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What kind of story charater do you feel your charater is?
Let's be honest here. In GOON RP, your charater represent something in the story of others and yourself.
You are all the PROTAGONIST or ANTAGONIST of the big story... but in reality this is impossible to do.
Sometimes you gotta kick back and relax... and such...

So my question is.. what kind of charater do you feel your charaters are?

For exmaple:
Are you a comic relief?
Are you the heroic type?

As for Selena, well she is everything, but mostly she's the unfortunate one that has to deal with everything. An unlucky person who just deals with everything they can!
A sorta comic relief.
Depends on if Mops the Floors has responsibility in his role that round or not. Janitor yeah I am a mad lizard most of the time about cleaning everything, Chef gotta cook all the things, Security yeah I am a terrible security officer I mostly just ticker random people and things and get in the way of officers mid chase it feels like, Science I mostly stick to making medical chems and teaching new players basic chem stuff (telescience is too much math to invest in a video game) art-science is a runner up to chem.
Mostly Mops sticks to the sidelines I feel and has some fun interactions with people overall.

But MOPSY he is a big DAMN COMIC HERO!
Ignacius is probably comic relief like that one time he was the bailiff i just peed myself funniest shit i have ever seen. also he may change character archetypes depending on what ground your character alignes with him
Raph rolls between Mad Scientist Comedy Bullshit and Big Damn Hero, mostly depending on what's going on and how nutty the station actually is.
I play my character as zealous towards his beliefs and goals, and mostly oblivious of or at least ignoring long-term consequences. He often sees himself as a hero, usually if that isn't the case.
Allie Allison:
[Image: gay_coded_villain_coded_hero.PNG]
my character ofton is identifable by over the top laughs and hyjacking radio station brodcasts
Overia is definitely heroic! More than a good few times Overia has and will throw themselves into certain death to save others. As for Airevia... I also try to keep them serious, ideally they are a superserious suspicious char that ensures people distrust her. A new secret character I haven't played here yet has been a very big change from that serious tone I go for with Overia and her clone!
The dead kind :smile:
I suppose, for Willits, they're a support of some sorts? I try to play them in a way that has them caring immensely for everyone around them, regardless of what they did. Don't know if I achieve it. He breaks down when people really start to get agressive or upset which probably isn't great for a sec officer but oh well.
Ronny is just a big huge doofus. He's exceedingly innocent and doesn't understand that there's people out there that may have ill intentions.
I have no idea what Shift is like, I just play them according to how I feel it right for them?
A fool trying to look serious while hes basically a monkey
It usually demands on what job I get.
If I'm a cheif I play as a happy friendly cheif
If I get Botanist I play as a salesman for what ever drinks I can think of.
If I get Sec I play as a undercover cop
Man Versus God
limp of wrist and morally gray

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