Feedback Too many admins for the character limit- Space New Years- 1/21
That was an amazing round. Im glad to see that we are able to use the discords event function to actually be able to organize these large RP events. As chef i was happy to see the Admins hopping in and enjoying the round with the whole crew. it was great to see all the work you guys did in preparing the event really set the mood for the whole shift. I cant wait to see more events like this in the future, and here's to a happy 2022!

like the title says there were a lot of admins on so if i missed someone i do apologize but, thank you to:
CaptainBravo, Flourish, Frank Stein, Jan.antilles, Ley, Sord, Sov, and Walpvrgis
Really fun round. Glad I got to be part of it in a small way and big thanks to the admins for also participating and interacting, as well as for swiftly handling the couple of issues that did pop up.

Ty for also taking considerations from the uhhh failed first round and spawning in extra glasses and plates on the second attempt!
That was a great round the kitchen team made so much food!! Music was great and considering the population for the event it was all in all fantastic
Thank you all for participating and I'm glad that you had fun! It was an awesome turnout on both the player and admin side; in addition to the admins you already listed, SimianC, Sick Ness, and Aloe (who mapped the lovely dinner party area!) were also around.

The event really couldn't have been possible without the effort of so many people, and in particular I'm really thankful to the players who set the party up and prepared and served the food. I also really appreciated everyone's patience after I accidentally crashed the first attempt.

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