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[MERGED PR] Makes Med, Tech, and Research Assistant jobs more viable for learning ...
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About the PR


**Research Assistant is given:**

- no outfit change
- a science PDA
- a research headset
- 2 job slots

**Medical Assistant is given:**

- Scrubs! (random chance of every flavor except maroon and flowers)
- Red shoes
- a medical PDA
- a medical headset
- 2 job slots

**Technical Assistant is given:**

- an engineering headset
- a special Technical assistant PDA (which gets station repair alerts)
- 2 job slots

**Misc changes:**
_Barber is given_

- a civilian headset

_Musician is given_

- a civilian headset

Why's this needed?

Research and Medical assistants are being started off with basic PDA's and basic headsets, making it very difficult for them to both communicate with their team and also function without their jobs PDA. While PDA cartridges are ridiculously cheap, starting someone who is learning without them is not constructive to that learning process.

The goal of this change is to make learning as a medical, research, or technical assistant an easier time for that player, with more tools and better forms of communication

Also barbers and musicians were given headsets as they are as civilian as they get


(*)Changes up Research Assistant, Medical Assistant, and Technical Assistant to make them more applicable for those who want to learn
(+)Gives both Barbers and Musicians civilian headsets

List updates, praise bot !!

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