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Joe Feros Character Profile
[Quote] Being brave isnt about not being scared. its about being scared as hell but getting up anyway.

[Name] Joe Nathaniel Feros


( high stress)
Name: Joe Nathaniel Feros
Alias: Joe Mama
Age: 45
Birthday: 21 oct
Ethnicity: caucasian
Place of Birth: earth/US/New-Orleand
Current Residence: Space Station 13
Eye color: olive green
Hair color: blond
Height: 5,11 foot
Weight: 154 pounds
Build: beer belly
Disabilities: Short Sighted
Occupation: Janitor
Status: Alive
Previous Occupations: Captain
Education: PHD in litterature
Marital Status: widowed
Traits: unionized
Habits: smoker
Hobbies: exploration, space walking, station exploration
Admires: Diana Feros
Disdains: Authority abusers
Fears: Diana's status changeing to KIA/MIA
Crime(s): *what you try to read is intelegible you do not know what to make of this*
Bio: Proud parent of Diana Fero a new security recruit, he enlisted when he was 17 and he stayed due to the pay, he met love at 34 and lost it at 42, has been in the syndicate but has been reformed. he


Unknown: so mister Feros i see that you have a daughter how very sweet, a child born in space a natural astronaut im being told learned quite a few tricks with her father hmm? so tell us what does she know about the project?
Joe Feros: she knows nothin you bleedin incompetent swine i swear if you touch her or talk to her... everyone. on. this. ship. is. no .better. then. dead. you HEAR ME?!!?!!
unknown: mister Feros calm down we are not your enemy *faint whisper* not yet anyway, we wish to make a deal. tell us where the Goon codes are and you are free.
Joe Feros: you can die trying to get them but i must tell you it is impssible to survive where its located
Unknown: oh really where is it?
*you hear bolts breaking shots firing and an ungodly scream*
unknown: *heavy breathing* wha... what... are you..?
Joe Feros:... i... am... a Janitor...

now wish's that the NanoTransen company keeps his secret safe.

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