Mentor application: Mab (Kato Mato)
Usual character name: Kato Mato
BYOND username: giornogiovannino
Discord username (if you are on our discord): queen mab#6264
Recommended by (if applicable): Flourish
Goon servers you play: 1 and, less frequently 3 and 4

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum):

I've been playing on this server for a while now: since August 2020 to be precise. I immediately loved this game, both for the endless possibilities it offers and for the community that is so welcoming and friendly. And I think the reason I stayed is because of the people I met here.

One of the first things I realized when I started playing is that this game is quite unintuitive and hard to learn. For a new player, it's really easy to get lost and feel overwhelmed by game mechanics that seem so complex. So I totally understand new players who are tempted to leave after a few rounds.

And I'll be honest, when I was a new player, I was pretty scared to ask for help, even about the simplest things. What if I bother them? What if the question is too stupid? So I always tried to handle it on my own. And yes, definitely the Wiki is very useful (I'd be lost without it) but sometimes you need the help of an external person.
Well I quickly realized that it's full of people trying to help you out and share their knowledge. I am so grateful to those who helped me – and still help me now, because you never stop learning. So I feel like I want to do my part in helping new players, in making the game more accessible for everyone in the community. I think the mentor system on Goontation is really a strong point and I'd be happy to be part of it.

As for my gaming experience, I started out playing on rp servers, and in the last few months I've moved to classic servers as well. I have enough experience with almost any job (aside from engi, which I’ve never played, and some of the civilians jobs) but my favorite departments, and the ones I think I'm most knowledgeable in, are medical and science. Over time, I have helped many new players learn the basics of medicine, chemistry, telesci, and also botany!
I just enjoy being able to help others navigate the game mechanics – whether they are simple or perhaps a bit more complex.

That's all, thanks for reading my application! bee

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): none that i know of
Knowledgeable and widely liked by everyone. Only had good experiences with Kato and I've seen them guiding new doctor's in the past
Kato is an exceptional player, always gives a smile to my face when I see her wandering around. Very helpful and kind, both in-game and in the discord, I could count on Kato if I ever had a question. Very friendly, easy to get along with, and very helpful to any new players she comes across. She would be an incredible asset to the mentor team. Major +1
Knowledgeable about the game, polite, active in game and discord +1
+1 Kato tomato is always friendly and encouraging. Think she'd be an exceptional point of contact for players trying to learn
i dont see why not, she is fun and know how to explain things
mab is a good egg, would make a good mentor +1
I can't remember a single where Mab has been mab or rude they always have a positive attitude toward others and knows a fair bit of things about the game itself ! I think they'd be a very good mentor ! +1
She's fun to be around and helpful so she could do it! +1
Haven't had a bad experience, very active and seems very knowledgeable.

has a good attitude for a mentor, dont doubt she would do well as one +1
I have not seen you teaching people BUT you are always unceasingly polite and generally helpful. I trust Mab to not use mentorhelp to gain an advantage, and help players out.
yes please, mab has always been friendly, knows her stuff and it's a pleasure to see her whenever she's playing !

Mab is very friendly and welcoming both in Discord and ingame. I think she'd make a great mentor!
Mab is a very good egg, and I think she would do amazing as mentor!

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