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[MERGED PR] Changes the Staff Assistants general headset to a Civilian Headset
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About the PR

So this was discussed a while ago on rp-server. This changes the Staff Ass's headset to a civilian headset, giving them access to the civilian channel.

Something to note is that this does not change the headset that is printed within the clothes fabricator, meaning that if they lose their initial headset, they're out of luck.

Why's this needed?

This allows staff assistants to have more communication options for RP, and be able to be used more as "assistants" for civilian roles. I also believe this could encourage the use of the civilian channel, which is by far the least used channel.


(+)Staff Assistants now spawn with a Civilian Headset, giving them access to the civilian channel

Does the HoP headset have the Civ channel? I assume it does but I'm not sure... But in any case this sounds like a fine idea to me.
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