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He just wont stay dead!
Quote(s): "Is this capulettium or neurotoxin?" "It tastes like neurotoxin, did you heat this?"
Name: Todd Fwubs
Image(s):[After taking photo of said crewmember, he shoved me over and flushed the polaroid and my camera down disposals]
Physical Description: Appears to have an afro with a temsik, what the fuck?

Bloodtype: Stated that his blood type was all the types, then injected a liter sized beaker of assorted blood types, into his veins before passing out in the Med-bay Lobby.
Build: Honestly just an average guy. 
Clone Count: Has been cloned an uncountable amount, previously broke maximum clones records in a day, month, year, sol, until Nanotransen finally gave up trying to keep count.
Disabilities: Suffers from excessive cloning, farts and screams horribly in the purgatorial agony that is the cloning pod.
Distinguishing Features: A glorious orange afro, occasionally with a temsik sticking out the top.
Eye color: I got too distracted staring into his cold, dead eyes to notice the color.
Hair color: Orange, I know this because he shoved his fat fucking afro in my face and said, THIS AINT NO WEAVE, and then shook his head, slapping me with his bulbous hair.
Height: 5'6 with the afro.
Unique Traits: Excessive finger snapping.

Personal Information:
Alias: Todd Fwubs the Cloned Boxer, Somewhat Todd Fwubs, Dapper Monkey.
Birthplace: THE VOID
Gender Identity: male
Economic Status: Poor
Education: Astoundingly shit. Claims he has incredible street smarts.  
Habits: Being an extremely dapper monkey and dabbing on the fallen, both dead and the recently slipped.
Hobbies: Being a kick-ass boxer.
Occupation: All of the above really.
Personality Traits: [font=Monaco, Consolas, Courier, monospace]Prone to bouts of extreme mania and finger snapping.[/font]
Personality Type: Overly enthusiastic for pretty much every everything. 
Previous Occupations: Hair sculptor(wig maker), clown, test subject, really all of the above except for engineering. Claims engines killed his grandma.

Supplementary Information:
Admires: Monkeys that put up a better fight than most humans. Deep Fried Statues of humans(once shed a tear looking upon a deep fried captain)
Likes: Cheese, gambling every cent of his bank account. Making wigs.
Dislikes: Getting trapped in disposals and having to eat the trash to survive.
Fears: Being muzzled by a kidnapper before being able to insult and verbally abuse the kidnapper. 

Favourite Monkey: Himself and Tanhony, frequently uses tanhony as a spotter at the gym.
Favourite Place to Shoot the Breeze: The bar, frequents drinking himself sick after gambling his earnings away.

Medical Records: This dude is just mangled, his genetics are bordering on consistently unstable.
Security Records: Keep a tight grip on him, bitch can THRASH.
Bio: This is Todd. He looks FUCKED.

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