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What kind of story charater do you feel your charater is?
Aeon Von Ludwig : Main character put side character in next Movie
Ideo Hartman : The Character who got is own Spin-Off Movie
Archer Bandog : (Jet Bandog) Side character who only exist too assist the main characters
Alphonse : Secret Playable character
Maria Shnee Von Ludwig (Aeon's Mom) and Eole Von Riegeln : Cameo character
Hector Belsky : The Character removed from the next movie because of controversy
Aneo Riddle : The big bad guy (in the Trailer only)
(03-24-2022, 03:35 PM)Kotlol Wrote: Let's be honest here. In GOON RP, your charater represent something in the story of others and yourself.
You are all the PROTAGONIST or ANTAGONIST of the big story... but in reality this is impossible to do.
Sometimes you gotta kick back and relax... and such...

So my question is.. what kind of charater do you feel your charaters are?

For exmaple:
Are you a comic relief?
Are you the heroic type?

As for Selena, well she is everything, but mostly she's the unfortunate one that has to deal with everything. An unlucky person who just deals with everything they can!
A sorta comic relief.

The cool type (just like in real life)
My character is the character that makes everyone in existence do the *raises eyebrow* emote whenever I do anything and I don't even know why because I'm IRL socially inept and lack common sense.
I mostly see Dee as a side character in a story. For character tropes she probably falls into eccentric foreigner, "Spock", and maybe a bit Reluctant Monster.  space bear I don't know. Pun skeleton.
Piffany is a side character, unless you're a silicon, then she is a Dr Light esque support and guidance character/protector/maiden depending on whats going on. I've died for them. they die for me. We have a lovely stolckholme thing going
Tammy's usually the background character who occasionally steps out of the background to do something like getting stuff repaired or to set up a gag for later.
There cause it pays the bills, typically background unless she becomes relevant to plot, usually as a HoP.
Yep usually the background rude character! Or the obnoxious AI, or both.

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