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[MERGED PR] Makes almost all beards more compatible with the human sprite by makin...
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About the PR

This PR changes the sprites of almost every beard (exceptions include Tramp, Abe, Elvis, Hipster, Shitty Beard, and Wizard) along with changing two mustaches (Hogan and Vandyke).

This does not touch most mustaches due to the strangeness of their sprites and inability to get them to look good. Most are very difficult to read, but a change would just make it a different type of unreadable versus what the players are used to.

[Image: 160261154-5cd653cc-11dc-401f-b3f4-775af0e892e5.PNG]

Note: this picture includes no Van Dyke (or maybe hogan, they are 2 pixels different), and includes 2 full beards.

[Image: 160261524-76d874bc-75db-4250-bb1f-6a5c9257fc62.png]

The changes aren't just shifting it down, but also adds some texturing to some/changes the shape of the beard in minor ways

Why's this needed?

In most cartoon styles, the mustache entirely covers the top lip, however in goon, the mustaches of our beards looked extremely strange, as they would still be touching the eyes of the human along with covering the bottom lip + nose, making characters having to change aspects about their character (beard color, eye color), or what a lot of players did, entirely forgoing the beard due to the strangeness of how it effected the sprites. This PR fixes this, stopping beards that have mustaches from touching the sprites.


(+)Changes the sprite of almost every beard, along with Hogan and Vandyke

Puffy beard has since been changed to be puffier again, pictures are in the PR comments

long beard has also been changed to be less flat, pictures in PR
Ah yeah I was going to say keep puffy beard and have the new version of puffy beard be a different beard to choose from instead of replacing it.

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