'm always juggling what's in front of me and what's in that funny box to the right of me. I've also had times where I've had to do the job alone more frequently than id like since I'm a very late night player (gotta love Hawaii time) I understand how rough it can be without definitive leadership. 

That brings us to today now where now I have a great deal of experience dealing with funny antags and the kinds of situations that can occur though I am not without flaws of course as is everyone I am not perfect. That's where I understand that I AM IN A TEAM we cover each other's mistakes and flaws mine being I make poor choices when I'm very tired and some really obscure stuff like packet hacking is beyond me just makes no sense to me. Nothing scares me more than seeing that CRITICAL HEALTH and DEATH ALERT on my PDA knowing that we've lost a valuable team member is a sign that I failed to help them in time and that makes me shift into focus mode knowing that the stinker who got him now has the cool gear and funny tools now to harm everyone more severely.  

With all that I've learned, I am confident enough while still learning the more obscure things about that game for example A-zone is something I'm looking to learn next that. I Belive I have what it takes to eat the stinky pasta and wear the stinky cape as it allows me to help the team more than anything I can do alone as an officer!

Answer two or more of the following:
  • What advice would you give to other sec players?
         BE KIND: You are here to HELP the crew not antagonize them! that's for the antagonists! So make sure you be kind to your enemies even if they kill someone! you can learn a lot more things and actually meet some pretty cool people if you be kind when making arrests! There's no need to be rude to someone! Of course, if the person is just being overly rude for no reason just to be an arse then it's up to you how to deal with them! Being kind lets them have a much more enjoyable brig and you have a more pleasant time with them! 

        Get comfy with your gear!: Experiment with other load-outs and utilities especially with the new Charge cell change. While I am still using the tried and true regular Tazer + charge baton see what works the best for you! the more familiar you are with your gear the better you use it! So go ahead and try new things to see what you like nothing is stopping you!

      COMMUNICATION: You are in a TEAM and a TEAM needs communication! the alert button is your Lifeline if you cannot speak! your TEAM will be more than willing to rush towards your alert the second you put it! The MORE you communicate the MORE effective you are! So USE YOUR WORDS!

      Get help from other departments!: Something I don't see often is the use of Mechanics or Miners for extra items such as a new power cell or more chargers for the office! Mechanics can clone scan your gear too if you lose it so you don't need to ask for a new token and risk the other gear being stolen just make sure you ask the captain or AI to get rid of the rougher recipes later! Also, go make medicine! it's very easy to just make medicine for you and your team! without taking away from the medical department in fact if you are well versed enough you can make medicine for them too! 

      And lastly, HAVE FUN!: at the end of the day, this is a game! If you get owned super hard just marvel at how bad you got owned as a funny joke! Look at everything in a different light things will be much more enjoyable! There's no need to treat this as a second job we are all here to have fun! 

  • What was one of your favorite security moments? (Either playing as a sec officer or interacting with one)
    Oh, I have a few stories for this one some from a security point and some from an antag standpoint but my absolute favorite was with Harrison walker. I was a wizard and just being a general pain to the heads and the security only going after them mind you not touching the crew. I would restlessly try to hunt down Harrison and i almost killed him a few times but every time someone would get in the way! So after a while, I was getting some spare meds because HARRISON THOSE BULLETS HURT YOU KNOW and Beep ownes me hard and a Surgical doctor takes me to chapel and Harrison ownes me! But I come back only to get owned by the same beepsky and Harrison is about to execute me again BUT I ask him for a story and he obliges! He then takes me to the bar and tells me the trial of hiensbee I had full reign to break out during that time since he forgot to remove my clothes but I didn't because I was actually interested in the story. I was actively reacting and it was really funny then Harrison executes me it was really funny in my eyes.
  • What game improvements or changes do you think would benefit security players?
    Something that's been bothering me is there's no quick way to check for an arrest reason! besides being in a terminal! I would like it if the PDA can also be added with a record checker like how it has a forensic scanner so when you check their prints they also check their record! 
    Sec huds should also be able to view arrest flag reason in some way like if you examine a flagged person while wearing a sec hud you can check the reason! 
  • Also please in the name of fashion LET ME PUT A FLASHLIGHT ON THE ARMOR VEST  or somewhere other than pockets! having to keep my helmet in my pocket and having to put it on when I need air is bulky! seeing as the sec pouch already takes up a slot we have no room for a flashlight and o2 at the same time without wearing the gross helmet! ruins my maid outfit! 
Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):
  • Write a poem to convey your thoughts on security/NanoTrasen/space/bees/anything related to SS13.
    Since I know Japanese I will be writing one In Japanese and giving a 1:1 translation if that's ok *clears throat*
  • 何とか恐ろしい経験になたこりゃ!  What a terrifying Experience this has become!
  • 目の前にやばいけはいする!                In front of me is a VERY BAD Presence!
  • 左になんか緑とぬるぬるものだ!         To the left of me is this green and wriggly thing!
  • 右に百人一顔のばけものがいる!         To the right of me is a 100 faced monster!
  • 後ろにHOSがしんだ!                         Behinde me the HOS is Dead!
  •  ならばLAWBRINGER手つないでこれがさいごとばこれだ!     So then with the LAWBRINGER in my hand Let this be my final words! 
  • I AM THE  LAW                                                   I AM THE LAW
  • What's a security gimmick that you've ran or wanted to run?I've wanted to try run like a certain themed sec team like constables or cow boys mandatory boots and or tea and crumpets and you have to talk like one too. Or better yet (incoming Hawaiian pidgin speak) Da kine bruddas Hawiian5-0 popo (not poo poo now popo) I think arresting someone and going " EYY CUZ DA HELL YOU DOIN IN DA KINE PLACE MAKIN DA KINE MESS IMA GIVE YOU LICKINGS (lickings means a beating) SOME TIME AAH?"
Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): 

Other than some talk to I don't believe I've had any bans on record. 
1st off, I cannot believe you got my characters last name wrong! It's Copper, not Cooper!!! -1000!!!

2nd, I absolutely stand by my recommendation. Garion has been a very levelheaded sec off who always treats antags very fairly. They also have a great sense of humour and have never once from what I've personally seen been overbearing as security, and I think they would be a very fair and fun HoS. +1!
i think ya can handle the big hat and boots and you seem to understand how to treat antags so yea i dont see why no
+1... also cause i wanna see you get owned as hos 24/7 ¯ _ (ツ) _ / ¯
up until a few months ago I had never seen them.

Since then, theyre one of the best sec ive seen since then. +1, really good officer on Hiensbee.
I second what Klutz said. No Garion ever then suddenly there's a Garion in the sec team and wow, they're pretty damn good. +1

Great and funny officer and buddy, always treats antags fairly and very robust, Garion would make an awesome head of security
Prepare to get owned by me when you are HoS
i don't have much to say I agree with pretty much everything that has been said
Garion is a very knowledgeable and outgoing officer, they could most definitely lead a security team, +1
Garion is very kind, good and responsive and I haven't seen them abuse Security. I think they'd do well as Head of Security.
Has been a fine addition to security whenever they are on the job. Absolutely +1 on them.

Lets see how well Maid Sec can do with them as HoS.
They have done very well given the fact sec is very stressful. They also pretty much check every box for stuff you would like to see from a hos candidate. Give them the stinky red hat! +1
Wish i was as popular as Garion was, we seem to have started playing around the same time.

+1, very cool person and good sec.
I rarely see this man, but when i do i feel like im near someone with authority, ethics and more braincells than me.

Garion, I haven't seen them up until a few months ago and although of that theyve Definitely made a presence within the community, they are responsive and keep up with security teammates and a Fun player to add to the HoS role, Just keep communicating !  queen greater domestic space-bee +1

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