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[MERGED PR] Added weights to how the intrigue game mode gets chosen
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About the PR

This PR tweaks how intrigue handles game mode selection.

Why's this needed?

I noticed that playing on RP the chance to become a traitor is fairly rare due to both the reduced antag count and weighting towards monster antags. While monster antags are well thought out, being able to get traitor or spy thief opens you more options than having a consistent set of powers. This PR divides the game modes into 3 categories:

- All Human antagonists:
These are your traitors, spy thiefs and conspirators. Due to conspiracy most of the time devolving into hard mode traitor with a dissapointment I chose to bring it down in favour of traitor.
- All non-human antagonists:
These are pretty much un-changed.
- Mixed:
This gamemode has been given it's own category due to (in my opinion) playing best to SS13s strenghs of not being able to know what the game can throw at you. This game mode has also been tweaked in favour of traitors to allow for an even split of human antagonists and alien antagonists.

I chose to try and have a 30% split between these 3 categories.


(*)How intrigue chooses game mode has been tweaked, traitors should be slightly more common while aliens should invade the station a bit less frequently.


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