Head of Security Application, Wander (Roger Clementine)
generally not too bad; sometimes allows metaknowledge of certain character's habits to influence sentencing/sec work. have seen you be occasionally pedantic and make fun of others when other players are struggling both ic and ooc, including sec teammates that are struggling or dying.
Roger plays security well, and makes roleplay fun. It's always great to have them in the team.

i didnt think my prior comment needed further elaboration, so didnt plan to come back here, but i want to move this to a solid -1 now.

the primary push was that I got out of a highpop round after already sharing my prior thoughts, where roger was on their miner character and our team was doing a great deal of communication over PDA to try and sort through and clarify information regarding suspects.

i do not expect someone who is not actively playing sec in the round, who has a HoS app up, who has received comments on this behavior prior, to continue and interject in critical moments with snide and harassing remarks towards the security in a round over PDA, especially if they are not an antagonist for the round. I find that; degrading teammates for asking for your attention after having to repeat themselves and other's words more than three times in close succession; calling helping your team when they are severely struggling and dying a "chore"; and making fun of the particular turns of phrase people are using when attempting to filter through crimes for active and hostile threats for not being the ones you specifically would use; to be wholly inappopriate conduct for someone who is supposed to be a team motivator and stabilizer.

I do not want a leader that regularly belittles the security team when they are on the team, much less when they are off the team. i dont expect a hos to speak backhandedly to or of their teammates. it is entirely possible to demonstrate admirable and acceptable behavior with regards to security procedure; it is possible to do this consistently and play a lot of sec and be notable for being a frequent player in the department. those alone do not make someone qualified for the whitelist in my experience; perhaps of equal or more importance for hos are the attitudinal qualities you bring to a team and i am deeply concerned with what I have seen.
+ 1 from me he is a great player i will always remmember that time we did a rebel vs empire thing
+1, confidently 

     Roger has been great for as long as I can recall, and that's a decently long time.  I think they definitely deserve the beret!  Communication, ethics, and interaction have always all been good.
I don't know if my input is necessary or desired but

Roger was one of the first sec members I interacted with, and i was legitimately under the impression he always was a member of the HOS team. Roger consistently stops it when its at its worst, but allows for the bad guy to get away just enough to let the antagonist have fun. To be one of the most important parts of sec, especially sec in rp, where I usually see Roger, is being the antagonists foil but in also not just rushing to lock them down the second they get noticed for the slightest thing. It creates rp, interaction, and dynamics, and I feel Roger can provide much of this.
After review of community feedback and internal deliberation, we have accepted your application to become a HoS. Congrats! Please familiarize yourself with our HoS Guidelines and reach out anytime if you have any concerns or questions.

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