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RP Server gripes.
I love the RP servers from the main servers for various reasons but as of late, I noticed a small decline of quality.
And thus today.. as we have the internet. I will post my lil annoyances and my thoughts on a forum without much thought and say I am right.

So what's been griping me? Well...

ISSUE 1: Clowns, always pranking
Something I notice that Mime's and clowns are always and I mean ALWAYS resorting to pranking as of late and it annoys me.
It's more rare they are actually doing an interresting bit or trying to be entertaining the crew then annoying them.

Or they are breaking into stuff... it just becomes boring to the point I dislike seeing clowns and mimes. Cause I am like: "Welp here comes 3 mins of a hallway being usuable cause LUBE FUNNY"

The other issue becomes the fact so many people wanna be a pranking clown over an entertaining clown that there is no act.
To this point I think we need a prankster role or antagonist.

ISSUE 2: Alot of Metaing
I lately been seen an increase of "playing Main style" on RP. I see more and more players not willing to interact with security or others. Heck last game as Robotcist, A robotcist joined and started SELF SURGERY right infront of my face with cyborg parts...and I am like: "Dude there is me and medical not doing much, ask for help."
Don't get me wrong I meta too if my gimmick is time sensative or I need to break my "knowledge" levels to help newbies out so they can get the job going and enjoy it.
But I am getting a lil tired of players being all "I am the one crewmate crew." and ignoring every other crew that is there to interact with.
The only moment I accept solo metaing is because you are waiting 5+ mins for a crewmate to help you and thus you are wasting time for your roleplay, but other wise... Don't just BARGE INTO another department and start doing their job so you can get what you need. 

Yes I know this is against RP rules, but it still happens frequently enough in minor annoyances that I am like: "Is there a point in being a crew mate"

ISSUE 3: Oversaturation of certain departments.
I have been seeing 50 population servers where I would go: "This is well balanced" to only see:
Engineering has barely 1 each.
Security only has 3-2 members + Detective.
Botany is full.
Civilian is full (staff assistants in the +10's)
Command might be missing 1 command officer.
Special jobs galore.
Medical is fine.

It's defintally a gripe of mine where I am just like: "Well I would love to play something else this round, but these departments need help so everyone can have fun"
I get it.. Science has the most possiblities with Chemicals, Artifacts, Telesci and such. And antagonist Scientists can do alot of fun stuff, but seriously?
It's kinda disheartening to see no one wants to do cargo or mining these days. (and I love mining, but I want to spice things up)

ISSUE 4: Increase of newbies
As I said this is a gripes list not a "We gotta fix this list" and yes newbies been increasing alot lately and THAT'S FINE. My only issue is no one seems to want to help them out as much and most DO NOT ROLEPLAY.. I have filled Mining (see last gripe) so many times and everytime there is a newbie there who doesn't understand the game. I may sound elitist here, but I didn't join the round to fill so I can teach players, I did it to interact with them. I don't mind.. but.. I don't get to deal or contribute to the whacky hijinx if I am busy teaching a player how to mine effectively. (To be fair I am still a chem noob/Dwaine user noob, but I avoid em since I don't find em fun)

ISSUE 5: Ahelp or not to Ahelp?
Eh.. this one is my last gripe at the moment but it's the Ahelping stuff since I am in the rule of: "I don't want to bother admins for a silly gripe I am having. Since I believe.. if it's just a gripe.. everyone will bug the admin over minor gripes. (Then again I am posting these gripes on a forum, but I don't expect admins to do anything with it, it's more airing my thoughts) I always hear people say: "If you have a problem with it, Ahelp it" But I consider Ahelping to be an extreme.
But the gripe is more.. why do I feel like I have to press Ahelp more often due to other gripes? Is it cause I feel a lack of RP and playing a charater in other departments then Chaplain or such? Eh... who knows.

ISSUE 6: The SSDing.
Oh lord do I hate how many people go SSD lately. Some do it in ways like going to bed and then being gone for 10 minutes. Look the timer for cryo is 5 minutes now, NOT 15. Just cryo. Don't be afraid your job gets taken when cryoing, cause you are CRYO'D. Someone has to do your job and if you come back you still have it.
But also I see almost NO ONE cryo SSD players. I get it... it takes time away, but if you see it. just try to cryo them. Let people fill those roles. You have no idea how annoying it is as an AI you see 5 people SSD , you report it and then 15 mins later they are STILL THERE. Heck some even stay SSD all shift like the Research Director in his own office... That slot could been filled by an active player.

Anyhow those are my 6 main gripes as of late. Yes some of them are litterly: "Just deal with it." things but I figured I air some concern. Newbies have a right to play and learn obiviously!! But a gripe is a gripe. 
Also don't be afraid to call me out as wrong! Cause let's be honest here. Anyone can be wrong :P Maybe just my limited shifts as of late has this problem.
I think you gave the solution to your problem in your fifth point. Ahelp it, you're not bothering anyone. The admins are not omniscient gods and they can't solve something they don't know about. Ahelps are not only for bannable offences or very serious things, you should ahelp minor things that bother you also. Most of the time I have ahelped about minor stuff, the admins seemed to care and fixed the problem quickly. Sometime someone just getting talked to can help a lot, and its not our role as players to do that.

That being said, I want to add that I totally understand your frustration, and how you feel is totally valid. I have felt like that too sometimes. But i'm telling you, putting it in the hands of the gods really helps being less frustrated about it.
As to point one I am sorry I have let the rp servers down with MOPSYS hiatus, took a near two month goon servers break but don’t worry quality clowning should increase for at least a few rounds a day!
these gripes are mostly personal issues

ahelps are not 'harsh'. admins do not immediately punish people who break the rules, they gently remind them about them first.
(03-06-2022, 02:42 PM)Cal Wrote: these gripes are mostly personal issues

ahelps are not 'harsh'. admins do not immediately punish people who break the rules, they gently remind them about them first.

I guess pretty much this huh. Good ole cal being smacking you with the truth.
Apologies if I come off as harsh or rude, the simplest solution in my opinion is the best one
(03-06-2022, 03:24 PM)Cal Wrote: Apologies if I come off as harsh or rude, the simplest solution in my opinion is the best one

Non taking, I enjoy blunt truth mostly more then people not going for it. Anyhow... just ahelp harder and don't worry about it.
If something gripes me. Ahelp it.
the admin team gripes about the lack of ahelps from rp servers occasionally so yes, ahelp problems

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