Mentor application - Bilo (Sirka Greenest)
Usual character name: Sirka Greenest, TECHNE III
BYOND username: Bilo216
Discord username: Carlangas#5510
Recommended by: aloe
Goon servers you play: Morty and Sylvester

Reason for application + game experience:

   I have been playing for quite some months now, and it has honestly become a game that I enjoy more than I thought I would, thanks to both the variety of things to do, and to the amazing community and friends I made. Applying for mentorship is something that has been on my mind for quite a while now, but I was never sure since I still lack knowledge on some departments. However, after a little push and some consideration on my part, here I am! I always try to maintain a positive attitude both in-game and out of it, and enjoy showing people and newcomers how to get around and survive while getting their jobs done. I do remember being there, and how kind people were when teaching me the ropes, so I like giving some of that back to people. This game can be a bit overwhelming at first glance for some folk, like it was for me, so I know very well how a helping hand can make a difference.
   That being said, I would say that the area I got more experience with is medbay-related jobs, where I spent most part of my play-time: from doctoring, surgery, medicine making, to robotics and genetics. I also had my fair share on civilians jobs, especially as a janitor and botanist, alongside mining and money-making as a QM. When it comes to some aspects of the science department, my knowledge it's still at the surface, but I am currently trying to expand on it a bit. I am also pretty confident in my experience as a cyborg and AI, and I have found myself many times teaching new-cyborg players how to properly use and change their equipment, as well as the importance of the AI laws, both as a roboticist and as a silicon myself.
   Be it experienced people trying out new departments or new players starting out the game, I try to help them get the hang of it, and make sure they know they can rely on me if they have any other doubts. I believe that as a mentor, it would only help me be able to do more of that in a more efficient manner. I enjoy helping folk a lot, and it's something I will continue doing, with a purple name or not. So why not try this out? I still have a lot of growth and learning to do (praise the wiki), but I also believe I have a good amount of knowledge on my back, and I am always more than happy to share it.

Previous bans: None
Easy 1+, Sirka Greenest is a name I can recognize anywhere. They are a nice person and has good expereince overall.
yeah, good medbay ppls. reliable head surgeon and good at rping. very kind, always
Sirka is a very positive influence on every round I have seen them in. Knowledgeable, kind, and helpful. Good RP as well and seems to be particularly happy to play along with people's RP bits.
I think Bilo is totally up for mentoring, always positive around everyone and just a fun person. +1 from me to get Sirka the purple stank
+1 for me. Sirka is always positive and helpful. Exactly the sort you can always rely on in a pinch. And is unfailingly competent in any job I've seen them do. 10/10, would be mentor'ed by.
Sirka is an excellent RPer and member of medbay. They are very kind and considerate and I've seen helping other players out many times. I'm sure they'd make a great mentor!
I've always had very pleasant and fun experiences with Sirka. Very competent and friendly, good RP. +1
While my experience with Sirka is somewhat limited, they are a familiar medbay face for me. They've patched me up more than once, and I've seen they have a good grasp of the medical department. Almost always when I drop by medbay, I've seen Sirka teaching or explaining doctoring to someone, all in a friendly straightforward manner. They also do some wonderful RP and are a joy to see in any round. +1
even just seeing sirka in medbay makes me feel a little less stressed, because no matter how fucked up I get in the round, I'm in capable hands as long as me or my corpse makes it to medbay. very friendly and helpful with less experienced medical staff who want to learn, solid +1 all around
Bilo for sure will do amazingly at mentoring. They're a nice person who are a delight to see in game and they're a very positive role model for players.
Sirka is without exaggeration one of the best doctors to ever grace medbay and Bilo seamlessly carries that level of expertise and personality over to Techne just as well. Helpful, friendly, knowledgeable, and exceedingly competent. Bilo is ideal mentor material.
1+ I’ve worked with Sirka in medical over multiple rounds and I can say that they are definitely knowledgeable enough to be a mentor to others. I have also witnessed them go out of their way to help newer players. I believe that they will make a good mentor.
definite yes from me. Sirka is lovely to play with and I have on multiple occasions seen them being a swell mentor ingame already. I think they'd put the mentor tools to good use!
Bilo is always great to see! Kind and Friendly, and a very Positive player! ive seen Bilo helping new doctors learn the basics and helped people get into lots of different Jobs! they are a good teacher and have lots of knowledge in medical! and other jobs! i feel they would make a good Mentor!

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