Mentor Application - Lawrence Whemair/WHZ (thatsmamaluigitoyoumario)
Usual character name: Lawrence Whemair/WHZ

BYOND username: thatsmamaluigitoyoumario

Discord username (if you are on our discord): Green Mario Elysium

Recommended by (if applicable): N/A

Goon servers you play: 1, 3, 4.

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum)

I’ve been thinking about doing a mentor application for quite a while and I feel like I’ve finally made up my mind and have finally gone through with it. Ever since July-ish 2020 or so I’ve been having a blast with Goonstation, and while I’ve attempted to branch out to other servers I’ve always been led back here.

I have a few reasons for applying. 1, I’d be able to expand my knowledge further within the game by asking my fellow mentors in the mentor server on discord and getting introduced to new game mechanics (Specifically engineering and mechcomp, which are two of my greatest weaknesses.) 2, I’d be able to get quick knowledge for usage on wikipedia, as I’ve recently been doing quite a few edits and being able to ask without taking the time to set up the test server would be nice, and 3, I find helping new players out very rewarding when given a chance to do so, and having a dedicated role in order to do this in would be very valuable to me.

In terms of game experience, I’ve been playing for 2ish years with a few breaks here and then and have an understanding of most mechanics in almost every job. I myself prefer playing security on the roleplay servers as it is very much so going along with whatever wacky and zany plans that the crew has in store for you, almost like you’re at a Show and Tell but instead of someone bringing their toy car they instead bring the harbinger of destruction. 

As for Classic, I tend to play a variety of different roles. Recently my favorite’s been playing Cyborg, but I’ve also been going on a Medical Director binge for quite a bit now just chilling and making (probably) good chems. As I said, I’m very well acquainted with a variety of roles meaning that I’d be able to help out with them no matter the cost. 

As for my favorite antagonist, it’s definitely got to be blob due to how fundamentally different it is then standard gameplay, acting as more of an RTS then a traditional SS13 traitor role. I also prefer wraith for the same reasons, acting as more of a persistent threat then actually being there.

As for my gameplay flaws, I find that I definitely need a lot more development on the engineering side things as stated above. I would love to know more about Mechcomp, engineering with regards to the TEG and how to get those sweet sweet gigawatts, as well as learning the incredible bounds of DWAINE and all the things you can do with it. It would be fascinating to learn these systems sometime within the mentor team or by the general playerbase.

Overall, I thank you for reading my application. Although I may not always show it, I am very passionate for this community and wish to contribute to it as much as I am able to.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): I believe I got banned by Grifflez a while ago for a misunderstanding with a flamethrower where it accidentally tagged me instead of the person they were supposed to catch, but that was cleared up no problem. Otherwise I'm good as golden.
yea they are good and knowledgable. +2
yes, a very fun and good person to have around. Lawrence influenced my security playstyle a lot.
yeah for sure, lawrence is a cool person, is generally fun and helpful. cryptid-like in nature, +1
Wait Lawrence isn't a mentor yet? CHANGE IT! If it was someone who taught me several things it's him! +1
my man needs some lean
Whemair has always been cool in my books and I think you'd be a stellar mentor.
Lawrence has been a consistently positive and very fun presence on the servers. They have a great sense of humor and RP and actively include other players, even ones they don't really know, in their gimmicks. They'd make a great mentor!
Lawrence definitely knows a great deal and is a fun, fair dude! +1
For many of the other reasons listed here, I agree. Lawrence is a good.
very welcoming, helpful, and patient, would definitely make a great community representative! +1
This one kind of seems like a no brainer, absolutely +1 basically what has been posted would just be a repeat of what I would also say.
I thought I commented on this? Great dude. Very polite and friendl, always willing to play along with gimmicks on either server so it stands to me they would be great at representing the community.
Always real cool and funny, I think you'd be a great mentor smile Honestly thought you already were for the longest time!
i've seen this guy around, cool-headed, reasonably robust and i think would make an excellent addition

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