Head of Security Application, Wander (Roger Clementine)
Quote: "As high as a mountain may be, it ultimately rests beneath the sky"
Usual character name: Roger Clementine
BYOND username: roger clementine
Discord username (If you are on our discord): Wander(Roger C., Jim V.)

Recommended by (if applicable): N/A
Goon servers you play: 3 and 4 mainly, rarely 1 and 2

Reason for application: There are many reasons I decided to apply for HoS, but I believe the desire to help the roleplay environments of the rounds without a HoS is chief among them. A competent HoS can soothe the roleplay environment for both antagonist and crew and create a better experience for all involved. The secondary reason for this application is to learn how to improve as a security member. I know this application will(hopefully) be seen and commented on by those willing to share their opinion of my faults and strengths, these comments I hope to take to heart to improve further whether this application is approved or denied.

Security experience (300 word minimum): 
      I had an odd start to my experience in security, but one more common than you would think. I joined alone as an inexperienced SecAssistant and quickly sent a message over the security radio channel with a small rp explanation of why my character who was normally a doctor came to be in the security department with a "Hello!" to be shortly after told by the AI I was the only member of security on staff. A trial by fire it was but one I gave my hardest effort. I studied the book of space law, got slightly familiar with what I was holding in my pockets, then got to it.

      From there I kept at it and managed to learn more. At first, I looked to the officers on shift with me for guidance and wisdom regarding how to handle sentences and rp security matters. Later I met many amazing heads of security which I learned much more from on how to properly escalate and make security fun for both the criminals and crew. Sometimes things got rough during this time, because there is always that shift where it all goes wrong so quickly. I believe though that I learned how to keep cool and not forget the point behind it all, to have fun with others. When I play security roles nowadays, I try to be as reasonable as I can with the people I interact with while also being a firm voice of reason. When I get the opportunity to play along with a gimmick as security, I try to always take it. It's what I think we're all here for on rp and it's a pleasure to see someone happy when it works out. Over radio I attempt to keep track of all that is going on and be responsive so I can keep myself and others oriented towards our goal. I always make an effort to be polite as possible within character constraints and talk to people I don't recognize the same as those I do often explaining the less secretive details of what is going on sec-side, so we don't seem like stun baton goblins who randomly drag people off. 

       My experience with the others I have met while playing in the department has been one of my favorites. In the role I have met amazing roleplayers, good friends, as well as new players I look forward to seeing grow in the future. I met these people and had these great interactions all while being able to help them out for once in a way that I think improves their rp experience, be it the HoS who's grumpily fixing the doomsday proclaiming AI for the fifth time or the rancher who simply needs help with the chickens.

Answer two or more of the following:
  • What advice would you give to other sec players?
    I have three bits of easy advice for other sec players. The first is to remember to communicate with your team as without communication you run the risk of making different decisions on the same thing and causing not only the security team as well as crew to be confused but in the end yourself as well. The second is to generally try to talk to someone first before arresting them for a crime if it is your first interaction. Sometimes people make honest mistakes out of a lack of knowledge or are willing to come peacefully after some rp to talk about what happened. The third is to take things one at a time. You make a list of what's happening and assign priorities then go down it. You'll have to accept you won't be able to always deal with all of it but that you'll give it what you can do.

  • What was one of your favorite security moments? (Either playing as a sec officer or interacting with one)
    My favorite security moment would have to be teaching someone how to be properly "EVIL." It started with them trying minor pranks such as making mouse trap "bombs" which were actually just full of cleaner and acting much like a minor villain would, talking about how evil their deeds were as a sort of gimmick. After picking up on this "villain" rp I began to act in character as if it was a funny imitation of true evil. Every time they would fail to scare people with their pranks, I would laughs then give them a tip on how to get better with a pat on the head. Eventually they took a "hostage" at knife point and started making demands to which my response was "That's not how you use a knife!" as I walked up and demonstrated how to properly use it on the grabbed hostage. This surprised them as they said something along the lines "ah so like this" as they got another "hostage" this time though they actually used the knife correctly and the random hostage was the MD, so I used my security alert to call in the rest of security. In this standoff we treated them like the villain they wanted to be as the entire team formed a semi-circle around them in the hall and the HoS assessed the situation. I let the situation go for a bit as we spoke until I radioed my plan on the security channel then shortly after slipped into the disposal chute next to them and pulled them into it immediately releasing the hostage which the other officers pulled off while telling the villain something resembling "You have more to learn." as I gave them a laugh.

  • What game improvements or changes do you think would benefit security players?
    Something that clarifies the chain of command for officers beyond what there is currently or greater variety of equipment.

  • Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer.
    When I am alone, I tend to rely more on rp and crew support than I do more than my tools as getting the help and trust of the crew is the most important when your threat greatly outmatches you to the point it is hard to create the types of conflict that drives rp. When I am in a full team, I focus more on communication, so we do not become disorganized.

Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):
  • Write a poem to convey your thoughts on security/NanoTrasen/space/bees/anything related to SS13.
    Pleasant evening, staff at rest                                                                                                                                                Sound of honking, clown on arrest                                                                                                                                        Silicon cries, comedic distress                                                                                                                                                AI Law 0: Clown captainess

  • What's a security gimmick that you've ran or wanted to run?
    I would love to do a gimmick where we rebrand security as noble knights on a quest to rid the station of evil and retrieve "The Holy Pail(bucket)." Bucket helmets suggested.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): None that I know of.
I've had a few rounds now with Roger, both as sec and as antagonist and I'm impressed by their work so far. He is effective at handling calls and reasonable with antagonists. He also spends time training officers which is a plus.

+ 1 from me!
Roger is definitely one of the most calm and collected guys I've met on goonstation. I wish I've had more time to get to know him but in the few rounds I've played with him, both as sec and just seeing him around the ship, he never fails to be a guy you can wave at and have a nice chat with. He's a very helpful player and quite knowledgeable to the point where I honestly thought he already was a HoS. I think he would make a great fit for the position!

I'v had quite a few shifts with Roger as a detective and they are always really enjoyable. He's a really awesome guy to just hang out with and have fun on a shift, breakfast is nice too! He's more often than not got something helpful to say if you got questions. Would love to see him with the big steppy boots!
This is gonna be a +1 from me

Roger is always good to have on the team, and someone that I can rely upon. They're very communicative and always ready to respond to calls. I haven't seen them lose their cool either, and all in all, they're a pretty cool dude. They would definitely make a good HoS.

I'm a relatively new player so this probably doesn't count for much, BUT! The couple of games of AI I've had on RP 3/4, Roger was absolutely a very positive aspect of those experiences, someone who helped me feel welcome as a new player, and helped foster a really positive RP environment between not only Security, but other departments and roles (such as AI that I was on).
+1 for me.

Roger's a fun dude to be around, and I've got no ill-will towards the guy becoming a head of security. He's proven himself to be able to handle things very efficiently, and is well-tempered. Really, all around just an exemplary security officer and someone that if I see on my team, I can be like "Oh yeah, I can rely on him to carry his weight."

Wander has always been a very positive player and one I'm glad to see in a round, even more so if he's in security. Very level-headed and excellent at teaching things to people, and always has time for everyone. I think he'd make an excellent HoS.
While I've been unavoidably absent recently, I believe I have more than enough experience with Roger to provide a comment. First, playing security or Captain, Roger is great to be around. Roger is a great leader and provides some wonderful RP. If it's a slow shift, expect to have some great in depth conversations with him if that's your thing! Just by him being on the shift, it's going to be that much more fun.

As officer, I'm always glad to see Roger on the team. He responds quickly to calls, checks in the with team often, and communicates frequently with what he is doing. He has demonstrated a strong grasp of sentencing, and knows when to be harsher or more lenient. Roger provides perfect examples of de-escalation, utilizing the flash first before moving on to the stronger tools, and always seeks to engage in calming dialogue first. He is also great at training and helping out those new to security, and I have often witnessed him in action on this, and I am comfortable enough to know I do not need to oversee his training. His greatest strength I think is his ability to remain calm under pressure, and not once have I ever seen him lose his cool. I've also witnessed some great leadership qualities from Roger. If the HoS is busy or unable to respond to a situation, Roger is more than willing to step in and help guide the team in an organized but respectful way.

All that being said, Roger is stellar example to security, and I have no doubts he'll be a wonderful HoS. Full and strong +1.
+1 for sure! Roger is a wonderful security officer, and I love when he's on the security team, whether I'm on it or not! Absolutely no complaints about Roger, in any way, and is a fantastic example of what a security officer should be. Would love to see him as HoS!
I've had many shifts with Wander in security as a fellow officer and as HoS. Could say without a doubt they have the right attitude to lead the team, keep things fun, and provide a good enviroment to antags.
They are always frequent and clear with communication, give appropriate sentences or punishments, fair and fun with antags, and doesn't abuse meta-knowledge in order for the antags to still have a fun round.
Also seen Wander play a lot of Captain and MDir, and they always are incredibly capable of taking leadership in command roles, balancing multiple issues at once, and dealing with inter-departmental issues.

Definite +1 from me
Wander is so deserving of the HoS title. They're an incredibly wonderful security officer and a lovely captain as well. Their escalation and how they handle things with confirmed antags and self antags as well is truly impressive. I learn new things from them regularly.

If anyone should be HoS, it's definitely Wander.

Kept meaning to comment on this app and kept forgetting lmao

+1, Roger’s always a positive add-on to the security team and a good person to lean onto. Very patient with antags and very understanding too, trying to patch up conflicts. He’s always a pleasure to work with when I see him on security, and I’m convinced he’d be a pleasure to have as a HoS as well. 100% deserves the beret and cape.
Roger is a very good officer, he totally deserves the beret. I've had a lot of good interactions with him, even as antag. He's really fair and very calm. He would be a good example for any member of security +1
Spends quality time teaching new secass and secoffs what they need to know to be a good officer. Reprimands bad behavior coming from security. Knows how to treat antags and nonantags alike fairly. A consistent voice on security coms and solid presence on the team, with or without an HoS. Overall a very good officer. I'd love to see them as HoS, well deserved.

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