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Give skeleton race to wizards who die with soulguard
Because they’re a lich now.

They should still keep the beard.
honestly i think we should remove soulgaurd. Its bad for both parties. Not only does it make it so the crew sometimes has to deal with TEN wizards, its also a noob trap. Its a bit less of a noob trap now, because its only 1/6th of a wizards spell slots, instead of 1/4th of a spellslot, but its still taking up a valuable slot that could be used for anything else, instead. Me and lots of other experienced players never grab it because of this, and you constantly see new players get quickly killed off twice for a lack of spells. meanwhile the crew has to catch up to ten wizards every wizard round
Newbie wizards will be killed off regardless of soulguard. I like the idea of lich wizards though
The beard should be skeletonized.
Like small hanging bones instead of the beard? Might be cool
Just a fake beard worn on the mask slot

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