Mentor Application - Skorps [Scrapper 14 / Rusty Scales / Zepp Yokto]
Usual Character Name: Scrapper 14, Rusty Scales, Zepp Yokto
BYOND Username: Skorps
Discord Username: Skorpios
Recommended By: Munien
Goon Servers You Play: RP 3 and RP 4, rarely Classic 1

Reason for Application + Game Experience (300 word minimum):

When I started playing on Goonstation back around the beginning October of 2021, I wasn't expecting how much of a joy it would become for me. I expected to play for a few rounds and drop it, but the gameplay stuck with me and the people kept me coming back. Recognizing recurring characters, getting involved in the discord, and getting to know people have all been a genuine joy that make me truly appreciate the community around this game.

Even after playing so much, I’m still learning new details. I’ve delightfully found the game to be shockingly deep. But it can be hard for newer players to get a grasp of the basics. I think some of my most memorable rounds have been when I taught someone a new skill in the game and watched them put it to good use. It makes me genuinely happy to see someone set up an engine after they ask for a crash course, or to see a new player start a round not knowing anything about genetics and end it by printing out useful injectors for the crew.

When I was new, I tried to force my way against each job with the wiki as my only guide. I love the wiki, but my biggest learning moments were when someone recognized I was struggling and decided to take the time to help me. I remember those rounds fondly, and I try to aid new players like that when I can. It's easy for players to be intimidated into not trying something new. The thought of being chewed out by someone better kept me from trying fun new things. I really love being the first step someone else needs in order to get past that hurdle.

In terms of game experience, I like to play all sorts of jobs, so I have experience with  multiple departments. Engineering is my primary choice, but I’ve practiced medical, security, science, multiple command positions, and many civilian roles. Botany and genetics are my most limited roles, but I know enough to teach new players how to get started. I also feel I know a fair deal about the game maps, mechanics, and generally good RP server conduct.

I feel like mentor status would be a great step in allowing me to push my capability to help out in the community. Letting someone know that I’m ready to assist and having the tools to take it further than normal is a wonderful thing. I feel that the mentors I know are well deserving of the responsibility involved in that role, in possessing those tools and that community status. I hope that I might be able to match them by becoming someone that helps new people get involved, not only in the game but the community as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider!  bee

Previous Bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): I've never received a ban that I know of.

I have played a great deal of rounds with Skorpios (Engi, Med and Sec) and I am confident that they would make a great mentor. They were also one of the first players I encountered when I was new, inspiring me to try new fun things as a mechanic. They've been a joy to play with and have often taught me new things whether it's engineering, medsci or security. Very knowledgeable in all aspects of engineering, very clear-headed and thoughtful in Security, and someone I look to for guidance and bring patients to in Medical. As well, they're super friendly and patient and I see them interact with a lot of the crew each round they're on. I think for new players, Skorpios would be a wonderful ambassador and teacher for the server and game.
I've seen Skorpios since they first started playing on Goonstation, and have really enjoyed seeing their growth as a player. I've spent an incredible amount of shifts with them, in most different departments and every time they have been incredibly friendly and welcoming to new and old players alike. I have personally witnessed them teaching people in Engineering, Mechanics, Security and more, and they have always done so with the attitude I would expect of a mentor. I would totally trust them not to abuse the meta-knowledge and tools available for mentors and to be a positive face for the community in-game or on the discord, and could see them being an incredibly good first impression on new players, as mentors often are.

Definite +1, make them stinky!
A very positive influence on players, also just generally nice to have around. For the reasons listed by everyone else; +1
Skorps is such a fun and lovely person to be around. Their attitude in game and OOC is so warm and welcoming. They're so friendly to everyone and very willing to teach people as well. They've definitely helped correct me on things to improve my engine numbers and even encouraged me to learn some more engine things to try and get a charburn higher than their personal best!

+1 for sure.
Skorps is always good to see around, and they're definitely very willing to help others learn! Hell, they taught a blind man how to set up an engine! This is a +1 from me, they'd be a great mentor.
Skorps is great! Always helpful and kind, roleplays with anyone and everyone. Would make a great mentor. +1 to purp skorps
Oh, I thought I commented on this already! Skorps is great and would make a great mentor, I've seen them helping others and being friendly and positive.
i dont think skorps is a bad player or anything but my many experiences with them havent really demonstrated mentor capabilities.
ive been in, out, around engineering mostly with skorps in the department but havent witnessed a lot of teaching; I can think of probably a few times 4 or 5 months ago they taught people engine setups but havent seen much activity from them since. same with security, I've played a lot of rounds but have only seen them teaching once.
something else I think worth mentionng is that when in a sort of..."esteemed role" in a round, if you will, one that has the ability to really contribute or steer for the server on the whole, skorps tends to close off rp opportunities to a handful of already well-established players they have overarching character arcs with. this I think is true of antag rounds, but I also think back to the nations matter; very different matters and different pops and paces and such, some more chaotic and poorly realized than others, but the feeling of being excluded or disengaged from whatever the greater story trying to be created is common to both types of experiences; and even if i dont have an awareness or opportunity to participate in whatever is being escalated, by the end, just because of the nature of the head or antag or event role or whatnot, I end up dragged in feeling confused and off-step with whatever is going on that only a handful of people are really steering or aware of.
i dont think skorps lacks a certain attitude or anything, i just am not sure the same openness to engagement is always extended to everyone regardless, and i have concerns about how meta info would play into that and how selectivity in engagements as a mentor will be perpetuated and appear to players on the whole.

tentative neutral leaning slightly towards a -.5, if you will.
Skorps is a great guy, to me they definitely know their stuff, especially when it comes to trying something fun as a mechanic! Think they could make a great mentor and get a +1 from me.
After review of community feedback and internal deliberation, we have accepted your application to become a mentor. Congrats! Please familiarize yourself with our Mentor Guidelines and reach out anytime if you have any concerns or questions.

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