Mentor Application - Gabr (Jayson Rodgers)
Usual character name: Jayson Rodgers 
BYOND username: Gabr
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Gabr_#1444

Recommended by (if applicable): Bilo216
Goon servers you play: Morty and Sylvester

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum):
I started playing this game back when I was in my dorm room in college, as of last I checked I have 723 hours played and 899 total rounds. It really helped bring my bad days up with the community and the helpful staff there to make my experience great. I've since left college for a break last semester and now I want to give back to the community which has given me so much. I started playing this game in September of 2021 and have loved it since. I would meet new people form new relationships and help those who were new. I have a background of leadership that comes from real-life experience and has helped me in the past. I gained the rank of Eagle Scout in the Scouts program and this has taught me how to lead and how to teach people who have not had much experience in the subject. That being said it gives me great satisfaction when I see someone finally understand something for the first time and take their steps to master it! As for my in-game experience, ill provide a list of each department and all I know.

Command: My go-to role is Research Director or Medical Director due to my knowledge of those two subjects. I've played the Head of Personnel enough to know how it all works and how to do the job correctly.

Medical: This was the first role I played! Ever since I've tried my best to learn all I could about medical. All the chems, treatments, diseases, viruses, you name it I know it! This can come in handy if anyone ever needs to know a chem that could save someone's life! Plus working as a Medical Director has shown me that there is a lot that goes into medical and that there are still things to be learned even if you think you know it all! Surgery is another mechanic that I have spent a lot of time mastering! I've worked on memorizing all of the different combinations of cuts and snips in order to remove any organ in someone's body. It's great when someone forgets mid-surgery how to remove a liver due to the patient drinking too much Bo Jacks.

Science/Med-Sci: I'll be 100% honest. Science is my BEST category. I know practically everything about this region of the station. I've worked artifact lab for at least 300 hours at this point and know everything there is to know; how to set it up, how to keep it running, and most importantly how to not die! Other areas of sci I know really well too! Telesci took me a bit in the past but now I know the formulas needed and the spots you can go like the back of my hand! How do you open a void portal? I'm your guy. How do I find the offset for the tele? I'm your guy again. Chemistry is, well, chemistry. There is more that goes into chem than just knowing how to make the chemicals. There is also the application, which a lot of new players won't know how to utilize unless they have more info on the topic. For instance, most people didn't know that if you fill the pool with carbon instead of water it makes you dirty! (on rp servers) Or that if you don't know where the shower is you can just dump a beaker of space cleaner on your self and that works too! Next is Toxins, which is my worst area of Sci. I can mix a gas like the next guy and know how to use the equipment but my knowledge of gasses ends there. The robot depot is one of my favorite areas! I love being able to make the guardbuddies and have them follow me around or pester the crew! The commands for them can be a little hard but I understand the concept of them and I am willing to help anyone who needs this information as well! Moving on to the Med-Sci part of Sci, genetics I have a VERY good understanding of. This was another one of the roles I started playing at the beginning of my journey and has stuck with me throughout. I know how they work, how to activate genes without the activator syringes, how to get more materials without paying, how to get more research options, I know some of the genes only acquirable through combining two, the works! Onto Robotics, I've worked in robotics so much and learned so much there that it's another one of my favorite jobs, from making borgs to making floorbots I know it all. So if someone asks why they can't put the cyborg chest part on the frame ill have an answer, or if they don't know how to take a brain out of a borg I'll know that too! 

Engineering: My experience in Engineering is limited but not nonexistent. On most maps, there is an engine or singularity to deal with and the character I play is a bovine, meaning I cant wear mag boots making this job a lot harder to actually do. So I have not worked with engines or singularities as much. That being said I have worked engineer many times on Oshan where there is no engine or singularity, just fun little hotspots. When it comes to hotspots I know how they work and how to increase their power of them, along with how to set SMES cells up to not overload the station. Mechanic on the other hand I've played more. I understand simple packet hacking and know how to hack machinery and doors, I know how to make different things using the device analyzer and reverse engineering fabricator, and I know how to construct new terminals in case one gets blown up or removed by other means. I have worked Cargo a LOT and know the ins and outs of the free market at this point. I can tell someone how to make the most profit off pretty much anything! The functions of a QM I understand very well too. If someone doesn't know why crates arent coming in there could be a clog or someone is blocking the entrance. The cargo router could be stuck and needs to be emptied manually. How to move the belts, how to sell something to the market and get half pay from it. What ore you should definitely not touch with your hands. I got it all down! As for mining, I know quite a bit but certainly not all of it. I know how to mine, how to bring in new ore, how to use the quantum telescope, how to make new mining tools, what different ore properties are, and how to best avoid radiation based on ore type.

Security: Security I understand and know how it works, the brig, lockers, stir stir, portabrig, batons, all of it. I don't typically PLAY security because it's not my playstyle but I still understand how it all works and what you need to do to get things TO work. Navigating SecMate, getting prints, putting those prints INTO SecMate, attempting to find gloves of a killer, all the necessary stuff for Security survival.

Civilian: I've played a few civilian roles and understand most of them very well. I've played a lot of rounds of bartender and rancher, a few rounds as a botanist or chef, and limited rounds as the rest (ie. Clown, mime, janitor, Staff assistant, chaplain). For bartender I know how all of the tools and machines work, how to extract chems from plants, how to put those chems into drinks, how to make certain types of drinks for people, and most importantly, how to use your trusty shotgun. Rancher is a harder subject than bartender because you have to keep track of your lovely little birds or else they might starve. I understand the workings of a rancher and what plants your would need to grow in order to get a certain type of chicken.

Silicon: I love playing silicon classes so much due to the versatility and the amazing RP potential that comes out of it. I have played a TON of rounds as AI and Cyborg I know the ins and outs of all that is offered. I remember my first AI round and not knowing how to do anything, I want to make sure nobody has to go through that by assisting those who need it and making sure that everyone can enjoy silicon classes as I have. Cyborgs are different from the AI but are still very confusing to a new player. The layout change combined with the inability to pick anything up can be daunting, and as someone who has experience in the subject I could more than likely help the person understand the controls and how the class works as a whole.

In closing, I love this game and I love this community and I want to make sure that those who are unsure of the steep learning curve this game offers can still get the most out of it, even if they struggle in the beginning. I've tried to introduce my friends before but they dropped it due to it being too hard and I dont want anyone else to feel this way about this game. Silly this game may be it's helped me a lot and I want to help it back.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): N/A
Gabr is pretty cool! I mostly recall them ingame when playing as their cyborg/ai character Eta-26 back when I was a mentor, had a lot of fun borg rounds with em. Always helpful and polite, and has been more active on discord lately so I hope other folks get a chance to see what a helpful player they are. c:
I've interacted a lot with Gabr both in the discord and in game, and I think they have the perfect attitude to be a mentor. In game, they are always super welcoming and friendly too all, and have very good knowledge of many of the games systems. They are really good at including people in gimmicks or just interacting with people in general - they never shy away from including strangers.
They are also very active in the goon discord, always incredibly polite and fun and providing good help answering questions people have.

In all I think they'd be a great addition to the mentor team, and a great person for new and old players alike to seek help from.
+1, I usually see Gabr in science that I can recall but didnt remember them teaching science (I dont do science often though). I did get to watch them teach someone the TEG engine just today, though, and they were thorough, patient, and courteous. Those are the qualities I'd hope for in a mentor but especially in teaching engineering since it's one of the areas that a lot of players conceptually struggle with. And also IMO good proof of the willingness of Gabr to go out of their way to brush up on the field since they posted this app.

Toutside of job specifics, they're talkative, funny, and friendly. I've made a number of quick jokes to them while passing through a department and they never fail to interact back with something clever.
A friendly face to see around the station. Proactive, in that they try to engage with both people they know and people they don’t in a friendly manner. Easy to talk to and approach, without feeling like too much of a bother. Good attitude in general, I’m sure they will make a good mentor.
Easy +1. Never had any bad times with them, they know multiple jobs pretty much inside and out, are affable, and understand a lot of game mechanics in depth.
I think Gabr totally deserves a +1, generally cool person to talk to and play with, I think they'd fit the mentor role nicely
Thanks for all the positive feedback I really appreciate it! Making this comment to thank you all and announce that I (as of writing this) have hit 1000 hours in this game smile

Love to help out and hope to help out more in the future!
Gabr is a very fun and friendly person on the server and is someone I really enjoy seeing. They take time for everyone which I really appreciate when playing a randomized character. They have a great attitude and have good knowledge of the game. I would love to see them as a mentor :) +1
(also congrats on 1000 hours!)
After review of community feedback and internal deliberation, we have accepted your application to become a mentor. Congrats! Please familiarize yourself with our Mentor Guidelines and reach out anytime if you have any concerns or questions.

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