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[MERGED PR] Ghostdrone love part 2: Cleaning and floor tiles
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About the PR
This PR adds three new tools to the ghostdrone's toolset focused on keeping the station mess-free, without giving them any further ability to cause havoc. These are all fairly weak, but give drones some inbuilt ability to tackle minor messes without too much back-and-forth trips or waiting.

This gives ghostdrones a special cybernetic cleaner bottle so they can keep easily keep the station mess-free. This bottle has half the repletion rate of the cyborg one, but the same 25 u capacity. This also fixes some code so that any silicon spray bottles will always start with 25u instead of the behavior of starting with 100u, but only regenerating to 25 once depleted. LMK if this unwanted behavior.

Second, drones get a special sponge to soak up puddles of fluid with, but can't wring said fluid back onto the ground. To balance this it gets a 5 second cooldown between wringings. I might up this number but in playtesting I found this was a good compromise.

Lastly, it gives them a special stack of floor tiles as apart of their default kit to make repairing scorch marks much easier.

Why's this needed?
Ghostdrones are maintenance robots, and it makes sense, as well as makes their lives easier to have more inbuilt tools to keep the station pretty with. As it stands the magtractor is buggy and severely restricted, so giving drones more internal tools is a nice thing to do


(*) Gives ghostdrones three new tools for maintenance: A sponge, cleaner bottle, and stack of floor tiles.

I like it
I never got why the ghost drones couldn't clean and just build with cardboard now.
I know we had grieving in the past. Though I would replace the sponge/mop with some sort of synthetic towel that absorbs the liquids completely.
Normal mops and sponges absorb the liquid/poison. To avoid a ghost drone from grieving.. I'd say the synthetic towel is filled with nanites that destroy the liquid it cleans so that we do not get the whole: "Absorb poison, drop it onto someone, start pranking"
This PR is beautiful and so are you. Ghost Drone deserve love!
Seconding the mop/sponge/big internal bucket approach, I personally find spray bottles to behave inconsistently. Maybe have the bucket filter non water/cleaner reagents though.

Pretty ambivalent about the floor tiles, but I feel the magtractor is already suited to making and using steel ones. Painted cardboard also feels a stretch for a material, but who cares right. A much better QOL improvement I feel would be to let ghostdrones auto-replace broken floors with just the one hand. I can't think of a particularly neat way of going about it, but the neatest might be to switch their omnitool to prying and then use that automatically.

How does the painted cardboard flooring look BTW?
(03-27-2022, 11:40 AM)BatElite Wrote: How does the painted cardboard flooring look BTW?

It looks more like slightly-off steel than it does cardboard, and currently doesn't have any special textures. I've found it gives patched-up explosions a nice gradient between perfectly fine floors, scorched floors, and destroyed tiles.

also, update: I've went in and added a sponge that doesn't drop any reagents onto the floor, but has a five second delay between wringings to keep it from being insanely OP. It's pretty fun to swap between the bottle and sponge on their respective cooldowns for maximum efficiency

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