Mr. Moriarty (Alexander Nelson) - Mentor Application
Usual character name: Alexander Nelson
BYOND username: Mr. Moriarty
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Mr. Moriarty#6202
Recommended by (if applicable): N/A
Goon servers you play: Morty (3) and Sylvester (4)

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum):
For me, one of the most rewarding elements of this game is teaching others; once upon a time, we were all Staff Assistants wandering aimless about stations unknown to us, and to have a hand that can guide you and help you navigate the learning cliff that this game offers can be a great comfort, but to be the person lending that hand is a great pleasure. Very rarely do I decline the chance to teach anyone, old or new, something about this game, whether it be Security etiquette, TeleSci, both basic and advanced doctoring, how to set up an engine, or even something as simple as the direction to somewhere.

With regard to my experience, often I play as a head of staff, normally either as the Head of Security, Research Director, or Medical Director, as these are the departments that I am most familiar with, and have grown to enjoy working in the most, however, I can still adeptly play most other jobs. The head of any department can also expect to be asked for guidance from staff seeking assistance, and over my time playing, I’ve watched many crew members I’ve had a hand in teaching become competent doctors, scientists, engineers, and in some cases HoSes; it is a wonderful sight to watch someone you have taught to grow to impart their own wisdom on newer players themselves.

When teaching someone ingame, I always attempt to make them feel that they are welcome, especially when it is someone new to an entire department, rather than a burden, letting them know that any question they have will be answered to the utmost of our ability. As such, I make an effort to teach people in person, rather than over the radio, as it feels more welcoming and personal to them, but if it is a more minor qualm, the radio or a PDA message will more than suffice.

It would be nothing short of a pleasure to serve as a Mentor for this wonderful community.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): N/A.
+1. very patient and welcoming, great at explaining how things work or what's going on, responsible with authority too. trust him to not only answer mhelps clearly but also to not let them influence a round as well
First off, I have seen Moriarty in all the roles he has mentioned, and he is very competent in all of them. Without fail, no matter the job, he will offer his help and take extended time to demonstrate and explain anything asked of him. Friendly, polite and approachable are some great words to use, and a fantastic RPer to boot! The round is always better when I see Moriarty in it, and in my view, exemplifies the example of play and politeness expected from a mentor.

For my personal experiences, Moriarty was a huge help on my journey to becoming HoS. First being, he set a very good example for me to follow as an officer, just by his welcoming and friendly attitude. He took extended time to train me, offer me advice in game and in the discord, and was always open for me to ask more. I was given many opportunities to lead and learn, but he was right there to offer gentle guidance if I was missing anything. Even now when I see him playing other roles, he will check in with me to see how I'm getting on. I can say without a doubt, his attitude and teachings is something that inspired me to apply in the first place.

I believe Moriarty would be a wonderful addition to the mentor community, and I give him the strongest +1 possible.
I've seen Moriarty lots of times! teaching people different things! Science, Medical! Security! always very kind and patient when doing so, and does their Best to make the person feel welcomed! they have gotten so many different people into different things! i feel they would make a great Mentor!! +1
dont play often with them, but have had good experiences with them when we have. already an hos, and from what others say can trust that they take initiative to teach other players +1
I've never had a bad experience with Moriarty. He's very kind, he is incredibly helpful and super welcoming. I've only every had pleasant experiences with him. Whether he's on security, any other department or even antag, he's very engaging and makes it fun for everyone.


     Nelson has always been very kind and respectful for as long as I've known them.  Their general attitude towards new players and the like carries a welcoming and positive outlook, accompanied with a desire to teach.  Their application reflects what I've seen of them very well and I think the purple is deserved.
Most of the time i have played with Mr. Moriarty has been with them as hos or doctor and i have nothing but good things to say about them.
They are polite, dedicated to rp and having a good time, and generally try to make sure that everyone else gets to have their say.
I've also seen them generally be quite helpful to newer players and willing to teach and share, never condescending.

A +1 from me.
There is nothing negative to say about Moriarty. He is patient, kind, always helpful and fun to play with. He makes the game more fun for everyone when he's in a round. I think he would make a fantastic addition to the mentor team and represent goon perfectly. Give him the stinky purple

After review of community feedback and internal deliberation, we have accepted your application to become a mentor. Congrats! Please familiarize yourself with our Mentor Guidelines and reach out anytime if you have any concerns or questions.

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